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15+ Capital Letter Fonts to Achieve the Best Designs

15 Capital Letter Fonts to Achieve the Best Designs

In the realm of typography, the choice of capital letter fonts extends beyond mere aesthetics. Those big, bold letters add a dash of style to our words, set the vibe, tell a story, and shape how we experience written stuff. So, grab your pencil and see these bold, beautiful, wild majuscules.

Our Top 16 Capital Letter Fonts

With their commanding presence, capital letters serve as visual anchors that guide readers to your design. There are many styles of these fonts to complement the impact that you want. Check it out!

1. Gentleman

Gentleman Casual Serif Font


Starting gently with Gentleman. This casual serif font is so fun, each letter shows how comfortable they are on your design. Complete with their unique thick swashes.

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2. Starshy

Starshy Brush Typeface


If you need a font that can be paired with other fonts, try Starshy. This street brush font is italicized by default, creating a sense of movement in the style.

3. Fruiti Juicy

Fruiti Juicy Cut-out Font


A cute recommendation for capital letter fonts is Fruiti Juicy. It is a cut-out typeface, the unique style only highlights the outline of the letters without any holes in them. 

4. Kingvoon

Kingvoon Medieval Font


If you’re into the Medieval era, get Kingvoon font on your side! The intricate details and expressive forms are suitable for covering both capital letters and tattoo fonts

5. Gothicha

Gothica Medieval Typeface


Gothicha is also a medieval typeface in the sans serif category. This one is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a dark yet beautiful capital letter fonts. A little gothic in your medieval design is always eye-catching.

6. Salatiga

Salatiga Fun Display Font


Let me tell you about Salatiga, here. It is a fun display font created solely to captivate everyone. The unique and bold characters stand out among other fonts with a modern and street style.

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7. Whisholder

Whisholder Vintage Font


A vintage font, you ask? Look at the Whisholder typeface. With the same style in the uppercase and lowercase letters, you can seamlessly mix both; just like how the capital “S” is being the center in the poster above. 

8. Broadway

Broadway Vintage Typeface


If you want a vintage yet artsy font, then you need to meet Broadway. With its monoline and swash-rich character, the font exudes freedom and creativity. Containing only capital letter fonts, this one has different glyphs for lower and uppercase letters.

9. Bentley

Bentley Monoline Vintage Font


Introducing Bentley vintage typeface that combines vintage and classy styles! The unique approach to changing the traditional letter strokes makes this font untamed, but the rounded edges create a familiar vibe.

10. Moores

Moores Luxurious Serif Font


This one is among the most beautiful capital letter fonts, meet Moores Luxurious Serif font! With a tiny serif, Moores has an elegant, and modern uppercase character look. Considering the amount of alternates and ligatures this pack has, you’ll get a pretty big option for your design.

11. Vantage

Vantage Retro Funk Font


Looking for a bold and unique font? Take Vantage Funk Retro typeface as your vantage font! Unlike any other class for a typeface, this cool, blocky, and blobby font has its own character, which produces funk vibes, make nothing can compare to it.

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12. Marline

Marline Beautiful Display Font


Claims to be a beautiful display font, Marline Display typeface is certainly cut out for it. The eccentric swirl in the middle of capital letters’ lines’ existence will bring you to the beach and transform everything you write into a romantic sunset.  

13. Venerema

Verenema Vintage Font


With all the unique capital letter fonts so far, let’s get to know the lowkey one. Meet Venerema, this vintage serif font easily becomes your go-to capital font. The straight-up version is already pretty and the alternates are no less than beautiful.

14. Jacksonville

Jacksonville Rusty Handbrush Font


We need more brush styles in this list, so here is the Jacksonville Handbrush font. Three words describe this font, it’s strong, fierce, and rusty. The sure strokes in each letter create a carefree yet assertive attribute of the font, perfect for you who aim for such a theme.

15. Kalamaya

Kalamaya Retro Funk Typeface


Another rare class of retro funk is the Kalamaya. This fiery font is rather tame if you use the “lowercase” glyphs, but the real one is in the uppercase section. Complete with the alternates and ligatures, your design will guaranteed to be a head-turner.

16. Hypebeast

Hypebeast Vintage Font


A bonus one for good measure, let’s pick Hypebeast too! This vintage font is so hyped that it can split into 4 layers, the outline, inline, shadow, and the shadow strip. Using all of these in your arsenal, you can always mix and match the style. 

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Captivate Your Audience with Capital Letter Fonts!

As we wrap up our exploration into the realm of majuscules, keep in mind that these fonts aren’t just letters; they’re the visual architect in your design. Broadly speaking, they are there for you to mix and match, take inspiration, break the rules, and let your creativity run wild. 

You can find more fonts like these by visiting our Creatype Studio website. We have a lot more to meet your needs, and yet a great offer of a $1 deal for you to try our font collections for personal use!

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