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Can AI Book Cover Design Help Publishing Book?

Can AI Book Cover Design Help Publishing Book

AI book cover design has become a great option to give a stunning book cover. However, the problem is, “Is it really okay to use AI for book cover designs?” You may worry about the efficiency or legality. Let’s discover the possibility of the usage of AI for book covers through this article!

Can AI Design a Book Cover?

The answer is yes, it can. Nowadays, since it gets better and better, AI has an advanced system and algorithm to generate eye-catching images. 

This algorithm has a vast data collection about visual design, like art styles, design rules, or existing book covers. You need to input the specific criteria, themes, or art style to employ this technology and produce one of your needs. 

Then, the AI will provide several choice images. Moreover, various tools backed by this advanced tech give you access to edit the illustrations easily. 

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Pros and Cons of Using AI Book Cover Design

Using AI for book cover benefits you in many ways. Besides, you can also use AI to optimize the publishing process. However, there are also drawbacks you need to consider. Follow the brief discussion about its pros and cons below!


What are the benefits of AI-generated book covers? 

1. More Efficient 

AI could help users to save time and effort with automatic tools. This way, the users could accomplish their goals without spending too much energy and save time for other tasks. 

2. Cheaper and Accessible

Compared to commission artists, AI can be a much cheaper option. Moreover, you can access various valuable tools without requiring high technical skills. 

3. You Have More Options for Designs

If you use AI book cover design tools, you have more options to opt for. Additionally, you can adjust what kind of art style you want for your book cover. 

4. More Adaptable to Market Trends

AI-powered tools can also generate images based on audience preference or the current trend. 


These are the drawbacks of AI-generated book covers.

1. Less Unique

Unfortunately, AI often follows the same pattern or template, so the generated images will look like one another, similar to some trends or brands, which sometimes can be somehow mundane. 

2. Legality Issue

The regulation regarding AI art still needs to be clarified. You should check the rules of AI art in your regions. For instance, in the US, AI art is not protected by copyright law.

3. Lack of Understanding Symbol or Other Issues

Unlike humans, AI tools don’t understand symbols, stereotypes, or other complex elements and issues. As a result, AI-generated images can be very stereotypical or controversial since the tool only generates designs based on the database. 

4. You Still Need to Edit the Images

Although you can get outstanding visual designs with AI, you may still need to edit them for adjustment and make them more unique or exclusive according to your book’s content. 

5. Not Everybody Accepts AI

Until this day, AI remains controversial. Hence, you should research whether your potential customers will accept AI art. 

AI-generated Image example

AI-generated Image example | source: stabblediffusionweb.com

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Tips for Using AI Book Cover Design

If you are ready to use AI tools for your book cover, there are several things you need to consider. Bear in mind the following seven tips!

  1. Do not use licenses or copyrighted material to generate images.
  2. Don’t use real people or artists as material to generate images.
  3. Check the terms and conditions of the AI platforms.
  4. Confirm the legality of AI art in your regions.
  5. Consider subscribing to the AI platform that allows you to generate images privately and gives you a copyright/license. 
  6. You may check the reader’s response about AI art to prevent backlash. 
  7. Be honest about your AI content to avoid misunderstanding. 

3 Recommendations for AI Book Cover Design

We have recommendations for good AI tools to help you easily design book covers. Let’s check it out!

1. Midjourney

The showcase Midjourney

The showcase Midjourney | source: midjourney.com

Midjourney is one of the promising AI image generators. You can utilize this software to make a remarkable book cover. Additionally, it can generate high-quality images with its advanced algorithm and learning machine. 

2. Canva

Website of Canva AI image generator

Website of Canva AI image generator | source: canva.com

Canva is an all-around online design platform. It has many handy tools to make mockups of book covers. Canva also has AI to design book cover easily. All you have to do is select the styles and input the text about the book cover in the dedicated section. Then, you can customize the image result with the editing tools. 

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3. Designhill

Page of Designhill

Page of Designhill | source: designhill.com

Designhill is the best platform to find artists to design your book cover. Moreover, this platform also has an AI algorithm to connect you to the best designers based on your preferences. 

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Utilize the AI Book Cover Design for Efficiency!

Using AI book cover design tools can be handy for your book publishing process. This technology helps people with less design skills to create stunning book covers to attract readers in a jiffy. 

However, AI programs do not always generate the desired image. Thus, you need to adjust some elements, for example, typography. In addition, you also need good typography to attract the readers.

That’s why you should come to Creatype Studio to find many engaging fonts and craft alluring text in your book cover. Try our $1 deal to test which fonts match your book cover!

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