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20+ Inspiring and Famous Graffiti Artists Across the Globe

20 Inspiring and Famous Graffiti Artists Across the Globe

From the colorful streets of New York City to the bustling alleys of Tokyo, graffiti art has captivated hearts and minds around the world. In this article, we’ll introduce you to over 20 talented and famous graffiti artists who have left their mark on the global art scene with their inspiring works.

20+ Famous Graffiti Artists Across the Globe to Get Inspired!

Crafting a famous graffiti art isn’t as simple as you think, yet these 21 artists excel at it. Here are the names of the world’s best graffiti artists you must know!

1. Banksy

Girl With a Balloon by Banksy

Girl With a Balloon by Banksy | Image Source: Street Art Bio

The number one of the famous graffiti artists is Banksy who has changed the art world with his powerful and socially important creations. Some famous works include “Girl With a Balloon” from 2002, showing a girl reaching for a heart-shaped balloon to symbolize hope.

2. Gaia

Gaia Graffiti Art

Gaia Graffiti Art | Image Source: Widewalls

Gaia, who grew up in New York City, supports Baltimore’s street art by organizing an event called Open Walls Baltimore. He paints large pictures on walls, which brings people together in the community. This has made him well-known in the art world. His murals often feature animals and human hands.

3. Tox

Tox Tagging

Tox Tagging | Image Source: Banksy Explained

Another name among famous graffiti artists is Tox who was most active during the 2000s. He gained notoriety for tagging “TOX” followed by the year (like TOX03) all over London’s train network, earning him the title “King of Taggers.” 


INTI Graffiti Art

INTI Graffiti Art | Image Source: Pinterest 

INTI, a well-known artist from Chile, is a big name in Latin American street art. His artwork, which blends local influences with surreal characters, has gained worldwide recognition. However, some argue that INTI’s exceptional pieces elevate him beyond street art into the realm of modern art.

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5. Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey Graffiti Art

Shepard Fairey Graffiti Art | Image Source: Discover Los Angeles 

Shepard Fairey, a famous figure in the industry, faced consequences when Detroit charged him for illegal tagging in 2015. However, this incident somewhat restored his reputation in the street art scene.

6. Combo

Combo Coexist Graffiti Art

Combo Coexist Graffiti Art | Image Source: Pinterest

Combo is one of the famous graffiti artists for his Coexist graffiti. He started his art career officially in 2012. His art promotes tolerance and respect for all beliefs. Despite facing attacks while creating his art, Combo continues to display his work, especially in response to events like the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

7. Bradley Theodore

Bradley Theodore Graffiti Art

Bradley Theodore Graffiti Art | Image Source: Maddox Gallery 

Bradley Theodore, originally from the Caribbean began as a street artist in London but later switched to canvas painting to reach a wider audience. One of his famous works, created in New York in 2017, features Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour facing each other, easily recognizable by their iconic hairstyles.

8. Keith Haring

Keith Haring We the Youth

Keith Haring We the Youth | Image Source: My Art Broker

Keith Haring, known for his colorful drawings of stylized figures, is also on the list of famous graffiti. In 1987, he painted a mural called “We the Youth” in Philadelphia with 14 high school students. This mural is located in an underprivileged area to inspire its community.

9. Dean Stockton

Dean Stockton Love Won't Tear Us Apart

Dean Stockton Love Won’t Tear Us Apart | Image Source: Forbes

Dean Stockton is an English pop artist who also created graffiti famous arts and a mural in Paris called “Love Won’t Tear Us Apart” in the 13th arrondissement. The mural depicts a couple, with the man having a skull face to represent past relationships still on minds.

10. Bambi

Bambi Don't Shoot

Bambi Don’t Shoot | Image Source: Tom Nickel on Medium

Bambi is a famous British artist known as “the female Banksy”. Her iconic work portrays five boys with skulls instead of balloons under their feet, accompanied by the message “Don’t Shoot” in red letters. The boys wear T-shirts with the Nike logo altered to protest against police violence.

