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30+ Fonts for Games You Need to Try in 2024

30 Fonts for Games You Need to Try in 2024

Looking for a unique font that can make your game stand out can be difficult. So, for your convenience, we’ve compiled 30+ fonts for games. Oh, rest assured! It’s also based on the category. Let’s check them out!

30+ Fonts For Games Based on Category

Animate your game design with suitable font choices from our library down below!

Action Game

Convey your fighting spirit and complete your action game with these fonts. 


Stencil Urban Game Font

This stencil font is in all caps. If your game is inspired by the military or includes graffiti design, it’s perfect for you.


Glitcher Glitch Effect Game Font

A unique sans serif font with glitchy effects in your futuristic action games. 

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Montrelo Elegant Game Font

Considering elegant and stylish fonts for games? Try Montrelo and elevate your game.


Modest Stencil Game Font

Another selection of stencil font to integrate into your action games. This one is strong and bold.


Broster Elegant Vintage Game Font

A slab typeface with a vintage and elegant style for your wild action games. Try the ornaments too!

Western Wildler

Western Wildler Wild West Game Font

Looking for a Western font for game design? Use Western Wildler and feel the heat.

Adventure Games

Here is our collection of fonts to guide you in your eventful journey.  


Mangrove Vintage Classy Game Font

This classy and retro font is waiting for your time-bending adventure games. 


Athereum Wild Display Font

Add Athereum to your adventurous fonts for games, because this natural-looking font is perfect for it.  


Rontrelan Rough Natural Game Font

Complete your adventure games with this vintage font. The font has a rough natural look and bonus illustrations. 


Zawturee Adventure Game Font

Zawturee will be perfect for narration in your games with its high legibility and cool design.


Thrello Monoline Font

Thrello is one of the best fonts for games to add an adventurous vibe to your games.


Enternal Vintage Adventure Game Font

This whippy Enternal has the perfect texture and style for your up-in-coming adventure games.

Sports Games

Sports games usually need fonts with a lot of motion and style. Here are our font suggestions for your sports games.


Granite Modern Brush Typeface

This modern brush font is filled with swashes to add motions to your sporty games.

The Rocky

The Rocky Bold Handbrush Typeface

If Rocky has a font, here’s the perfect depiction of him. Smooth and bold at the same time.


Shutterland Classy Sports Game Font

Looking for classy and sporty fonts for games? Here’s Shutterland, a natural hand-brushed font with stylish scratch.


Brotherhood Sleek Sports Game Font

A bold and sleek font for your street sports games. The rich alternates will also surprise you.


Wildrock Adventurous Sports Game Font

For a daring font for game design, use Wildrock. This font can not only complete your game but also elevate it.


Holygrave Urban Sports Game Font

For street and urban sports games, Holygrave is perfect. The natural strokes add a dynamic to your text.


Banshee Extreme Sports Game Font

For wild and extreme sports games, rely on Banshee. It will add a natural flow to your text.

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Simulation Games

Achieve the ultimate immersion in your simulation games with these fonts.


Gothicha Medieval Game Font

If you’re looking for Medieval-themed fonts for games, we got you with fonts like Gothicha. 

Vallery Qylmor

Vallery Qylmor Elegant Game Font

One selection for your glamour-themed simulation games is Vallery Qylmor. This modern font has a unique typeface and swashes.

Little Rascal

Little Rascal Fun Font

This childish font is fun, but you know what’s more fun? Combining this font with a horror simulation game.


Brighton Cultural Game Typeface

Not only a retro font, this font is perfect for portraying cultural aspects and details in your game. 


Scratchy Erratic Handwritten Font

As the name suggests, this is the perfect font for simulation games in school settings. The erratic handwritten style makes it more natural.

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning Quirky Game Font

A fresh, cute, and adorable font with a quirky typeface for your summer-themed simulation game. 

Idle Games

Players will often leave an idle game. However, when you use these fonts, they will be addicted to playing.


Shinelof Retro Games Font

This font is an eye-catching one, making even idle game players want to play more.


Punchline Superhero Game Font

This font is the perfect pair for superhero games. Make your opponents just a “Punchline”.

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Snowy Peach

Snowy Peach Decorative Typeface

Put this font in your arsenal. When the snow is falling, you have the perfect seasonal font for it. 


Heatware Flaming Game Typeface

This playful and fun font can be integrated with relaxed or thriller games. Heatware will spread the heat and nightmare. 


Crypto Futuristic Game Font

In a futuristic game you make, don’t forget to use Crypto. This display font will digitize your game.


Fondre Beautiful Game Font

This beautiful font is robust, it can get away with futuristic, cyberpunk, or vintage game themes. 

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How About Our Fonts for Games?

The Creatype Studio is rich with beautiful fonts like these. Peruse through our library and get yours now! Click the link in every font to learn more about the font and licenses.

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