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25 Canva Fonts to Better Build Your Design Elements

Canva has become a convenient design option for beginners and professional designers alike. Canva fonts are growing in numbers, available for various design needs, from greeting cards to social media posts and professional posters. Choose between these 25 fonts to create designs that convey your messages in the best ways.

        1. Brittany Signature
        2. Halimun Script Style
        3. Billy Argel
        4. Gistesy
        5. South Gardens
        6. Quinlliyk
        7. Vegawanty
        8. Ivory Coast
        9. Scratchy
        10. Estelly
        11. Staylatte
        12. Elisabeth
        13. Maghody
        14. Kugile
        15. Kinantan
        16. Calgary
        17. Brandon Matthews
        18. Joyfish
        19. Banshee
        20. Moglan
        21. Story Telling
        22. Great Day
        23. Hellobay
        24. Amazingly Beautiful
        25. Kidos Park

Brittany Signature

Brittany Signature_Cover 1 1

Brittany Signature features a script font that resembles natural handwriting. The font is modern and elegant with a touch of a casual look. The slight irregularity adds a natural touch to the font. Stylish and fashionable, Brittany Signature is perfect for stationery, labels, invitations, and logos.

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Halimun Script Style

Halimun Preview 1

Halimun Script Style mimics a natural cursive scribble, a perfect Canva font to add to labels, stickers, invitations, and headers. The thin strokes and typeface that almost resembles lines add a stylish but personal touch to your design, almost like a signature.

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Billy Argel

billy argel font font 1 big

Billy Argel brings flourish into a modern typeface with its calligraphic style. The font has artistic, exaggerated swashes and bars, and curved underlines. The overall effect is elegant, fancy, and eye-catching. Billy Argel is perfect for t-shirt designs, stickers, tattoo designs, banners, and invitations.

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Gistesy Cover

Gistesy is a script font that mimics natural handwriting. Imagine the type of writing you would see in someone’s diary! Its natural cursive and alternating ligatures make the script font look modern and stylish. Gistesy is perfect for adding a natural touch to your banners, posters, labels, and branding images.

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South Gardens

south gardens personal use font 1 big

South Gardens combines several effects to create an attractive script font. Its calligraphic style is beautiful and elegant, but the grunge texture effect adds an edge to the font. The large capital and exaggerated swashes make South Gardens font stands out. Use it for any design projects, from labels and branding posts to invitations and website headers.

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Quinllyk_Cover 1

Need a Canva font with a fun, retro touch? Stick with Quinlliyk. This bold serif font was inspired by the 60s and 70s typography styles. The little protrusion on the serif adds a distinctive look to your texts. With ten ligatures and 50 alternatives, Quinlliyk gives you freedom to create unique designs. Use it for vintage designs on labels, brands, website headers, social media posts, magazine covers, etc.

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Vegawanty_Cover 1

Vegawanty is a modern serif font that looks both elegant and modern. The alternating thickness of each stroke adds a distinctive character to the typeface. Vegawanty adds stylish beauty to your design but keeps it modern. Use it to create wedding invitations, luxury brands, watermarks, website headers, wedding album captions, and other projects that require stylish, elegant font.

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Ivory Coast

ivory coast font 2 big

Ivory Coast is a script font that mimics stylish, elegant strokes. The thin, silhouette-like strokes create a signature-like typeface. The visual resembles handwriting made by a fountain pen, adding a sophisticated feeling to your design. Use Ivory Coast to create luxury labels, branding materials, and invitations.

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Scratchy_Cover 1

Erratic handwriting can add a fun, personal element to your design. Scratchy is a script font that resembles erratic handwriting. It comes with multiple swashes and underlines for more freedom in designing aspects. You can use Scratchy for various projects that require fun, casual typeface, from labels and banners to social media posts and headers.

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Estelly Preview 01

Estelly brings the casual elegance of casual cursive handwriting. The thin strokes make this font resemble fountain pen strokes. Estelly is both energetic and classy, allowing you to create compelling designs. Use Estelly for designing stickers, banners, labels, and invitations on your Canva.

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staylatte font 2 big

Staylatte is a script font that looks both chic and elegant. It has a modern calligraphy-inspired look with wavy, exaggerated bars and swashes. The regular version has thin strokes that make the typeface look airy and sophisticated. However, Staylatte leans more toward chic instead of traditionally elegant. You can use it for designing labels, brands, invitations, tattoos, and headers.

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1 Cover 11

Elisabeth adds a modern touch to a handwriting script using a brush effect. Its bold strokes and legibility level make it perfect as a branding font, label, brochures, and social media posts. Elisabeth comes both as regular and swash versions, giving you more possibilities when creating designs.

