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30 Comic Font Collections for Awesome Comic Strip and Cartoons

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For comic books and cartoons, comic fonts are a natural choice. They can be employed in any design project that requires an edge look because of their bold design.

They’re ideal for large headers as well as poster design. Some of them can even be utilized to make children’s books easier to read.

For a long time, Comic Sans was one of the only fonts available for projects that required a comic book aesthetic. Those constraints are no longer an issue, thanks to the internet. There are so many different possibilities for any graphic designer seeking high-quality typefaces that it might be difficult to choose the correct one.

You may liven up your projects with a wide range of free, high-quality comic book fonts. Some of these typefaces are free to download and use in personal projects, while others may be purchased and used in business projects.

We’ve selected the greatest free comic book fonts, so browse our selection and download them. Let’s go!

Why people no longer use Comic Sans?

Comic Sans has appeared in a variety of contexts, including website design, birthday cards, warning signs, official letters, and more, since its original introduction in the mid-1990s. However, the issue remains: why do people despise Comic Sans so much?

The narrative begins in the Microsoft offices in 1994. Microsoft Bob, a user-friendly interface for their OS systems in which a friendly yellow dog (a.k.a. Rover) helps the user with helpful advice that shows up in a speech bubble, was ready to be released.

When font designer Vinnie Connare noticed they were using Times New Roman in the speech bubbles, he famously remarked, “Dogs don’t talk like that.” He believed that the typography of the interface should be more appropriate for the setting. Vinnie wanted to design a friendly, unthreatening font that evoked joy and pleasure. He spent three days making Comic Sans, drawing influence from comic novels.

The typeface grew in popularity, appearing on everything from signage to emails. What was intended to be a humorous, joyful typeface was being used in circumstances that were far from its intended purpose. Its joyful aspect made it rather unsuitable, similar to the sides of ambulances or warning signs, especially when combined with numerous exclamation marks.

Now that you know the myriad reasons why Comic Sans went out of style, let’s introduce you to a various comic font that is fun and definitely perfect for your creative project.

30 Best Comic Font Recommendations

1. Kidsjone

comic font

The Kidsjone typeface is an all-caps marker pen typeface that may be used for years to come. With a full collection of alternative characters, you can simply access them by downloading them in the link above, allowing you to make your text seem entirely customized for any project you’re working on.

2. Grinched Font

grinched font 2 big

Grinched Font may be precisely what you’re looking for if you want huge, friendly, and rounded letters without the Comic Sans reputation. Its all-caps characters appear to be created with a thick round-tipped marker pen.

3. Playfull

comic font

With its somewhat strong appearance and happy tone, the Playful is ideal for projects such as children’s books, birthday invites, comic books, and more. With multi-language support, the Hey comic typeface is ideal for all of your needs.

4. Candy Inc Font

candy inc font 2 big

Candy Inc is a new comic typeface that may be used for a variety of projects ranging from educational materials, comic books, and posters to children’s books and magazines. Candy Inc typeface gives a playful element to all of your projects.

5. Wigglye

comic font

Wigglye font is created with love and enthusiasm and has a happy comic appearance that may assist all of your creations to look charming, attractive, fun, and bright. You may also use the set to add wavy accents to your work.

6. Homoarakhn Font

homoarakhn font 1 big

Homoarakhn is a strong display font with fun and whimsical motifs that you may use to bring a joyful and hilarious mood to any of your projects. A great font for branding, logos, wedding designs, advertisements, labels, stationery, and any other project where you need to add a personal touch.

7. Fainland

comic font

The Fainland font is a distinctive and modern typeface that draws inspiration from classic horror films and pirate culture. Cutlass is perfectly suited for projects that require a bold and attractive typeface, and it comes with handmade extras that you can use or even mix and combine to get unique outcomes.

8. Feast of Flesh BB Font

feast of flesh bb font 4 big

Feast of Flesh BB Typeface is a joyful, bubble-style font designed primarily for projects based on children, kindergarten, birthdays, cartoons, and comics. With ligatures, upper and lowercase letters, and stylistic alternatives, you can start making fun and unique projects right away.

9. Hollidays

comic font

The Hollidays Typeface is a fun display font that includes alternative characters with leisure effects, making it ideal for all types of holiday projects ranging from labels and products to advertisements. The Hollidays typeface may give your work a one-of-a-kind look.

10. Chlorinar Font

chlorinar font 3 big

Clorinar Font is a goofy, funny comic design type font that was created so that you may mix and match the styles of your creations. The typeface gives you additional alternatives for designing with. There are several methods to make amazing designs. The Chlorinar typeface is a terrific way to make all of your work appear charming and goofy.

11. Hancoke

comic font

Hancoke Adventure is a hand-drawn brush typeface with many styles that are ideal for projects such as children’s comics and novels, movie posters, games, titles, and packaging. In addition to its standard chunky form, the font family includes contour, inline, brush, and pen versions that may all be utilized to produce beautiful artwork.

12. Cheri Font

cheri font 4 big

Cheri is a huge and chunky comic display typeface that was hand-drawn by the creator when she was deep in inspiration. It utilizes the lowercase set for slight modifications on the all-caps characters to keep things interesting.

13. Doodleland

comic font

Doodleland comic font is a novelty book type font with just the right amount of kapow to make your drawings stand out. The typeface kit includes free updates, allowing you to use it on any project indefinitely. Your imagination is the only limit.

