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How To Win Logo Design Contest: 5 Ways to Boost Your Odds

How To Win Logo Design Contest 5 Ways to Boost Your Odds

Like any other contest, there is no guaranteed way to win a logo design contest. However, you can boost your odds significantly using other people’s experiences. When you ask “How to win logo design contest?”, there are common methods that designers mostly agree about. Let’s check ‘em out!

How To Win Logo Design Contest

Here are 5 tips & tricks to win your logo design contest. 

1. Understanding the Brief

Creative Process Brief

The first and most crucial step is to thoroughly understand the brief. Pay close attention to the target audience, the words associated, and the references. Visualize (or sketch) the design base from the brief and then go from that. 

Here’s a quote to remember, a logo doesn’t necessarily have to reflect the company, but rather it has to be memorable for the audience. For example, the Apple company didn’t actually sell apples, but the audience knew really well about the company.

As the most crucial step, you should read the brief repeatedly while creating or even after designing. Specific do’s or don’ts are always in the brief and, as simple as color selection, can ruin your chance at winning.

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2. Research

Before diving into the design process, gather more info about the contest. You can get to know about the company and what they do, also researching for a similar logo based on the brief.

By this point, you probably get sparks of inspiration. While that’s generally a good thing, you should remember to tame your creative beast a little. This logo is not for you, it’s about creating what other people want. If you find your creativity getting wilder, get back to the brief just in case it deviates or violates what they want.

After that, research their audience to know the age range and their interaction (are they speaking friendly or professionally), that info allows you to determine the traits for the logo. 

3. Submission

How to win logo design contest?” that question will come back again right before submission. With the logo in hand, you keep thinking “Is this good enough?”.

Well, if you’re not confident about your design, make two consisting of the safe design and the creative design. This way you can fully highlight your capabilities in logo designing. 

A designer once used this method and won. The safe design was taken, and the creative logo actually boosted its odds. Consequently, it shows that the designer is capable.

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4. Strategy

It’s a competition, surely there is strategy involved. Numerous experienced logo competitor often shared their insight about strategy. Here are some of them.

1. Pick Your Battle

Logo Mockup On Product

There are so many segments in logo designing, some designers are good at Photoshop, Illustrator, logos with bold and strong traits, cartoons, and logos in 2D, or 3D. Know your strengths and style, and take part in a competition in which you excel and enjoy working. That’s how to win a design contest 101, basically.

2. Submission Strategy

While answering how to win logo design contest, an experienced design competitor once shared that there are strategies for submission. Both of submitting early or late, each has its own advantages. 

If the client is a company, an ad company, or a project manager, you should submit your design early. Considering the scale, they have to conduct meetings to agree on a design and then contact their client. So, being present at an initial stage allows your design to be selected while there are still a few submissions. 

For direct clients, early submission can make your design memorable. The latter submission feels less impactful for the client. But, after a couple of rounds of feedback, the latter and a more specific style are already established, so you can compile that feedback and make the most suitable logo.

Not all people have perfect and keen eyes as you, designers, do. So, a quick submission can capture the client’s eyes while they’re still fresh.

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5. Don’t Forget the Basics

Font Designing Process

These are just reminders of the basics, such as being original, focusing on quality not quantity, responding accordingly to the comments, and creating a matching typeface with the logo vibes. If you have a brilliant design, try to include mockups for possible use of the logo, that’ll certainly attract the client’s eyes.

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Worry No More About How To Win Logo Design Contest

By bagging these tips & tricks in your pocket, you can boost your winnability (unless it’s rigged). 

Take the benefit of applying fitting and incredible font collections, like the ones from us, Creatype Studio, to create an unrivaled logo design! 

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