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Crafty Web Safe Cursive Fonts for More Lively Web Copy

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Besides readability and legibility, you need to consider using web-safe typefaces or web safe cursive fonts when working on a design project for web utilization. Utilizing a web-safe option will guarantee a better display of the graphic or visual designs appearing on the web. But, do you know already which kind of typeface is web safe?

Here are some basic insights about the web-safe typeface version to lead you better in your design. 

What Do Web Safe Fonts Describe?

There is a thin line of difference between web-safe fonts and web fonts. Still, that tiny difference matters a lot. 

Web-safe fonts are those which by default have been pre-installed for various devices, including smartphones, tablets, PC, or desktops. Thus, those ones are already compatible with different dimensions of display, even though the device has not installed those fonts yet. 

Therefore, they will appear correctly regardless of the device you use to see them. In addition, you can choose to use the web safe cursive fonts or the plain style accordingly. 

On the flip side, web fonts are basically the fonts that designers especially create for the web. All web fonts may be compatible with website displays, but not all of them are pre-installed, nor will they appear properly on various gadgets. That’s why, you be better off using a web-safe font when designing visuals or graphics for website utilization. 

Catalog of Web Safe Font Families You Likely Familiarize With

You might think that the options for web-safe fonts are limited. In fact, the options are quite numerous, from one with a clean shape and design to one with ornamental attributes. Here is the explanation: 

1. Decorative

The decorative typefaces have particularly decorative elements. Be it in textures, swashes, strokes, or line structures. 

2. Monospace

This typeface has consistent spacing between characters. Designers and programmers are most familiar with this typeface since it is used for coding as well. 

3. Web Safe Cursive Fonts

If you want to give a warmer, or elegant vibes, this is the typeface style you can use. Mostly, the cursive fonts resemble or are inspired by handwriting style. 

4. Serif

Serif is a typeface whose characters have a tailing of feet at their beginning or end. 

5. Sans Serif

This last typeface is the font without decorative tailing or feet (serif) at the characters’ end or beginning. 

Bundle of the Best Web Safe Fonts Across Devices’ Systems

Amongst the numerous web-safe fonts, there are the best ones that offer clear and engaging readability. They serve as body copy text and titles or headlines on the website. Don’t be surprised, but most of them are from the sans-serif family!

Sans Serif Web-safe Fonts

  • Arial
  • Arial Black
  • Calibri
  • Candara
  • Century Gothic
  • Consolas
  • Franklin Gothic
  • Gill Sans
  • Helvetica
  • Impact
  • Tahoma
  • Trebuchet MS
  • Verdana


  • Baskerville
  • Calisto MT
  • Cambria
  • Garamond 
  • Georgia


  • Courier


  • Segoe Script
  • Script MT
  • Lucida Handwriting

5 Best Web Cursive Fonts for Your Design

Meanwhile, below are 5 recommended fonts from the web-safe types. Take a look closer!

1. Jabawoky


This handwritten typeface has a contemporary look that is clean, and neat. A bit of scratchy texture makes Jabawoky’s characters look like natural handwriting. The plain lines, without swashes or serif, and average weight turn this typeface into a stylish web cursive font. 

2. Garry Shalby

garry shelby

You can use Garry Shelby as your web cursive font, especially for headings or title copy. The uppercase letters look good, while the ligature glyphs have straight lines with no swashes whatsoever that might distract the eyes. 

3. Ginalys

ginalys 1

This Ginalys typeface style is convenient for your eyes to look at. Even though it was designed using a brush in handwriting style, the average width, height, and bold thickness of each character are strong to help you read them seamlessly. Not a web safe cursive font yet, but who knows if it will be one of them one day?

4. Hanessy


Hannesy comes in script typeface style. Besides the feminine mood it brings through the supple lettering strokes, the leading and kerning of the characters are just adequate. Although the contrast between the lines is not extreme, it’d be better to use this font for larger text copy. 

5. Burning Down

burning down

Burning Down typeface may not have many curves, it appears like modern handwriting. Yet, the lines and strokes are perpendicularly minimalist and clean. These traits make them easy to read both in large-size copy, or body text. 

When Can You Use Web Safe Cursive Fonts?

Although the chance to use them for website utilization is limited due to their readability, there are special occasions when you should apply them. In general, cursive fonts are good for website headers. Obviously, they are a great partner for short headings or title copy in blogs or articles as well. 

If you design the materials for a luxury brand, then putting them in the product photo will help deliver the message better. Moreover, you can trigger the audience to do things for your promotion or marketing campaign by putting cursive fonts from Creatype Studio for the web call-to-action copy. What are you waiting for? Let’s get the deal!

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