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11 Best Fonts for Photography Websites, Professional Looking!

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Having a photography website is more than just photos. Your website will need some text in various parts. Whether it’s your social handle, some promotional purposes, or even in your photos. In that case, you can’t just use any font. So, here are the best fonts for photography websites to complement the photo.

11 Best Fonts for Photography Websites

This list will provide you with our font recommendations for your photography websites in no particular order. It will cover a lot of styles to suit your needs better. Let’s take a look closer!  

1. Evossry


Coming in at number one is Evossry. This elegant signature font is perfect to complement your beautiful photos. The font is designed to emit natural handwritten text. Evossry is the best font combination for photography websites that focus on wedding projects. So, you can try pairing it with serif and san serif font.

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2. Forester


As the name suggests, Forester is the perfect match for websites focused on nature or exploration. It is a hand-brush typeface font. Also, the distinctive strokes make this font look natural on top of other types of photos. Therefore, you can pair Forester with more common font types like Montserrat or Helvetica.

3. Attena


Attena is a calligraphy script font. This lovely font is full of love, and each font has love swash effects. The font is perfect if you want to put text on your photos. In addition, the love effect certainly highlights the impression of love in the photo. As a script font, Attena is full of love in a classy way.

4. Hancoke


If you want text in your natural picture and at the same time give it a cute and fun impression, Hancoke is the font you need. It is a display font, portraying a young and adventurous image. The best fonts for photography websites to connect with younger audiences. Then, why so serious?

5. Porcelain


Porcelain is a sans serif font with a condensed hand letter touch. The font radiates calmness and a healing vibe. Rather than creating a new feel in photos, Porcelain is more suitable for exuding personality. Not only does the font stand out, but also you can fill your “empty” photo using text in this font. 

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6. The Brown Fox

The Brown Fox

Next in line is The Brown Fox, self-proclaimed to be a stylish marker font with a brush style. This font emits so much excitement. It’s all uppercase; even the lowercase letters are just smaller uppercase. It screams joy everywhere, even in your food photo, clothing brand, or sexy photo. 

7. Endless Loveness

Endless Loveness

Back again with more script font, but Endless Loveness is more than that. It’s a luxury script font. The stroke employs an elegant look to whatever website you operate. Further, it is perfect for your wedding posts and can be combined with luxurious fonts like Bodoni or Garamond. 

8. Eugellyca


Compared to Endless Loveness, Eugellyca is a little bit tamer. It radiates a beautiful and young aura. It is also perfect for your wedding photo, wedding invitation, or on top of a beautiful landscape. Eugellyca is easier to read. Even better, you can also pair Eugellyca with a serif or sans-serif font.

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9. Kinantan


Let’s have an even younger vibe with Kinantan. It is so casual at a glance, but when you try more of its alternatives and ligatures, you’ll notice that this font is even cuter. Of course, you can pair Kinantan with your baby photos, baby products, or toys. Indeed, the font will complement your photo well.

10. Mangroove


Perfect for your landscape photos, Mangroove is the best font for photography websites. It is a minimalist and condensed font. In addition, the letters are tall, and your landscape photos can blend perfectly with the letters.

11. Grassroot


Grassroot is just bold. This font can deliver an “underground” atmosphere to your photo. Grassroot is a brush font. The letters are unique and masculine. The font can radiate a graffiti feel with bold strokes. Just easier to read than graffiti and sharper edges. 

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That’s Our Pick for The Best Fonts for Photography Websites

Using our list, you can further elevate your photograph. You can combine these extraordinary fonts with well-known ones like Helvetica, Garamond, or Bodoni. Combining familiar fonts and some new ones can highlight the originality of your craft.

You can find all of these fonts in the best collection from Creatype Studio. Visit the official website now to find the perfect font for your photography. Then, are you ready to spend your money to get the $1 deals? 

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