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Maghody Preview 1

Maghody combines a contemporary look and subtle elegance as a bold script font. This Canva font comes with 300 glyphs, various ligatures, and unique swashes. The bold strokes ensure readability and make your typeface more notable. Use Maghody for various design projects, such as branding posts, labels, stickers, media covers, and headers.

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kugile font 3 big

Kugile is not your typical serif font. Classy and modern, this font features curves, rounded edges, and alternating stroke thickness. The combination creates a sophisticated look without making it look “old”. Kugile is perfect for designs that embody luxury, posh, and modern elegance. Think of advertising for products like perfumes, jewelry, and luxury fashion.

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Kinantan_Cover 1

Kinantan is a casual font that will not look childish or too “Comic Sans” for your taste. The slight irregularities in the strokes and the rounded edges make this font fun and playful. However, it retains enough readability to keep your designs accessible. You can use Kinantan to design illustrated books, stickers, social media posts, teaching materials, and invitations.

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calgarydemo font 3 big

Calgary is a display font with a groovy look inspired by a retro typeface from the 70s. The bold strokes have an alternating thickness, complete with large, rounded serifs that make them distinctive. Calgary combines both retro charm and stylish look, perfect for designing anything from posters to labels and website headers.

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Brandon Matthews

Brandon Matthews_Cover 1

Brandon Matthews brings urban style into your design with its brush texture. This hand brush script is casual and sharp, adding an edge to any design project. The font pack comes with multiple swashes, ligatures, and alternates, opening many creative possibilities. Its distinctive look makes it perfect for design projects such as t-shirts, accessories, posters, labels, brand posts, and social media posts.

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joyfish demo font 4 big

Joyfish is a bracket serif font with unique visual elements in its design. The thin strokes with alternating thickness and even a few gaps create a distinctive look. The unique design on its bracket keeps Joyfish from looking boring. Classy and sophisticated, Joyfish is perfect for designing anything that requires modern elegance. You can use it to create luxury labels, premium brands, and printed materials like magazines, invitations, and greeting cards.

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Banshee is a Canva font that adds a casual, stylish, but strong look to your design. This brush script font mimics natural brush strokes, with distinctive brush textures on its surface. The combination makes your design look bold, powerful, and unique. Banshee is perfect for various design projects, from branding posts to fashion items like t-shirts.

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moglandemo font 3 big

Inspired by the Boho aesthetic, Moglan is a serif font with beautiful curves and thin, ribbon-like strokes. It comes with artistic ligatures and alternates to create unique designs. Moglan is elegant and sophisticated but leans more toward chic style—a perfect font for designing branding posts, invitations, labels, zine, and social media posts.

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Story Telling

1 Cover 14

Bold and casual, Story Telling is a perfect display font for evoking joy and fun without sacrificing readability. It has rounded edges and symmetrical strokes that create a warm, “friendly” look. Story Telling is great for a fun design that does not look childish. Use this font to create anything, from t-shirts and bags to stickers, brand posts, and labels.

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Great Day

great day personal use font 1 big

Great Day is a script font that makes sure everyone notices it when you incorporate the font into the design. It resembles casual but neat handwriting, with long ascenders and large capitals. Those elements make Great Day a distinctive typeface, especially when you need to grab attention. Perfect for a brand campaign, labels, headers, cards, and many more.

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1 Cover 39

Hellobay is another fun Canva font that allows you to get creative with a joyful typeface. Bold and slightly irregular, Hellobay is a bit restrained compared to other joyful, fun fonts. However, this beautiful font is still perfect for any design projects related to children, education, or joyful moments such as summer.

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Amazingly Beautiful

amazingly beautiful font 1 big

Amazingly Beautiful brings you cute, quirky, and beautiful font to your designs. The creative serif font has irregular strokes and a slightly asymmetrical look but is still easy to read. This wedge serif font has similar heights, making it a casual and fun typeface for various needs. You can use Amazingly Beautiful for various projects, from invitations and promotional materials to social media posts, book covers, banners, and headers. 

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Kidos Park

Kidos Park_Cover 1

Finally, if you really need the cute factor to be increased, use Kidos Park. This fun display font is perfect for any design project related to children. The irregularities and bold strokes make the font look cheerful and friendly without sacrificing readability. Use this font for designing pictured books, posters, websites, presentations, and many more that kids will enjoy.

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Choosing the right font is important to create the perfect design, including when using Canva. Need the perfect font for your design’s theme and mood? Use one of these Canva fonts to create the best designs, and make people automatically get drawn to your works once you show them.

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