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15+ Uncharted Font for Barber Shop Branding and Logo


Choose your font wisely! Why? Because it also matters for the barbershop owners to build their barbershop brand identity better than ever. So, twist your branding design with the right choice of font for a barber shop. Check out the sets below!

15+ Kicking Choices of Font for Barber Shop Brand Identity 

Without further ado, let’s dive into the following collection! 

1. Jabottabeck


Make a way for Jabottabeck, a vintage font in the Monoline family! Vintage never gets out of style, but this font also offers you a kicking style with the swash touch on alternate styles that are just attractive.

2. Hamston


Through its character set average width and weight, Hamston is a great choice as a display font for barbershops. Not only does it offer a strong presence, but in addition, the legibility is just pleasing to the eyes. 

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3. Gasthyon


Set a unique mood to your barber shop logo and design by applying a brush font like Gasthyon. Brush fonts are known for giving a texture that is suitable for both contemporary and classical style designs. 

4. Whisholder


Create remarkable vintage lettering for your barbershop using Whisholder! This font comes in Victorian style, a beautiful yet firm serif with some vectors in an adventure theme. 

5. Hypebeast

hypebeast 1

Hypebeast style is similar to Whilsholder. However, this one has various layering styles that will put a different mood and tone. Accordingly, Hypebeast also is available as a font for barber shop website, along with logos or signage. 

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6. Rastynd


If you want a brighter tone of barbershop logo design, Rastynd is obviously a great pair to the objective. This script font provides good readability with bold and thick strokes and lines. 

7. Bandage Kroasty

bandage kroasty

Bandage Kroasty represents a modern yet elegant profile through the natural handwriting style. This script font makes a great pair to various men’s products. 

8. Thrello


Want some adventurous style for your barbershop branding? Utilize Thrello, the font offers you both retro and vintage tones which make it more versatile for various design projects. 

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9. Herd Rock

herd rock

Herd Rock is the perfect font for barbershops that are more hipster or with street style. Don’t worry about the readability, you can adjust the kerning, and lead accordingly to make it more attractive in an amusing way. 

10. Mattador


This Mattador vintage retro display font certainly has a masculine mood in the characters’ lines and strokes. With this font, you can create an authentically old-style and rough look. 

11. Antipathy


Compared to the other retro font style mentioned earlier, Antipathy is a font for barber shops with a cleaner and more casual finish. Yet, the stamp texture style makes its appearance more rough, suitable for a barbershop’s profile in grunge style.

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12. Tropikana


Tropikana may have looked a bit condensed for a monoline typeface. Still, this one has a quirky design for several characters. In addition, Tropikana also has a somewhat cool tone which makes you think about comforting products. 

13. Western Wildler

western wildler

Inspired by the wild west life, Western Wildler has a sturdy look that describes the slab serif typeface at its best. This font will make an eye-catching font for barber shop website copy!

14. Junkies Style

Junkies Style

In case you are looking for fonts with a classic rock ‘n roll mood, Junkies Style bold script font is that one! There is a bit of street style that goes well to bring a more manly profile to your logo design. 

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15. Handbrake


Unlike motorcycle’s hand brakes that can be rough sometimes, Handbrake vintage script slides smoothly in various kinds of design material. It’s a classic yet elegant font for barber shop’s signage, logo, or ads for branding. 

16. Gilligan Shutter

gilligan shutter

Here’s a font that will give your barbershop’s signage or logo neon box a sophisticated natural handwriting finish. Gilligan Shutter looks bold and chic even for website text, the perfect choice for your barber shop!  

Why Should You Choose Font for Barber Shop In Accordance with the Brand?

Today’s barber shops also serve as a place where clients build their physical and community identity. Obviously, font is one of the branding elements that will help deliver your message to your customer. Hence, while choosing the ideal font, consider the profile, and persona of the barber shop that you want to build.  

Otherwise, your potential customer might get a wrong perception of your brand’s identity. In addition, choosing one with a commercial license will be better for your business’s future. There is a $1 deal for Creatype Studio font creation for your first trial, go get one for your barbershop!

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