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30 Stylish Instagram Font for Your Brand Visual


When it comes to your brand’s Instagram visual, it’s not enough only to have a unique color palette or fun illustrations, but you also need to ensure that your brand messages are easily read. Picking the right Instagram font is essential in every design project, especially when you wish to deliver certain information or call-to-action to your audience.

Unfortunately, choosing the best Instagram font for your brand isn’t as easy as you think. Sometimes you’ve found the right pair, but it doesn’t match with your brand’s overall theme and tone of voice, or maybe the font is unique but hard to read. These are just some of the delicate considerations you need to do before sticking with one Instagram font for your brand.

Fortunately, there is plenty of fish in the sea. To help you, here we’ve listed our 30 best Instagram fonts that you can pick for your brand, whether it’s sassy, cute, fun, or sophisticated.


1. Brittany Signature Font


Brittany Signature_Cover 1 1

Created by Creatype Studio, Brittany is a sophisticated, fashionable cursive Instagram font script that will make your design instantly look elegant. The unique curve brings a distinct character that ensures your brand stands out amongst the crowd.

This Instagram font is perfect for photography, watermark, social media designs, logo, invitations, wedding collaterals, and anything that needs a personal touch in it.


2. Cerlyneeta Font


cerlyneeta font 2 big e1619191211853

Full of elegance and luxurious feeling, Cerlyneeta font by NissaStudio is what you need for your next brand or branding project. The moment you put Cerlyneeta in your design, it’ll breathe an expensive aura and steal everyone’s attention along with it.

Cerlyneeta design is adorned with elegant curves, perfect for handwriting statements—definitely something you want to have on your special projects.


3. Angelica Font


instagram font

An exquisite font with a delicate and angelic touch, Angelica font will bring a natural, organic element to all of your branding collaterals. The font is feminine, making it suitable if you’re designing for accessories or fashion brands. If you wish to steal the deal with your client, this font is exactly what you need to achieve it!


4. Makayla Font


makayla font 13 big e1619191356490

Want to get that flowy, wedding-like look? Makayla is the right pick for you. Offering a feminine calligraphy style, Makayla is the perfect Instagram font for your next branding project. It’ll bring out the soft touch of your brand and become the highlight of the day. Combine it with a soft, pastel color and flowery touch, and get ready to be amazed by this Instagram font!


5. Halimun Font


instagram font

Unlike other Instagram font, Halimun perfectly combines the modern and fresh aspects of design with feminine, cursive touch. The result is a perfect script that boosts the elegance of your brand while still keeping it natural and stylish. With that said, Halimun is the perfect Instagram font pick if you’re looking for a project with a handwriting touch.


6. Tangisan Font


tangisan free trial font 1 big e1619191453659

Perfect for branding and digital design, Tangisan is a handwritten script font emphasizing a modern and authentic calligraphy look. Perfect for websites, blogs, headlines, and even home decor, brighten your surrounding with Tangisan and get ready to receive praises for your aesthetic choice!


7. Barcelonys Font


instagram font

Another gem by Creatype Studio, Barcelony Signature is an elegant, smooth, yet casual script that combines both monoline and signature style. Perfect for anyone who wishes to step out of their comfort zone and embrace the new, daring design venture, slab Barcelonys font on your watermark, invitation, headline, and any other media that needs a breath of handwriting style.


8. Serolissa Font


serolissa e1619191578450

This Instagram font takes its inspiration from blooming flowers that create an elegant cursive silhouette on its wake. At a glance, Serolissa might come off as simple and basic. Still, when you combine it with the right color palette, it’ll bloom beautifully and garnish your brand with an unforgettable signature font as nothing else does.


9. Gistesy Font


instagram font

Looking for an elegant Instagram font that still looks casual and down-to-earth for your design project? Gistesy is the answer. Combining both eloquent curves and daring lines, Gistesy is a delicate yet adventurous font full of surprise. Use it for watermarks, social media posts, photography, or product design to unleash its fullest potential.


10. Palerissa Font


palerissa e1619191678800

The embodiment of modern calligraphy, who can resist the exquisite touch of Palerissa in their brand visual? The answer is no one. This Instagram font is what it takes for your brand to be remembered. Combine it with pastel, muted color and incorporate floral touches; let the font transform your brand and make it unforgettable.


11. Southampton Font


instagram font

Introducing the most iconic Instagram font you’ve ever met, Southampton font brings a stylish touch to handwritten font. Its beautiful script offers a personalized feel to everything it touches, making it perfect for stationery, logo, watermark, or invitation with its signature style. Make your brand visual look classy and modern yet still elegant with this Instagram font!


12. Butterfly Garden Font


butterfly garden e1619191770740

As the name says, this Instagram font makes you feel like being in a beautiful garden surrounded by colorful butterflies. The font embodies an exquisite, signature style with elegant curves at its beginning and end. Add Butterfly Garden font for your next online business, influencer social media post, or carve it in a block of wood as home decor!


13. Cervanttis Font


instagram font

Cervanttis font is what you need for a distinct personal brand. Designed to emphasize the unique features of your business or personal account, get ready to be the center of the spotlight using this one of a kind! Feeling experimental? Combine Cervanttis with bold colors such as black, red, or gray and let yourself be amazed by the result.


14. Marlowe Font


marlowe font 2 big e1619191907937

Kinda fun, kinda quirky, kinda makes you want to slab it in all of your design. If you’re someone who fancies everything elegant, this Instagram font looks straight out of your aesthetic dream. Breathing elegance into your design, Marlowe font is perfect for wedding or birthday invitations and web headlines.


