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5 Types of Fonts and Their Use in Design

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 All brand and UI designers must know typography and typeface classifications. Various kinds of fonts are available that can elevate your design and be chosen from the meaning. Thus, read our article to learn more about types of fonts and how to use them in your design.

Types of Fonts Styles and When to Use Them

Knowing each font and its characteristics is important to identify the right font for your design. The font styles are divided into five main fonts: the Serif, Sans Serif, Slab Serif, Script, and Decorative fonts. 

Each style also has unique characters and different applications. Below is the information on each font:

1. Serif Fonts

serif fonts

The first fort style is Serif, the oldest and most basic in the book. This font is a classic type with various ways to use it, and it never goes out of style. Furthermore, serif has the characteristic features of small strokes and feet placed at each letter’s top and bottom. 

In addition, there’s a myriad of serif-type fonts that you can choose from. But the most classic example of a serif font is Times New Roman, Vogue, and Mermaid. This font is also mostly found in many copies because it’s basic. However, it’s also used in brand logos emphasizing the timeless and formal touch like Vogue.

vogue font

2. Sans Serif Fonts

Sans Serif Fonts

Next is Sans Serif, which has grown in fame in recent years. Basically, the main character of the fonts has no decorative finishing strokes. So, these types of fonts have the crispest, most simple, and most modern font style options. Its clean, sharp lines are also an ideal choice for reading text on the screen.

The contrast from the serif font is it’s a bit more casual and youthful. These types of font styles are also great for brands to appear relatable, contemporary, and laid-back. One of the most used Sans Serif fonts is Helvetica, Coolvetica, and Sherman in brand logos like Target, Jeep, Toyota, and Panasonic.

Sans Serif Fonts Examples

3. Slab Serif Fonts

Slab Serif Fonts

The Slab Serif is like the squared-off and chunkier version of the Serif font. So, it’s more similar to the modern version of Serif font while still having the same readable, classic, and confident features. This font is usually used in long text pieces to emphasize vital words or phrases that work like a bold or italic.

Some examples of Slab Serif fonts are Rockwell and Kalela. It also used to give bold and dramatic statements that caught the viewers’ attention. Thus, these font styles are popular for companies with heritage and who want to look modern, like Honda, Volvo, Fargo, and Mozilla.

Slab Serif Fonts Examples

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4. Script Fonts

Script Fonts

Unlike all types of fonts above, Script font is a font style that uses a cursive handwriting style. This style can be formal and informal, but it will leave a strong presence. It also uses handwriting cursive lettering and features decorative curls, flourishes, and loops.

The Script is well-known for being unique, elegant, and remarkable. Usually, casual styles based on the script font are often used from trends. Some popular script fonts are Anteri Signature, Cream Cake, and Brittany. However, some brands successfully develop their own styles with memorable logos.

Despite those, the Script font is unsuitable for longer blocks of must-read text. Applying it for headings, logos, accent phrases, and other short text will be better. For logos, it can be elegant and whimsy with a bit of feminine touch for related brands. For instance, it is used by unique brands like Coca-Cola, Instagram, Ford, etc.

Script Fonts Examples

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5. Decorative Fonts

Decorative Fonts

The last type of font is Decorative font which is dramatic and exceptional. This font combines the various styles and graphics that allow designers to experiment and create their own fonts. The examples encompass the Bangers, Sarah, Plante, and Hanging Letters.

This font is also remarkable since it has an overpowering impact and makes the whole piece look busy. Overall, this font conveys uniqueness and originality. It also includes causality, fun, and creative thought. Popular examples of this typeface are Seattle Kraken, Fanta, Lego, Disney, etc.

Decorative Fonts Examples

Determine the Proper Types of Fonts for Your Unique Design!

Knowing the types of fonts and their characteristics is vital to determining your design’s font. Since you already know all the information about the font, it’s time to determine the font for a stunning design. Thus, explore the Creatype Studio font library to discover a collection of unique fonts at only $1!

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