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30+ Cover Book Font Inspirations That Steal the Look

23. Mathewo

Pick the best cover book font related to the theme of the writing. Keep reading the references below if you are still trying to decide on a font. You may find a stunning one for your lovely project!

31 Fabulous Cover Book Font Choices to Enchant Readers

How do you depict the content of a book by its cover font alone? Sometimes, the writer must remember that typography is vital to his novel project. Potential readers will come hastily when they see the intriguing covers and title, so don’t forget this part!

1. Halymon

Halymon Signature Script


Strengthen the warm feelings when in love by adapting the Halymon typeface for your romantic novel. 

2. Rockys

Rockys Handbrush Font for Book Cover


Spread the importance of exercising by crafting the fitness tips book with intriguing content and design. Don’t forget to put the Rockys typeface to underline the spirit!

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3. Ganttlets

Ganttlets Brush Script Font


Remember Ganttlets Brush as one of the peppy book cover fonts. Its simple characters and ligatures freshen up magazines with various theme or niche.

4. Ginalys

Ginalys Bold Brush Font


How do you stress the lovey-dovey ambiance once people see the novel? Putting the Ginalys Bold Brush typeface for the title font is an obvious answer!

5. Hello Sunny

Hello Sunny Fun & Bold for Cover Book Font


Hello Sunny font can create a cheerful impression in children’s books. It brings joyful enthusiasm. 

6. Stockist

Stockist Elegant Display Font for Magazine Cover


The Stockist font for the fashion magazine could be an excellent choice, as it has peculiar yet beautiful alternates and ligatures.

7. Vulture

Vulture Beautiful Serif Font


Prioritize the elegant touch when trying to craft a fashion magazine! Vulture Serif Font jazzes up the cover and lures fashion enthusiasts to read it immediately.

8. Tenbaum

Tenbaum Elegance Display Font


Need a decorative font in Victorian style for your contemporary magazine? Then, the Tenbaum Elegance Display is among the best book cover fonts for this purpose.

9. Quadrangle

Quadrangle Stylish Serif Font


Pick the font with unique alternates on its characters list, such as Quadrangle Stylish Serif font. This font sets up a new trendy style with an elegant contemporary look. 

10. Eloora

Eloora Bold Serif Font


Eloora Bold Serif Font is a great couplet for books with minimalist design themes. Combine this font with handwriting font to make a more familiar tone. 

11. Angela

Angela Unique Display Font


Enhance the reading experience for your audience by putting the Angela Unique Display typeface as the title font. It may make them keep flipping the pages!

12. Graphire

Graphire Modern Elegant Serif Font


Graphire Serif Font looks good not only for book cover design. With their eccentric contours, the letters steal hearts when paired with the product description on the magazine page. 

13. Koolegant

Koolegant Elegant Serif as Cover Book Font


The classy feel of serif fonts makes them plausible additions to a book or magazine cover, especially if the serif font is as beautiful as Koolegant Elegant Serif.

14. Mangroove

Mangroove Modern Sans Serif Font


Mangroove Modern Sans Serif should be on the list of fantasy book cover fonts. It straightly depicts a dreamy theme for a magazine or novel and also suits your wedding invitation designs. 

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15. Rooscha

Rooscha Beauty Serif Font


The warm tone of your magazine should be accompanied only by Rooscha Beauty Serif font. Its well-blended thick and thin strokes look lovely and dope.

16. Curtis

Curtis Modern Display Font


The bold decorative display font may not recommended as a copy font for books. Yet, Curtis Modern Display font sure breaks the stereotype. This font makes the magazine look more picturesque. 

17. Rockfull

Rockfull Capital Brush Font


Are designing books with sport-related themes? Check out Rockfull Capital Brush Font. It provides a free spirit that is relevant to sports themes in a humble way. 

18. Corleone

Corleone Elegant Sans Serif Font


Aside from fashion magazine headlines or copy font, don’t hesitate to apply Corleone Sans Serif typeface as the cover book font. Its classy look is lovely for classic book cover. 

19. Vagues

Vagues Elegant Serif Font


Vagues Serif Font has dazzling characters design that steal the book designer’s eye. It’s also a versatile choice for other design projects.

20. Churlees

Churlees Modern Sans Serif Font


Encapsulate your fine creation about interior design into a great book, and remember to put Churlees Modern Sans Serif as the font for its title.

21. Brighton

Brighton Retro Display Font


Encouraged to apply a vintage style to your retro magazine? Don’t hesitate to use Brighton Retro Display, it surely will bring a distinctive flair.

22. Crypto Future

Crypto Future Display Font


Crypto Future Display is also a choice of fantasy book cover fonts. With letters design that reminds you of Star Wards, you can hang it on a magazine or for a children’s book. 

23. Mathewo

Mathewo Playful Display Font


Simple yet comical, Mathewo Playful Display is a very suitable font for children’s or teenagers’ book covers. It is easy to read, yet lovely to see.

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24. Balrog Vintage

Balrog Monoline Vintage Font


Using the Balrog Monoline font with retro look may mesmerize anyone glancing in this book’s direction.

25. Alexandra

Alexandra Monoline Script Font


Alexandra Monoline Script font still wins the place for a magazine cover. Why not? It’s beautiful and super eye-catchy!

26. Kingvoon

Kingvoon Medieval Sans Font


Embracing the aura of a historical theme for your book with Kingvoon Medieval Sans Serif font. It won’t make the book design boring at all!

27. Forester

Forester Hand Brush Font


Brush handwriting font like Forester has unique letter strokes which make it look more like a natural hand letter.  You can emphasize the mysterious atmosphere with this font in deep dark background. 

28. Kattana

Kattana Japanese Style Font


If your book has a Japanese vibe, you should pick the Kattana Japanese Style typeface to complete the tone! It has peculiar characters and alternatives that look Japanese-ish, so it would truly make your story come alive.

29. Bestari

Bestari Modern Serif as Cover Book Font


This is a font that would likely be chosen for a fashion material, as it looks quite trendy. It also supports multilingual words for your design projects!

30. Vegawanty

Vegawanty Modern Serif Font


Combine the serif with the script font to create a flair design for your book cover. For instance, you can pick Vegawanty as the serif font to build an astonishing performance for your magazine.

31. Cherly Blossom

Cherly Blossom Modern Chic Serif


Many adorable alternates are packed in this Cherly Blossom Modern Chic Serif font. With this pretty serif font, you can create an engaging magazine design, or book in a romantic genre book cover design. 

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Pick Your Best Cover Book Font As Soon As Possible!

When you have finished creating your book, your struggles will not end immediately. You should make a special time to choose the best font for your book cover so that your book will effectively reach many audiences.

Remember to consider what kind of readers you want to reach. For instance, if you create a children’s book, you must manage to lure kids by crafting an appropriate book cover and font for that purpose. Hence, don’t take the job of choosing the best cover book font too lightly.

Also, remember to choose the best ones only at Creatype Studio. You might be fond of their font collection there and end up having a hard time choosing. So, brace yourself well!

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