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Key Check-Lists to Create Portfolio Design for Students

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Portfolio serves not only brands or experienced professionals, but students may also benefit them. Although it represents mostly the student’s learning process, that does not mean that no aesthetic touch is necessary. Take some inspirational tips on portfolio design for students to make it more approachable.

Checklists to Structure Your Portfolio Design

First, here are the checklists you must fulfill. Then, take a look closer! 

1. Introduction that Sum Ups Various Key Values

Introduction here refers to a more complex arrangement of students’ personal and matters of information. Thus, this one includes basic personal information, goals, and history. In addition, it should also explain the subject or essence of the portfolio itself from the very beginning. 

2. Simplify the Number, Narrow Down the Project Type

Think about how many design projects you should put in the portfolio. Below 8 pieces is too little, yet above 12 can be way too much. So, keeping the range between 8 and 10 seems to be a decent one. 

Regarding the design project type, you can go with your most favorite or valued, or ones that allow you to stretch out the technical and creative skills, or experience during the process. 

3. Pick the Format

The portfolio design for students’ format should also be accessible both in printed or online (website). Accordingly, you also need to examine the portfolio elements that are friendly for various kinds of viewing applications, either its website or PDF. 

In this regard, ensure you use suitable layouts, dimensions, margins, and sizes for your pieces of work. Moreover, choose the font to convey your message wisely. Obviously, be considerate about readability. Yet, you can still put some with a humble touch of decoration. 

4. Share Your Creative Process Story

Portfolio design is not only about showing your technical skills. Instead, you can share a  glimpse of the creative process or behind-the-scene design thinking structure. You may share what obstacle you faced, how you overcame it, and the approach you went through to come up with the design concept. 

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Font for Portfolio Design: Various Style Suitable

Your portfolio needs a supporting element to deliver the message, profile, or personality of both you and your projects. Below are some of the fonts you can integrate into your portfolio. 

1. Bottanical


Although sometimes fonts with script style can be hard to read, Bottanical has clear strokes with less contrast. Plus, there is almost no swash which can be quite distracting. Thus, this font is suitable as a title and heading in your portfolio design both in the physical version or online. 

2. Kinantan


You can always opt for a safer choice as a casual style typeface, like this Kinantan. Whether it’s a website-based portfolio or PDF, Kinantan will make a good decorative pair for a sans-serif typeface. Furthermore, this font’s design offers adequate legibility while enlivening the mood. 

3. Sticky Marker

sticky marker

Add a more personal touch to the body text by applying this font for portfolio design! Don’t fret about using it on the web since the character set has average width and height. Obviously, this handwritten typeface design will easily lead the eye to read the text. Indeed, Sticky Marker is an adorable font for both body text and headings. 

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4. Kingstyle


Using Kingstyle serif typeface for portfolio design for students? Why not! Kingstyle has a basic serif font style with the swirl in the tail and additional feet to the character set. The contrast in their strokes is visibly clean and smooth. Kingstyle draws your attention to look at it. 

5. Komika


If you have worked on designs for animation or else ones in fun and comical themes, the Komika typeface is a great pair to represent the soul of your design portfolio. The glyphs are familiar enough for eyes to read the text with ease. 

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6. Searghy


Whether or not your design project is related to children, you surely can put Searghy as the display font for portfolio design. The font will bring a friendly tone in an attractive way. 

7. Ginalys


With bold strokes, this script brush style typeface provides good readability for utilization in online or print versions. Ginalys is suitable especially for women to set a feminine tone in their portfolio design introduction. 

Here is a sample of how you can combine font for portfolio design

hansdiaman behance

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Why Should Portfolio Design For Students Be Prepared Seriously?

Even though some or majority of your design project was not paid, it’s important to go and show how much you understand and implement the design system professionally. Students never know if there is an agency or company looking out for talent. 

It’s a way to build your personal branding and get ahead of the competition with your peers. In case you are interested in using one of the font samples mentioned, just click through Creatype Studio official website to get the license for personal use at an affordable price. Then, visit the site and get a $1 deal now!

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