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Best Font for PowerPoint Presentation in 2023: 15 Essential Fonts

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Coming up below is our best font for PowerPoint presentations. Obviously, you can use all of them for the title, but try combining them for the subheading too, and look at your best presentation ever. 

Best Font for PowerPoint Presentation

Without further ado, here is our best list to check out!

1. Fainland


Fainland is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a school project or a work presentation. The font is not only formal but also stylish. It has the characteristics of chalk writing, so you can use it as a professional font for PowerPoint presentations.

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2. Bottanical


This one is gonna be your best pick. Bottanical is beautiful and easy to read, perfect for your presentations. The font exudes freedom from its movements but is borderline formal.

3. Broocklyn


Similar as the previous one with the brush script font, but Broocklyn is different. The fancy-looking font has two faces. Depending on what you’re presenting, it can be classy or rustic. 

4. Renaisans


You know the vibe, Renaisans is dashing, gallant, and classy. You can always rely on a serif font to make everything look formal. It says modern there, but come on. The font is timeless, honestly.

5. Sunblock


If you want to present some promotional project, use Sunblock in that offer. You can even function this font for the majority of your tasks. The regular “Discount” or “Big Sale” in this font is gonna grab a lot more attention. 

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6. Mathewo


Another display font you should use is Mathewo. It is playful and unique, generally the best font for PowerPoint presentations. It supports upper and lowercase letters. So, you can use it accordingly to elevate your slides.

7. Moores


You need to know more about Moores, here. At a glance, it’s classy, chill, and beautiful. But, just like your friend, the more you know them, the wilder it gets. Moores just can’t stand to be unnoticed, it is rich in ornaments and alternates. 

8. Scratchy


Do you need a font that stands out enough for your title? Still, you will also need another unique font that’s humble enough so that you can write a lot with it. Try Scratchy. It is arguably the best font for PowerPoint. Your presentation is gonna look a lot more fun written in it.

9. Klassik Style

Klassik Style

Getting ready to present something retro? Easy, Klassik Style is the answer. This eye-catching font is a bold script font. But more importantly, it is still easy to read. So, don’t be afraid if it takes up space. Rather, you want it to take up space to grab people’s attention. 

10. Kingstyle


Let’s take a breather from this wild stuff and enjoy Kingstyle. The font is cute, neat, and elegant. One of the best serif fonts for your presentations. As a serif font, it can be your designated professional font for PowerPoint presentations.

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11. Ghiyast


This font is a hidden gem. Ghiyast is indeed a one fine font. It’s a modern calligraphy style from a handwritten script font. Not to mention the imperfections that make it beautiful. Wanna get the best font for PowerPoint? Yeah, get this one!

12. Sadhise


Aside from being a gothic brush font, Sadhise looks alive. The natural scratch promotes movement and activity. Although it has a little bit of dark feeling within it, it’s exciting and compelling. So, it’s perfect if you want to capture those vibes.

13. Rintjany


Rintjany is robust. It is the font for casual occasions. In addition, it will be the best font for PowerPoint presentation to portray fun. Just imagine it on your last page saying ”Thank You”, what a cutie.

14. Yuanytta


If you’re looking for more exciting typography in your presentation, try Yuanytta. It is a signature script font. With its slender figure, you can put it slightly on top of the heading. 

15. Hypebeast


The last one has to be extravagant, introducing Hypebeast. It’s a rich pack, you’ll get all the bells and whistles in this one. Hypebeast is a vintage typeface. It is a layered typeface, so you can create your own style from it. 

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Pick the Best Font for PowerPoint and See Your Work On Top!

Get to know more about the fonts in the examples. You can find out what the font is all about and get the best suited for your presentations.

There are numerous selections to get the best professional font for PowerPoint presentation, just visit Creatype Studio. Find your font for only $1 and elevate your presentation using our font collections.

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