14. Bangers Font

bangers font 4 big

Bangers should be your go-to comic book font if you’re seeking a script that truly portrays a poker-face-led forceful message.

This comic-style font, which is commonly used in pop art typefaces, may be utilized for branding, titles, and headers. Like other comic fonts, this comic typeface is a combination of connected and non-connected type sequences, making it a versatile alternative for comic books.

15. Hattrick

comic font

A comic book is only as good as its effects, whether visual or verbal, and what better method to convey emotion than through onomatopoeia? Hattrick is a strong, lively typeface that will never fail you down in terms of amusement, especially in comic cartoon books.

16. Gooddog Plain Font

gooddog plain font 5 big

GoodDog is one of the most exciting options for a comic book typeface. This typeface is ideal for sound visualization, but it may also be utilized to create statement headlines inside a comedic sequence.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a cartoon typeface for Photoshop or another creative tool, GoodDog may undoubtedly spice up your cartoon-comic.

17. Brownies

comic font

Brownies are up next, an adorable and inventive monoline display typeface that you won’t be able to resist. It’s one of our favourite comic fonts on our list, and we highly encourage you to check it out.

18. Mistervampire Font

mistervampire font 1 big

The MisterVampire typeface, inspired by classic horror films and vintage comics, is ideal for headers, quotations, fashion design, album covers, and more. This font includes the fundamental alphabet as well as numerals and punctuation, which is an excellent choice for movie titles, online games, and other uses.

19. Sticky

comic font

Sticky might be a good choice for a quirky, handwritten effect. It’s a lively script font containing upper and lower case letters; the main issue is a lack of punctuation and other special characters; nevertheless, you could easily replace suitable-looking characters from another typeface.

20. Saucer BB Font

saucer bb font 1 big

Do you want a little more depth? Take a look at Saucer. It’s a really tall and slender comic typeface with a grungy wonderful extruded edge that will stick out in any environment.

21. Babyque

comic font

The Babyque is a play on one of the most well-known fonts in pop culture, with ink-like lines and funny, asymmetrical forms for a youthful, handwritten look. It has a variety of accents and is suitable for a poster, game, or comic.

22. Badaboom BB Font

badaboom bb font 4 big

The BadaBoom Typeface is a fun display font that includes alternative characters with speed effects, making it ideal for a variety of projects ranging from labels and stationery to product packaging and special events. The BadaBoom typeface may give your work a one-of-a-kind look.

23. Komika

comic font

BadaBoom is a playful, handwritten typeface with a clean, basic style perfect for children’s books, greeting cards, and anything else made to appeal to children! It supports ligatures and other languages, as well as a full set of upper letters, numerals, and symbols.

24. Roof Runners Active Font

roof runners active font 1 big

Roof Runners font is available in two styles: normal and fill. The font is a strong typeface with qualities like shadow and imperfection to offer something unique and distinct to your work. If you’ve never felt the thrill and creative freedom that comes with stacking typefaces, you owe it to yourself to give Road Runners a try.

25. Kidstation

comic font

This vintage comic book font is a loud, lively sans serif typeface with traditional comic characteristics and a bold, highly readable design, ideal for adding a splash of color to any project. Kidstation is compatible with a variety of programs and comes with a variety of multilingual support.

26. Porkys Font

porkys font 1 big

Porky is a handwritten comic book typeface that stands out owing to its aggressive look. Porky’s font style resembles handwriting, and its on-screen optimization makes it a feasible alternative for digital art and comics.

Porky seems to be a ball-point typed text, making it seem wonderfully fresh and clean when utilized. It is most effective when used in text bubbles and descriptions.

27. Ghostily

comic font

Ghostily is a strong, frightening typeface with a bouncy, bubble-inspired look that can be used in any project or design that requires a touch of lightheartedness! It’s an excellent choice for a logo or header, and it has two style options as well as foreign language capability.

28. Ladylike BB Font

ladylike bb font 1 big

LadyLike is a playful logo or eye-catching heading that employs delicate curves and strong angular edges to create a balance between minimalism and eccentricity. The package also contains a variety of handwritten speech bubble forms to experiment with, making it much more enjoyable to use!

29. Lazzy

comic font

Lazzy might be a good pick for a quirky, handwritten aesthetic. It’s a lively script font containing upper and lower case letters; the main issue is a lack of punctuation and other special characters. Nevertheless, you could easily replace suitable-looking characters from another typeface.

30. Death Rattle BB Font

deathrattle bb font 1 big

This graffiti-inspired typeface is a fun, edgy choice for both children’s cartoons and other applications, as well as other hip-hop or street-inspired projects. It’s a very good choice for large-scale graphics like posters and billboards. Death Rattle BB Font features a variety of foreign language accents, as well as upper and lower case letters, numerals, and punctuation.


The lettering art is at the core of comic book typefaces. The ability and art of writing have suffered greatly in the digital era. However, for digital artists and comic book fans who are still interested, this list has a collection of great free and paid-for typefaces that you may use to make a magnificent comic strip.

These typefaces are used in some of the world’s great comics, and we still respect them in many forms, from cartoons to live-action films. The comic book business moulded the entertainment sector we have today, and these were the typefaces that played a significant role in that development.

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