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Iconfinder: The Google for Millions of High-Quality Icons to Easily Use

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Are you looking for icons to spice up websites, commercial projects, or educational presentations? Iconfinder website is the right place for you. There are over five million first-rate icons, with more than 300,000 of them are free to use. And you know what? You can edit any icon on-site.

Iconfinder – The Google for Icons


That’s right. You can consider Iconfinder as the Google – the search engine – for icons. It is one of the most extensive source places for those pictorial graphics.

A countless number of qualified designers around the world contribute their creative icons and illustrations in various themes.


The choice is highly favorable according to your needs:

  • As free users, you can browse through 323,337 icons with ads but without any payment.
  • For pay-as-you-go, a pre-pay of $2.00 per icon with ads and access to more than five (5) million icons (free and premium ones) without any subscription.
  • For a frequent user with a pro-subscription ($9.00 per month), you will get the same above access but without ads, an annual billing discount (25%), cancellation anytime, and more.


The best illustrators worldwide submit over 14,000 high-quality illustrations. The internal team curates and adds their new artworks every week. Those pictorial drawings are perfect additions to your cookbook publications, presentations, or onboarding flows.

How does it work?

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It is simple. There are easy steps to get the icon you want: open the Iconfinder website, search for any icons, download, and save to add them to your design.

  • Look for any icon in the available search box by writing the keywords or designers if you know one.
  • After finding the one you want, you can start downloading. All icons are available in two formats of PNG and SVG (scalable vector).
  • Once you download the icons, you can add them to the project or design you are working on.

Online Icon Editor


The great thing with Iconfinder, you can edit those icons easily, scale them infinitely, and use them commercially. It provides a free web-based editor so you can easily customize any icon as desired.

This easy-to-use, powerful tool helps you to revise, re-color, or adjust any icons effortlessly. Let’s see how we can do it.

The edit button

All vector icons have the new “Edit” tab feature. By clicking the button, the icon will instantly load onto the editor page. Or else, you can use this online icon editor to edit any icon you already have on your hard drive.


Click on the element you want to change the color and select the preferred color from the color picker of the left-hand menu.

Text adding

Select the “T” icon on the left-hand side and tap it under or on top of an icon you want to put the text or label.


Once you finish editing, you can easily export it to PNG or SVG formats. PNG works best with almost all software, such as Powerpoint. SVG is great for the web as it has a wide range of support from advanced browsers.

To sum up, having a 5-star rating (excellent) from Trustpilot and a 4.5-star rating from G2, Iconfinder is one of the leading websites for icons that offers flexibility and ease to any users and needs.

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