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Top 9 Modern Fonts for Logo Design to Make it Contemporary

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Choosing the right font for your brand logo is one of your most significant branding decisions. It conveys your brand’s personality and values, leaving a lasting first impression on your customers. But with thousands of fonts, how do you narrow down the selection to find the perfect modern fonts for logo?

No worries, this article will guide you in discovering the best modern fonts for logo as we have rounded up the top 9 modern fonts for logo design. So, keep reading!

Top 9 Modern Fonts for Logo

Using fonts for logo design is a great way to express that your brand is fresh, accessible, and capable. Whether you’re seeking serif, sans serif, or script fonts, there are many options. As such, you can easily find the ideal modern font with your brand’s signature personality and unique values.

Without wasting your precious time, here are the top 9 modern logos fonts we collected from Creatype Studio. It is a website that offers a wide range of fonts, from sans serif to script. So, without further ado, check it out!

1. Rontrelan


The first on the list of the best modern fonts for logos is Rontrelan. This font can be a good choice if you want to create a logo design for your brand that mainly sells outdoor-related products. Rontrelan is a vintage monoline style font that brings a natural rustic look with the addition of nature ornaments in each letter.

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2. Broster 


Next up is Broster. This modern font comes with a stamped look coupled with various additional unique ornaments in each letter. According to its looks, Broster can be a good font choice for those working on logo designs for brands that offer food and handcrafted products.

3. Western Wildler

Western Wilder

Just as the name suggests, Western Wildler is one of the best fonts for logos that is suitable for portraying the rusticity and wildness of your brand logo. Featuring a vintage slab style inspired by the Wild West, Western Wildler can make your design look magnificent. 

4. Kingstyle 


Are you looking for an elegant serif font to convey the beauty and luxury of your brand? If yes, Kingstyle can do it well. It’s a serif font that brings an elegant, clean, and uncluttered impression combined with round swashes, making it unique. At this point, Kingstyle is perfect for women’s clothing and skincare brands.

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5. The Brown Fox 

The Brown Fox

Next on the list is The Brown Fox, a stylish marker font that brings a perfect, bold brush style to your logo design project. Considering its bold style and design, this is a great choice for those working on logo designs for male-themed brands, menswear, workout supplements, and more.

6. Vantage


You’re not wrong! This font, named Vantage, is in line with the vintage style it brings. This font brings a retro funk typeface while still showing a modern touch in each letter. Vantage is also a font inspired by the psychedelic movement in the mid-60s, making it perfect for your logo designs that need to highlight retro values.

7. Bandage Kroasty

Bandage Kroasty

If you’re looking for the best modern fonts for script-style logos, then Bandage Kroasty might catch your eye. Take a look, doesn’t this font look beautiful, thanks to its hand-drawn letters? Would you agree? Referring to the design of this font, Bandage Kroasty could be perfect for creating impressive logo design projects.

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8. The Quest

The Quest

Eighth on the list is a modern font perfect for fashion brand logo designs, whether shirts, shoes, or bags. Say, welcome to The Quest! Bringing a blend of retro style and modern impression, The Quest can elevate any project you’re working on.

9. Doodleland 


Are you working on a logo design for a brand offering children’s products, food, clothing, or accessories? If so, then Doodleland is worth your consideration. It’s a display font with a fun style, making it perfect for any design related to kids.

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Which Modern Fonts for Logo Design that Suits You?

You’ve come to the end of the article. Choosing appropriate fonts for logo design can truly convey your brand’s personality and values. Of the nine modern fonts for logo design above, which one appeals the most and meets your needs and preferences?

If you find one that suits you or you want to explore to find the best modern fonts for logos, you can visit the Creatype Studio website directly. They offer a wide selection of fonts for only $1. So, get going!

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