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7 Best Font Recommendations for Subtitles with Good Readability

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Audiences prefer video content because it presents visuals spoiling the eyes. If you want to have a large audience viewing your video, make sure to add subtitles. This is because not all people understand the language used in the video. So, let’s choose the best font for subtitles to make it easy to read and understand the information conveyed.

Font Recommendations with Great Readability

Try using the following font recommendations because they have a simple design that makes it easy for your audiences to read:

1. Georgia Font

best font for subtitle

The first recommendation you can consider is Georgia font. The design of the letters in this font is simple and the combination of letters that form words are positioned close together flawlessly. This font also looks neat and elegant, so the audience can read the subtitles quickly.

Another perk of using the Georgia font is suitable for videos played on small screens. Audiences can read subtitles easily and quickly, even though they are watching videos on a smartphone. As a result, the information from the video is conveyed properly.

2. Helvetica Neue Font

best font for subtitle

The best font for subtitles that you can also choose is the Helvetica Neue Font, which is a family of the quite well-known Helvetica font. This font evolved with a more readable design because each letter has the perfect thickness, not too bold and not too thin either.

In addition, the evolution of this font not only enhances legibility but also provides many number options.

3. Arial

best font for subtitle

Another suitable san serif font family for subtitles fonts is the Arial font. There are various options you can choose from Arial, Arial Black, Arial Narrow, and Arial Rounded MT Bold fonts. If you want to present a more practical and readable display, you can use Arial font.

However, if you want your text to look bolder, Arial Black font is the best choice. Arial Black font is not suitable for long text because it will look cramped and distract the video. We recommend you use Arial Black font for closed captions. Thus, Arial, Arial Narrow, and Arial Rounded MT Bold are more compatible with long texts.

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4. Tahoma

best font for subtitle

The next simple and humanist font that is suitable for subtitles is Tahoma. Many people use the Tahoma font as their standard video editing font. At first glance, the Tahoma fonts are very similar to the Verdana font. However, if you look closer at it, Tahoma’s letters are longer and narrower.

Even though the letters are dense, they do not reduce the legibility of the writing. Using the Tahoma font for subtitles can contain long sentences without making the video look cramped.

5. STIXGeneral Font

best font for subtitle

The type of font you use for subtitles can also affect the appearance of the video. You can use the STIXGeneral font if you want to give an elegant and fancy touch to your video display. The types of videos that are suitable for using this font are documentary videos, essay videos, or journalism videos.

Using the STIXGeneral font not only makes videos look more attractive but can also convey information. This is because the readability of the STIXGeneral font is quite clear. Interestingly, you can use this best font for subtitles for free.

6. Lucida Grande

best font for subtitle

Another simple font design that is suitable for aesthetic subtitle font is Lucida Grande. This is because the Lucida Grande letters have a humanist display. The subtitle text using the Lucida Grande font is easy to read because each letter has space, so it doesn’t look cramped.

However, the space for each letter is not too wide, so it doesn’t take up much space and is still suitable for long texts.

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7. Impact Font

best font for subtitle

The last recommendation for popular subtitle fonts is Impact. This font uses bold letters so it is suitable for video subtitles that want to convey a statement emphatically. 

The Impact is still included in the san serif class, so the design is simple and has very good legibility. The letters of the Impact font are designed to be elongated, so it doesn’t look cramped.

Have You Found the Best Fonts for Subtitle That You Want?

Those are the 7 recommended fonts for subtitles that you can choose because they have good readability and design. If you are curious about other interesting and unique fonts, visit the official website of Creatype Studio. You will find a wide variety of amazing fonts for more artistic and unique typography.

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