11. Dondi White

Dondi White Children of the Grave Part 2

Dondi White Children of the Grave Part 2 | Image Source: Wikiart

Dondi White was a prominent figure in New York City’s graffiti scene during the 1970s and 1980s. His tag, “DONDI,” became famous for its style and innovation, influencing subway graffiti. One of his notable artworks, “Children of the Grave Part 2,” displays his talent with captivating lettering and vibrant colors.

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12. Lady Pink

Lady Pink Pink in the Streets

Lady Pink Pink in the Streets | Image Source: Beyond the Streets 

Lady Pink is the 12th in the list of famous graffiti artists who broke gender barriers in the early graffiti movement. Her notable artwork is “Pink in the Streets,” which showcases characters and her distinctive use of colors that bring spaces to life. 

13. Steven Ogburn

Steven Ogburn Blade

Steven Ogburn Blade | Image Source: Pinterest 

Steven Ogburn is a legendary graffiti artist from history. He’s famous for painting over 5,000 trains, keeping close ties to the subway graffiti movement of the 1970s. One of his iconic works, “Blade (1977),” displays his tag in letters that truly reflect his influence on subway graffiti.

14. Chris Ellis

Chris Ellis Graffiti Art

Chris Ellis Graffiti Art | Image Source: Street Arts NYC

In the 1970s, Chris Ellis started spray-painting subway cars at 14. Later, with friends like John “Crash” Matos, he painted many cars. By the 1980s, he transitioned to showing his art in New York City galleries that kickstarted his art career. Now, he focuses on commissioned murals and exhibits his canvases globally.

15. Os Gemeos

Os Gemeos Graffiti Art

Os Gemeos Graffiti Art | Image Source: Highbrow 

Os Gemeos refers to identical brothers Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo from São Paulo, Brazil. Their murals showcase vivid, cartoon-like characters with yellow faces, inspired by their shared dreams. Besides street art, they also produce paintings, sculptures, and blurring the line between street and gallery art.

16. Rens

Rens Graffiti Art

Rens Graffiti Art | Image Source: Bombing Science 

As one of the famous graffiti artists globally, Rens is known for his significant role in the city’s train graffiti scene during the 1980s. He’s a member of the TAV crew, short for The A-Line Vandals, named after a favored train line for graffiti. Even today, Rens continues to create graffiti occasionally, making his mark both in Copenhagen and worldwide.

17. Seen

Seen and His Graffiti Art

Seen and His Graffiti Art | Image Source: The Independent 

Seen gained fame as one of the famous graffiti artists in the 1970s and early 1980s. His work on subway trains earned him a spot in Martha Cooper & Henry Chalfant’s Subway Art book that cemented his status as a legend. Known for his versatility, he excels in various graffiti styles and has the title “Godfather of graffiti.”

18. Oker

Oker Graffiti Art

Oker Graffiti Art | Image Source: Instagram Graffektos

Oker is a well-known figure in London graffiti circles. His tags, including his distinctive OK two-letter throw-up, adorn walls across London and beyond, drawing inspiration from NYC’s street bombing culture. Active since the 90s, he continues to leave his mark, solidifying his status as one of London’s most notorious graffiti artists.

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19. Katsu

Katsu on the Great Wall of China

Katsu on the Great Wall of China | Image Source: Freedom Street Gallery 

Katsu has modernized his graffiti for the digital era. His art is on landmarks like Picasso’s ‘Girl Before a Mirror,’ the White House, and the Great Wall of China. Through his work, Katsu voices concerns about the internet’s direction, highlighting its impact on public privacy and freedom.

20. Horfe

Horfe Graffiti Art

Horfe Graffiti Art | Image Source: Pinterest 

Horfe is one of the famous graffiti artists who earns praise for his tireless efforts in painting Parisian streets. Hence, gaining acclaim from both graffiti artists and the wider art community. Lately, he has expanded his creative pursuits to include tattoos, acrylic paintings, and animation.

21. Claw

Claw Graffiti Art

Claw Graffiti Art | Image Source: MR Magazine 

Claw started doing graffiti in New York in the late 1980s. Her graffiti style has evolved into the branding for her fashion line, Claw & Company, favored by celebrities like Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna. She’s also been hired by big brands like Calvin Klein, Nike, Mountain Dew, and My Little Pony.

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