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Create Interesting Images for Your Design with Streamline

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Web and app designers need interesting, eye-catching images and icons to help visitors navigate their designs. Streamline is a great library for creating attractive, consistent illustration and icons for your project. Choose between thousands of stock vectors to match the theme of your web pages or apps and improve your design’s UX in more attractive ways!

What is Streamline?


Streamline is an image library that provides pre-drawn icons and other visual elements like illustrations and emojis. Streamline offers a great resource for new and seasoned designers looking for stock vectors for their designs.

A web-based library, Streamline offers free images without bogging down your devices. Users can get free trials or choose between different pricing packages. The paid versions allow various vector files to download, high-resolution PNG image, and free licensing.

With numerous icon and illustration styles available, you can match the images with your design themes. Each style package provides thousands of images you can pick based on your needs. Streamline has also partnered with brands like Mercedes-Benz, Citibank, Cisco, and Amazon.

Main Features of Streamline

Streamline offers several great features as a web-based vector library for designers. Here are some of the most important ones:

14 Icon Styles

Screen Shot 2021 06 22 at 7.17.35 PM

Streamline offers 14 icon styles with various numbers of images, from a mere 909 to 11,350. Options include the simple Streamline Light, the unique Freehand resembling hand-drawn illustration, the square-based Cyber Line, and the bright Streamline Colors.

13 Illustration Styles


What if you need pre-drawn illustrations for your designs? Choose between Streamline’s 13 illustration styles, with hundreds of images on each. You can use the lively, blue-and-black Milano, the colorful Barcelona, or the vibrant Djakarta with its pastel colors. There are even “work in progress” styles that you can expect to get in the future, like the cute Seoul and the subtle Streamline UX.

Compatibility with Design Tools

figma plugin

As a designer’s resource, Streamline offers compatibility with various design tools. You can use the images and icons to create your designs with Figma and Sketch, for example. You can also work Streamline’s NPM packages with your codebase projects when designing websites.

Emojis and Stickers

Screen Shot 2021 06 22 at 7.20.47 PM

Streamline makes your messaging and social media interaction more interesting with emoji collections. If you are bored with default emojis, you can spice up your communication with the cute Kawaii Emoji, the funny-themed Office Emoji, or the fun Zoo Office.

Free Trial


If you still hesitate about the pricing packages, why not try the free trial? It offers access to limited image collections without vector files you can download, like PDF and SVG. You also need to add the attribution to the image used. Or, you can choose one of the paid packages and get five-day free use.

Benefits of Using Streamline

Screen Shot 2021 06 22 at 7.22.49 PM

Streamline is a great place to get image resources, from modern icons to unique illustrations. They come in various styles that you can match with your design projects, such as wallpaper, header images, profile pictures, website designs, brands, and printed media. Once you pay for one of the packages, you can get access to high-resolution images without worrying about licensing.

Having access to the vector library is important for designers in various fields. Streamline is a great web-based resource for all your icons, pre-made illustrations, and creative emojis.

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