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25 Ways How to Make Money from Website – Profitable!

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Thanks to the internet, websites became a profitable channel for everyone. With plenty of options to monetize, or how to make money from website, you can exploit hobbies or side hustles. Check out the following list!

25 Popular Inspo How to Make Money from Website

To satisfy your curiosity, here is the best list to earn money from the internet. Take a closer look! 

1. Affiliate Marketing

Join affiliate programs from brands and promote products or services on your website by using a dedicated affiliate link in your organic content. Consequently, commission fees based on acquisition or click by your subscribers

2. RSS Feeds Ads

This is the type of Ad space you can sell in accordance with a certain content of an RSS feed.  

3. Premium Articles

Create separate exclusive and premium content in addition to your regular free article stream. Then, charge your subscribers a proper fee. 

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4. Product Review

Start by reviewing the products you use. Over time, brands can reach out to you to get a product review from you. Some brands offer paid product reviews, or when you are at a certain level, you can set a rate card to provide product reviews. 

5. Sponsored Post

This way of how to make money from a website is a bit different from product reviews. You need to create or post an organic or pre-made advertorial in article format for example, which contains the website link to the advertisers. 

6. Sell Digital Products

Craft digital products according to what you own, it can be ebooks, printable products, templates, or fonts. Besides, you also need to strategize the service for the customers.

7. Membership forums

This type grants certain access for your audience to the library of various content you create. Basically, you can get a fixed monthly income through various levels of membership plans. 

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8. Online Course

Do you have in-depth knowledge of particular hobbies or professional activities? Share through pre-recorded online courses from a website, and charge the audience to access this kind of content. 

9. Sell Ad Space

Prepare a media kit, send it to potential clients, and manage them. Earnings depend on how many visitors you can get to your website (Cost per Impression), or by setting a direct price for the Ad space according to the competition. 

10. Publish Your Ebooks

Write your book with clear formatting, clarified purpose, and quality with concise descriptions and details for display. Generally, you may get monthly royalty when the ebook sells, from 35% or 70%.  

11. Resell Web Hosting

If you are a web developer, you can benefit from this way of how to make money from your website tips. Just resell or rent the server part and resources to users.

12. Sell Physical Products

Prepare your physical products (it could be wares, second-hand or pre-loved, t-shirts, mugs, and any other goods) through your website or e-commerce website!

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13. Provide Paid Webinars

If you prefer to have a live session of online courses, hosting a paid webinar gives you an opportunity to teach and provide consultation for your audience. 

14. Build an Email List

Sell a solid list of emails of your website’s subscribers to the third party that needs to market the product or service accordingly. 

15. Pay per Click

How to make money from website is easy using this opportunity presented by Google AdSense. Register or sign in to AdSense and get the approval. Once approved, put the JavaScript code into a widget in your website(s). 

16. Sell Web Designs

Great opportunity for web designers! You can use your skills to establish a portfolio and service with the web design website. 

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17. Sell Merchandising

Let’s say you are skilled in cooking, you can sell Print-on-Demand merchandise exclusively with your own design to taste for your audience. 

18. Create a Business Page

Incorporate a handful of companies to be listed on your website. Obviously, you can charge a listing fee on a monthly or annual basis.  

19. Doing Surveys or Polls

How to make money from a website for a beginner who owns a website? Dedicating some of your time and energy to do surveys or polls is a good start. The profit type and amount are varied but not very high. 

20. Provide Lead Generation Service 

Collaborate with a suitable product or service provider for your website niche and help them direct new leads for their product. 

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21. Monetization Widgets

There are several other choices of monetization widget that you can opt-in that works just like Google AdSense. Explore them!

22. Get Gigs

Feature samples of your writings or other digital products you have and let the audience know you provide service in freelancing conditions. 

23. Make a Podcast-dedicated Website

Becoming a podcaster through a website is possible! You can monetize this media from product placement. 

24. Online Event Management

Provide a support service from registration, promotion, distribution of communication, and marketing materials up to payment gateway for ticket reservation. 

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25. Website Flipping

When your website sees sustained growth, offering steady revenue and profit with valuable traffic, it has commercial value. Thus, you can sell it to the market! 

Can You Make Money from a Website?

From the list, you see tons of approaches to monetize from your or another website. Remember that you need to establish stable traffic, consider niches, and consistently make content to attract chances. Need a fascinating font? Creatype Studio is a concrete example of point 6 where you can get money from selling fonts as digital products.

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