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Top 6 AI for Graphic Design to Improve Designers Workshipman

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Don’t hesitate to explore AI for graphic design just because it has many features to offer! Although there are still many disputable aspects concerning how artificial intelligence works in the graphic design universe, some of them are worth a shot. Scroll down and explore which one of the lists can fill the gap you face.  

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Design Better Using These Valuable AI for Graphic Design Tools

The following AI-based graphic design tools are available online. In addition, they may help to evolve your graphic designing journey ahead and stretch out your capacity! 

1. Adobe Firefly

Most of us know about many products that Adobe Systems has built over decades. But, have you tried this specifically crafted software with AI-based designers? Being still in the Beta version won’t fail you as an early adopter of this tool. 

It offers a marvelous feature through a generator for text effect, allowing you to only enter some text. Then, let the machine work on designing the text and give the effect accordingly, particularly better with specific prompts. 

Besides the text, recoloring the vectors or SVG is just a piece of cake! No surprise that this tool works in Photoshop and Illustrator. 

2. Auto Draw

Google developed and released this AI graphic design tool for a broad range of designing enthusiasts, from day-dreaming doodlers to professional designers. There is a feature that allows AutoDraw to make sketching more fun and refines complicated graphic designs better with the simple drawing tools it has.  

How so? Well, the machine learning ‘observe’ and try to pair your design or drawing project with drawings data of numerous artists. Based on the pattern, it will predict and then suggest a way to enhance the artwork result. Besides, the outcome is available in PGN format for download and sharing. 

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3. Khroma

Don’t you realize that color holds a prominent position in the visual and graphic design universe? The creator of this tool learned that somehow, designers should be able to get color options and compare them. This step will facilitate designers before generating an ideal color combination according to their preferences.

Now, searching and creating inexhaustible color combinations and palette inspiration becomes easier. Moreover, Khroma’s AI can also yield images using your palette. 

4. Looka Logo Design

If you want to create a logo design in an easier and simpler way, Looka is the AI for graphic design software you need! How does it work? Looka needs basic information from you before presenting you with some logo options. 

All you need to provide is the name of your company or brand, the industry area, and the color scheme you wish for. While Looka suggests some logo samples, pick your favorites. Afterward, you can customize the premade logo generated by Looka by selecting icons, picking up fonts, and adjusting the kerning

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5. Uizard

Working on UI design for web or mobile? Well, Uizard is like a ‘wizard’ that facilitates you to streamline the design working process starting from the ideation to prototype and wireframe phases. 

Uizard Autodesigner suggests designers a full premade interface design according to a simple brief. Furthermore, it allows users to modify and tweak the design plan, and get the interaction on the screen you need to visualize automatically. Hence, it speeds up your working time but maintains the personal touch of your sketching in place.  

6. Designs.ai

Accomplishing numerous kinds of design projects through AI graphic design online is possible! Designs.ai has the ability to recommend to you a myriad of design solutions that align with your taste. By using this online platform, you can bring attractive designs for social media content, logos, mockups, portfolios, and videos, to speeches.

With rich collections of colors, fonts, graphics, and helpful assistive tools, Designs.ai cater to your creative side and originality needs. 

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Will AI Replace Graphic Designers for Real?

AI indeed offers automation systems that are helpful in many kinds of ways. However, human intelligence that works in a divergent approach allows humans to be more creative, adaptive, and innovative. 

There is also a personal and human touch and aesthetic perspective which is quite impactful in designs that AI doesn’t have. Those attributes are still irreplaceable by artificial intelligence which works based on the data they have in convergent thinking. 

Instead of replacing graphic designers, AI for graphic design is a way to accommodate better efficiency, creative exploration, streamlining, and structuring workflow of designers. It can work alone without human graphic designers’ intelligence. 

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