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13+ Best Free Tools for Keyword Research for Your Business

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You need support from keyword research tools to implement an SEO strategy for your website and other digital marketing platforms. Yet, you know that the utilization of it is quite pricey, especially for those who just started a business. But don’t you worry! Here is the list of the best free tools for keyword research.

14 Best SEO Tools for Keyword Research Free from Subscription Fee!

Help yourself to get through the list and pick one for your digital marketing strategy moves. 

1. Moz Keyword Explorer

SEO is not only about keyword ideas but also the extensive data to strike your SEO such as the rank and competition difficulty, the number of searches, up to the trends.

Moz Keyword Explorer gets you a quite comprehensive landscape of the idea, the competition, and the ranking. Besides, you also get useful suggestions for similar keywords. The SEO tools options are broad, and you can access many of them. 

You can benefit from its free plan to access 10 queries per tool, with the same amount of SERP analysis monthly. Also, 1000 keywords are available for your access per month as well. 

2. Ahrefs Keyword Generator

You don’t need an account to use Ahrefs Keyword Generator! Whilst it’s free, users can benefit from insights into main keywords, seeds, and long-tail that are ideal for ideation. Ahrefs also allows you to examine the competition difficulties of targeted keywords in targeted geographic locations.

Another plus of this platform is that you can access around 150 keyword ideas. However, to get a deeper insight into each keyword, you need to upgrade to a premium plan. Still, for basic SEO the tools are already helpful, especially for beginners.  

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3. Semrush

If you need help with keyword research for broader communication channels, Semrush has the solution. 

Besides mundane tools for keyword research, it applies to content marketing, PPC, and/or social media. You can collect other essential data, from analyzing competitors’ strategies, and keyword gap competition, to organic traffic insight. 

You can get 10 queries daily by using a free account on the platform. Semrush is great for an experienced professional, especially when you want to optimize your content with various aspects related to on and off-page SEO. 

4. Google Trends

Google Trends allows users to not merely explore and dig for search trends in the current time, but also for the past. You can gather information about keyword popularity throughout time and visualize them with graphics.  

5. Glimpse

If you are working in the e-commerce or digital PR field, having a database of upcoming keyword trends, or even business ideas, in hand will aid you to get a step ahead of your competitor. 

Glimpse is Chrome extension’s best free keyword research tool that provides you the ability to identify those inquiries. You can use it for free with a limitation of 10 free credits monthly.

6. QuestionDB

Social listening becomes more and more important! By doing this, you will understand your potential audience’s interest better. QuestionDB does the work for you by gathering questions from various online forums and websites, such as Quao and Reddit.  

Get the related topic to your keyword and QnA in the data for an unlimited number, and review the 50 first results according to your searches. 

7. Answer The Public

Answer the Public is great to get ideas through questions your audiences pose in a specific country. Determine first a broad topic before clicking the search button and get the result that visualizes a graphic containing extensive data of questions users have. 

However, you have to consider carefully the phrase you search for since it’s limited to only 3 searches daily. 

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8. Keyword Surfer

Plan your article outline using Keyword Surfer. This platform gets you content and keyword suggestions with the volume, and also related information from trending pages. Besides the efficient keyword research, you also can examine CPC (Cost Per Click) on each term you search. 

9. Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator is really a handy tool particularly for sellers and marketers to get an extensive database from various search engines. This tool aids in the early detection of search trends. 

While the free plan only provides users with 2 searches per day, you can already make a scratch or plan on how to rank better in multi-search engine channels. 

10. Soovle

Gathering ideas for your content will be easier and faster if you use Soovle. You can get a compilation of keyword ideas from around 15 search engines, and enrich your ideas. Soovle does not provide keyword difficulties, nor the search volume for each keyword but you can get fresh ideas of long-tail keywords efficiently. 

11. Google Keyword Planner

Originally, serving paid advertising needs, Google Keyword Planner can be your assistant to find related keywords or topics with the search volume ranges. Through this platform, users can plan new content concepts, and get insight into SEO/SEM keywords as well. 

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12. Keyworddit

Determine your niche topic in Reddits using the best free tools for keyword research in Reddits! It’s Keyworddit that will help you connect and engage better with your audience. Through the FAQ on Reddit, this platform allows you to detect the keyword accordingly. 

13. Also Asked (PAA)

Start to create helpful content using Also Asked (People Also Asked)! This tool enables you to craft more structured content ideas according to the audience’s needs and interests. You’ll get insights into essential questions and topics around the keyword you search for in an orderly manner. 

14. Ryan Robinson’s Keyword Tool

When your website is new, using keywords with low difficulty and medium search volume will aid you to get a grip on it. Hence, this free keyword research tool gets you the data you need, for the specific country you target. Ryan Robinson’s AI-powered keyword tool also gives you blog topic suggestions. 

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Do The Best Free Tools for Keyword Research Really Work for Website Traffic?

Keyword research tools are indispensable tools especially to help you bring more traffic together for websites and other digital marketing platforms. Learn the know-how of its utilization properly to optimize the running. 

In addition to it, visual designs including images and fonts are necessary to capture the audience’s attention. Optimize your on-page SEO strategy using proper keywords and helpful content,  and combine it with an eye-catching and presentable choice of web fonts. Get yours on Creatype Studio and enjoy the available deals now!

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