15. Jelytta Font


instagram font

The word Jelytta means “the beauty of a woman”. This font itself was inspired by the beauty of women all around the world who have shared their excellence and exuberance for us to see. The elegant curves are combined with an elegant and classy feel, transforming your dull brand into a fabulous one of a kind.


16. Omiley Font


omiley e1619192059220

What never goes out of style? The answer is brushed-style font! Adorned with a soft, delicate streak, Omiley is the perfect pick for your next branding project. To make it better, pair it with muted colors and illustrations, and get ready to be the center of the attention.

Be it for a wedding invitation, social media post, or simply a decoration in your house, achieve the perfect aesthetic with Omiley.


17. Bulgatti Font


instagram font

A luxurious script font with a sophisticated style, Bulgatti will instantly become your next branding best friend. This Instagram font is perfect for advertisements, labels, stationery, and branding collaterals. Make your project looks as luxurious as possible by putting Bulgatti at the forefront!


18. Winola Font


winola e1619192162519

An elegant, sophisticated Instagram font, Winola is exactly what you need to win your client’s heart. Looking authentic with its modern brush styles, Winola breathes a sense of originality in your design and transforms anything you make into a splendid piece of art.

Wondering where you can apply this font? Consider using it for a web design project, advertisement headline, or social media post. It’ll all look just as awesome.


19. Just Signature Font


instagram font

A fresh, modern Instagram font perfect for your branding and promotional media needs, Just Signature is the perfect candidate for the job.

With an organic touch and classy curves, Just Signature is definitely something that’s hard to forget after landing your eyes on it. Additionally, it’ll also look good on any surface, be it websites, invitations, or even t-shirt.


20. More Love Font


morelove font 1 big e1619192262673

More love for the Instagram font? A big yes, please! More Love font is anything but immensely lovely. The sheer joy and exuberance it brings definitely makes it a perfect pick for a feminine brand that wants to achieve a personalized yet authentic look for its visual. Created by NissaFont, incorporate More Love into your social media posts and watch as the audience tap hearts to it.


21. Santtiny Font


instagram font

Who said that handwriting font couldn’t be bold? Santtiny font will prove your assumption otherwise! This bold brush script with dramatic movements and curves is the right pick if you’re doing a creative project. The font will bring a sense of authenticity and an “in-your-face” attitude that you can’t resist.

Apply it as a headline, invitations, product designs, stationery, or anything that needs a handwriting touch in it.


22. Vegan Style Font


vegan style

Combining both bold and fashionable aspects in one entity, surely you want to miss the excellence of Vegan Style Instagram font.

With a daring stroke, daring feel, combined with handwriting typeface, Vegan Style font is everything you need for an engaging design. Make sure to put it on your social media post, branding project, headline, or anything that you wish to transform into the better—surely you won’t regret it.


23. Clattering Font


instagram font

A messy combination of elegant, bold, and quirky in one place, Clattering font is exactly where to look if you’re feeling adventurous. Offering a handwritten marker style, Clattering Brush creates a sense of free-flowing, confident lines that are thick and thin, sophisticated and daring at the same time. The end result is a mesmerizing typeface that will leave you breathless!


24. Countryside Font



Despite its name, this Instagram font is pretty versatile in its implementation. Sure, the excessive cursive might reminds you of the 90s. However, if you combine it with the right palette and typeface, you’ll see how Countryside can transform your brand visual.

A definite attention grabber, make sure to use it as a headline for your designs!


25. Mistrully Font


instagram font

When your client requests a handwriting font, surely Mistrully is the right font to deal with the job. Combining a fashionable brush stroke with natural handwriting touch, this Instagram font will turn any bland social media posts into one of a kind design.

Perfect for weddings, birthdays, and special occasions, Mistrully has the ability to extract the inner romantics in everyone who sees it.


26. Beautiful People Font


beautiful people

As the name says, Beautiful People font is anything but beautiful. Reminding you of the pretty and memorable people in your life, this Instagram font creates a classy yet homey feeling suitable for home decors and personalized invitations. To make it better, the classy curves make it even better to look at!


27. Alesandra Font


instagram font

An elegant and smooth monoline brush script, what could be better than Alesandra font in your brand visual design?

Another Instagram font to pick into your collection, Alesandra is everything you’ll ever want and need in a typeface: graceful, attention-grabbing, and versatile. Combine it with various color palettes and design styles to create headlines, product packaging, logos, and branding, or a watermark for your business.


28. Lemon Jelly Font


lemon jelly

Looking for a showstopper? Lemon Jelly font can be your next best friend.

Comes in unique, cursive slabs, Lemon Jelly isn’t like other delicate handwriting fonts. In fact, it offers a funky, bold stroke that will boost the rebel in you. Combine it with neon or bold colors, daring illustrations, and get ready to make others feel jelly in envy!


29. Aksana Font



A quite memorable font, Aksana font was taken from the creator’s 3rd son name—Aksana Satya Rahardi—so in a way, it is a homage to his most beloved child. The font itself is a perfect combination of modern strokes imbued with handwriting style. What sets it apart from others is the personal charm of its organic strokes—definitely something you want to have in your headlines!


30. Beauty Mountains Font


beauty mountains

Taking its inspiration from mother nature, Beauty Mountains font has a sense of serenity and zen in its every stroke. It’s bold, daring, yet transformative from every direction. This Instagram font is perfect for you if you want to create nature-infused projects that combine the warm tone of nature in it.


Instagram font encompasses a wide range—from elegant, stylish, daring, until bold; there are endless possibilities of what you can do with it. If you want to take your design to the next level, these hand-picked 30 Instagram font will surely help you achieve it!

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