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Get Your Free UI Inspiration from Screenlane


Designing a User Interface (UI) determines the success or failure of your website, so using references is encouraged. Screenlane is a great online library of UI designs, a perfect source for beginner and advanced web designers alike. You can use this online resource to ensure better usability for your webpage or app.

What is Screenlane?


Screenlane is a web-based online resource that features the best UI designs. Each submission is featured in a large icon that leads you to more screenshots from the design source. The design catalog comes in a wide range of types, from marketing websites to mobile app.

Screenlane was designed as a one-stop resource for designers who need daily inspiration. There are options to view design catalogs for both the UI and the page flow. Users are also encouraged to submit their inspirations by using the Submit link.

Features of Screenlane

Screenlane offers a filtering system to help users finding the best references for their design needs. Grouped in a neat menu listing, the filtering system offers five options, which are:

1. Platforms


Screen Shot 2021 08 07 at 9.16.48 PM e1628345841974

The Platform filtering system provides options for landing pages, web apps, and iOS apps. Each resulting icon is featured with the actual layout images and extra screenshots.

2. Screens



The Screens filtering system helps you find designs based on the users’ goals. You can find screen designs based on functions like Pricing, Integration, Landing Page, About, Account, Download, Delivery Options, Affiliates, and many more.

3. Elements



The Elements filtering system works just as the name suggests. It is useful for finding designs based on functional elements like Activity Feed, Categories, Buy Buttons, Filter, Playlist, Preview, Menu, Gallery, and many more.

4. Product Categories


Screen Shot 2021 08 07 at 9.21.16 PM e1628346109166

Creating a functional website requires designers to understand the goal, especially in commercial websites. Product Categories helps filter the design catalog based on products like e-commerce, music, analytic, design tool, insurance, health, media, personal finance, photography, and many more.

5. Products


Screen Shot 2021 08 07 at 9.22.22 PM e1628346173924

The Products filtering system allows you to find designs based on specific brands or website names. Screenlane so far has provided UI screenshots from names such as BBC iPlayer, Canva, Disney+, Dropbox, Etsy, Microsoft Outlook, Houzz, Spotify, and many more.

Benefits of Using Screenlane

Need daily inspiration for your web or app design projects? Screenlane is a convenient source for design ideas. The web-based source offers large screenshot images and a drop-down menu, complete with a simple filtering system. You can find many references to make specific designs.

Screenlane’s simplicity comes with a convenient Search box in the filter menu. Since the dropdown menu has so many options, you can use the box to look for specific design elements, types, or functions. Creating customized web or app design is easier with these simple features.

Beginner designers do not need to rely on questionable design examples. All the screenshots from Screenlane come from notable websites and apps. They are known for offering high-quality UI and UX designs, perfect for the design inspiration you need. You can also contribute to the community by submitting your own examples of screenshot UI designs.

Creating a functional website or app requires a good understanding of UI. Find your inspiration from the best websites. Use Screenlane catalog as your supporting tool to find design ideas.

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