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50+ Profitable Ideas for Digital Products to Sell – Present and Future

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Thinking about selling something online? There are plenty of ideas for digital products to sell to make your new stream or passive income, whether as your side hustle. As long as you master a specific skill or experience in some professional field, you can choose one or more kinds of digital products online. 

50+ Business Ideas for Digital Products to Sell Online in Various Fields

Selling digital products is not only doable and profitable for arts practitioners. Rather, almost every other professional niche can get away to transform their experience, or skills into commercial digital products. Check out if there were suitable options for your professional occupation. 

7 Digital Product Inspiration for Bloggers

Bloggers can cover extensive niches and topics, and explore the opportunity through them. 

  • Paid product reviews or comparison articles
  • Vlogs
  • Membership site
  • Paid exclusive content or newsletter
  • Podcast
  • Downloadable DIY, tutorials or guides
  • Printable journals and planners

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10 Ideas for Digital Products to Sell on Etsy for Artists

The artist here means creative arts practitioners, such as designers, sculptors, painters, or authors. In case you are one of them, here is the list of digital product ideas. 

  • Designs and patterns 
  • Printable sketches, coloring sheets, drawings, doodles, and patterns. 
  • Wallpaper for desktops, phones, or tablets.
  • Icons, clip art, symbols, vector graphics, and fonts (typeface). 
  • Templates (Social media posts, infographics, invitations, presentations or slide decks, business cards, to Photoshop). 
  • Art video tutorials and guides (for painting, drawing, editing, or designing).
  • Animations (for websites and/or videos). 
  • E-books, guides, and courses about writing.
  • Essay, nonfiction, and fiction novel in ebook form. 
  • Planning sheet to write a novel or book. 
  • Paid courses about writing. 
  • Digital products for grieving, such as journals or diary

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8 Digital Products Ideas of Photography or Videography Fields

Aside from stock photos and videos, there are other commercial digital product options with specific skills required you can tap into.

  • Stock photos and videos
  • Presets for photography platforms
  • Templates to use in the After Effect platform
  • Plug-ins features and functions
  • Mockup videos and images
  • Photography textures
  • Scene creators or tools
  • E-books and guides about best practices, photography style know-how, photography tools, or general advice for various levels. 

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10 Ideas for Digital Products to Sell for IT’s

Digitalization makes a huge space for IT and tech practitioners and experts. From landing pages to codes, you can transform the skills into golden opportunities in getting another stream of income. 

  • Applications with paid-plan or in-app purchase
  • Analytic templates
  • Browser plug-ins
  • CGI models
  • Hosting 
  • Landing pages
  • Reusable code snippets
  • Softwares
  • Website themes
  • Video games

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7 Digital Products for Wellness and Life Consultants or Coaches

Share your knowledge and experience about health, wellness, and life in a profitable way. Find the following ideas of digital products you can sell to your potential audience. 

  • Downloadable workout and meal plan
  • Guides on self-care topics
  • Printable or downloadable journals prompts and wellness trackers
  • Fitness or workout video or written guides
  • Paid membership community with exclusive content
  • Paid newsletter
  • Meal recipe ebook 

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4 Digital Business Products for Beauticians

Beauticians can make their way in setting and spreading the beauty trend, and reach a broader audience with digital products. Choose one that fits your profile and skills. 

  • Hair and makeup styling or treatment and tutorials
  • Paid beauty care product review or comparison
  • Online course with certification
  • Downloadable guides or recipe tips for skin and hair care

8 Digital Business Ideas for Startups and Small Businesses

Make use of your expertise to elevate your fellow businessmen. You still can make a profit while sharing and growing a business ecosystem with the digital product below. 

  • Podcast or other audio resources about business
  • Media kit templates
  • Ebook about business know-how or how-to
  • Downloadable templates for project management, financial literacy, marketing strategy, and other topics accordingly
  • Paid membership business community
  • Paid online courses, series of masterclasses, or webinars
  • Paid virtual roundtables and summits 
  • Swipe files with relevant and related topics to business

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Which Platform is Ideal to Sell Your Digital Products?

With the ideas for digital products to sell in hand, you have to choose which channel or platform you’ll consider. In addition to social media and websites as the most popular channels, you also can sell your digital product through LMS or dedicated marketplace platforms. 

There are various marketplaces, for creators, businesses, freelancers, and other professional niches. Creatype Studio is one of the places where you can find artistic fonts as digital products for branding, marketing, and any other kind of design project. Get yours on the official website Creatype Studio!

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