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10 Chrome Extensions for Graphic Designers to Improve Your Work!

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Google Chrome Web Store has many Chrome extensions that are very handy for everyone. As designers and artists, we might need these extensions to improve our workflows. However, we may wonder which extensions suit us. Well, here we have good recommendations about Chrome extensions for graphic designers for you.

What’s Google Chrome extensions

Google Chrome extensions are additional software that allows users to customize and enhance the browsing experience. We can add Chrome extensions to give extra functionality. These tools include many productivity tools, content enrichment, shopping, collaboration, communication, and games.

Chrome extensions have a variety of software from simple ones to complex ones. Some of them might be the best Chrome extensions for designers. They’ll provide functional tools to help artists and designers, like font detectors, color palette tools, or even image downloaders.

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Must-Have Chrome extensions for Graphic Designers

The list below is a few good recommendations of the best Chrome extensions for graphic designers you should try.

1. WhatFont


Have you ever browsed a website, and there is a font that caught your eye? WhatFont will detect the font for you. The plugins will give you information about the name, size, color, height, and line weight of the font on the website you want to know. WhatFont is excellent, easy to use, and highly functional.

2. ColorZilla


If you want to find a good color picker, ColorZilla is a good option. ColorZilla is one of the excellent chrome extensions for graphic designers. By using colorZilla, you can detect the HEX code from any website.

Some features might help you design. The features include:

  • Eyedropper, that allows you to get the color from any website.
  • Displays clear element information you might need, like tag name, class, id, RGB and HEX codes, etc.
  • Easily to copy and paste into other applications.
  • Has CSS Gradient Generator.
  • Color palette viewer and pre-installed color palettes.
  • Etc.

3. Sumopaint


This Chrome extension is for you if you want to search for an alternative like Photoshop. Sumopaint is an online editor that allows you to edit and draw photos with various tools and features. The software is well-developed and very user-friendly. Additionally, it has no intrusive advertising.

Below are some features of Sumopaint:

  • Masks and layers tool.
  • 20 filters and effects, such as blur, noise, pixelate, posterize, etc.
  • Selection tools and undo support.
  • Image enhancement tools, like brightness/contrast, hue/saturation, and color balance.
  • More than 300 brushes.

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4. Muzli 2

Muzli 2

Our following recommendation for Chrome extensions for graphic designers is Muzli 2. Muzli 2 will make you stay updated and help you find new ideas. This software is much like Pinterest. You will get recent information from photographs, designs, UI/UX news, and many more. Install it, and you’ll never miss the big news.

5. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot

This one is simple yet very functional. If you need to take a screenshot or screen recording while online, Awesome Screenshot comes in handy. This Chrome extension provides various features that might help you in designing. The features include:

  • Screenshot website pages.
  • Record a video on your screen.
  • Has blurring tools and annotation.
  • Crop and resize image tools.
  • Easy to use, especially for downloading and saving images or videos.

6. Mobile Simulator

Mobile Simulator

If you want to know how your web design works in mobile size, then you should try Mobile Simulator. Mobile Simulator is a Chrome extension for web designers. You can test your web on the different types of mobile phones. Additionally, you can take a PNG screenshot with this software.

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7. Wappalyzer


This platform allows you to identify websites. Wappalyzer provides information about Content Management Systems (CMS) used to build a website. It also shows any JavaScript libraries, frameworks, eCommerce platforms and many more. If you want to analyze other websites, you can trust this software.

8. Dark Reader

Dark Reader

Although this software is not specifically to be a Chrome extension for graphic designers. However, this extension might help you to work. As a designer, you may work non-stop in front of your screen. Dark Reader will help you to adjust your screen and make your work easy at night.

Many adjustments you can use in this extension, like night mode, sepia, font setting, and white list for any website you want to exclude from dark mode.

9. Window Resizer

Window Resizer

The platform is similar to Mobile Simulator. You can use this extension to test your layout design in different sizes of resolutions. Window Resizer is customizable, which means you can add and change any size you need. It also helps you to find references of certain orientations for your design.

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10. Web Maker

Web Maker

Do you want to experiment with JavaScript, HTML, or CSS elements? Then, try this software! You can use Web Maker offline. There are some features, such as editing in CodePen, code auto-completion, and open source in GitHub. Additionally, you can save and load your progress anytime.

Get the Chrome extensions for Graphic Designers!

Well, that’s all about the recommendations for Chrome extensions for graphic designers. You can choose any extension you need. For example, if you need to stay inspired, you’ll need Muzli 2. If you want to find color on the website, try ColorZilla.

Hopefully, these extensions will improve your workflow and give you a better result for your art. So, well, check them right now and revamp your design!


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