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25 Cool Retro Fonts to Level Up Your Vintage Inspired Designs

There is no better way than employing a retro font to add a nostalgic, timeless feel to a vintage-inspired design. Some may say it’s a thing of the past. Still, its versatility and distinctive vibe make vintage design style remain a favorite among graphic designers. 

With plenty of font choices, it could sometimes be a bit overwhelmed. Fortunately, we have a collection of retro-styled fonts which you can opt for to bring the best vintage touch out of your design project. Pick your best font from the following list.

        1. Kalamaya Retro Funk
        2. Quigley Wiggly
        3. Vantage
        4. Pangharsa
        5. Candy Inc.
        6. Vinttadge
        7. Coolvetica
        8. Quinlliyk
        9. Klassik Style
        10. Advertising Script
        11. Tropikana
        12. Streetwear
        13. Jealousy
        14. Gading Retro
        15. Bulletto Killa
        16. Antipathy
        17. Underground
        18. Jabbotabek
        19. Rontrelan
        20. Luckiest Guy
        21. The Quest
        22. Mr Dafoe
        23. Whisholder
        24. Rampage
        25. Grenadier

Kalamaya Retro Funk

Kalamaya_Cover 1

Let’s start the list with this retro-styled font that features a twist of contemporary. Kalamaya is created by a professional with years of experience in graphic design. This results in a font that is just fantastic to work with. Inspired by the mid-60s psychedelic movement, the font is versatile with tons of features to brush up on any of your projects. 

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Quigley Wiggly

quigleywiggly font 1 big

Quigley Wiggly may sound a bit goofy, but its look is far from what its name indicates. Yet still, you will get a hefty dose of fun the font has to offer. It comes in bold style with some handwriting characteristics, perfect for a title font of any promotional endeavor you might be running. 

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Vantage_Cover 1

Here comes another expertly designed retro font strongly influenced by the psychedelic art movement that could be one of your go-to fonts. Vantage features a bold letter design with a quirky vintage typography style that will go along well with any of your creative works. The font also includes tons of alternates and ligatures to provide ease of use. 

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Pangharsa_Cover 1

If you love cursive handwriting, you can never go wrong with Pangharsa font. This monoline typeface is inspired by the aesthetic of orthodox western culture with a twist of retro, making it look as natural as ever. An excellent option for incorporating a vintage vibe into any of your design projects. 

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Candy Inc.

candy inc font 4 big

Introducing Candy Inc., a retro brush font designed in a calligraphic handwritten style. Its swash style can help you convey rough themes in any medium it’s employed on. You can include this in your font repertoire just in case your boss assigns you to create creative projects that require a solid touch of rustic. Also, it’s totally free for personal use.

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1 Cover 7

Vinttadge could be your type of font should you need one to add a vintage touch to your latest project. This bold script font is unlike the others, for it mixes the looks of vintage with retro-styled typography. Equipped with a complete set of ligatures, alternates, and glyphs, this retro font is one of the most versatile choices on the list. Download it, and you will find out how easy it is to mix and match the provided characters.  

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coolvetica e scaled 1

Think about Helvetica font but with funky style; that’s precisely what this Coolvetica font is. This sans serif typeface is designed with the strong influence of American logo designs popular in the 70s. If you need a typeface for titles and headings, this bold and funky font can meet the demand. Of course, it’s not recommended to compose the book’s body text, for it will make your content appear crowded.

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Quinllyk_Cover 1

When it comes to design and style, the 60s and 70s are like the good ‘old days. Many of today’s design works are even inspired by the aesthetics of those eras. Quinllyik is one of the various bold fonts that gives off the look of retro style in the 60s to 70s. It has thick lines and curvy ends, making it even more special for all your vintage-inspired design works. 

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Klassik Style

klassik style

What better way than employing Klassik font to make an innovative product have a classic vibe? This bold retro font falls under the script typeface category that is ideal for digital or print designs. A bunch of glyphs, alternates, and ligatures are contained within the font pack. Additionally, it works well in most-used design programs like Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop, as well as on Microsoft Word. 

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Advertising Script

Advertising Script

As the name indicates, Advertising Script is a typeface designed in a script style. If you require a vintage font with a brush script look, this one could be your best option. The full version of this typeface covers a complete set of ligatures and alternates, making it versatile to use.

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vintage font

Next up, we have Tropikana—a retro monoline font with a full range of alternates and ligatures. Its slender line and groovy ends in some of the characters are perfect for headlines and titles. Go grab it, and you’ll see how solid the vibe it could bring to your projects.

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streetwear font 8 big

Got a streetwear clothing line business? You cannot go wrong with this Streetwear font to create a vintage-looking design. This retro font is heavily inspired by the fashion style of the 60s to 70s. It’s great to add a fun, unique character to many of your vintage-styled projects.

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Jealousy_Cover 1

Jealousy is a type of font that will make your business competitor jealous of the striking look of your work of art. Its design is inspired by the 70s album covers and posters of music. Undoubtedly a perfect selection for crafting company logos, book covers, product packaging, badges, and many other fun projects.

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Gading Retro

1 Cover 9

Gading Retro is another script font on the list that could be your best choice. It’s expertly crafted to bring the best style of the 60s to 70s artworks to life. Its bold and classic aesthetics create a stunning diversity and unity in its letters. An ideal option for branding purposes that require a natural touch of handwriting.

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Bulletto Killa

bulletto killa font 1 big

In need of bold display font to design retro-inspired logos? Then, you may rely on this Bulletto Killa retro font. It comes with connecting characters, a large x-height, and a mild slant, which are the features of a font for headlines and logotypes. Also, it provides swashes, ligatures, and alternates that you can mix and match.

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1 Cover 16

Antipathy is one of the perfect examples that vintage font doesn’t always have to be bold and chunky. This one has a rough texture like that type of font in a stamp. Definitely perfect for adding a grunge vibe to any print or digital design project. The good thing is that it works with no hassle on both Mac and PC.

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underground font 1 big

Underground is another awesome font on this recommendation list that is great to work with. Particularly so if you require a vintage font with minimum embellishment. It’s an excellent font option for body text, thanks to its standard letterforms that can help in promoting legibility and readability.

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vintage font

Jabbotabek is another attractive retro font that comes with monoline characters. Each letter has its own swashes to accentuate your project’s personality. It includes many features, including glyphs, alternates, ligatures, multilingual support, and many more. Also, it supports ease of installation. 

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vintage font

Are you feeling a bit artsy? This lets your creativity flow further with this Rontrelan font. This hand-drawn font has a naturally rough look which can be perfectly fitted for many design works. Give this cool font a go to make your project has a lasting impression. 

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Luckiest Guy

luckiest guy font 1 big

Luckiest Guy is a heavyweight font created with the influence of the 50s’ ad designs. Despite being a sans serif typeface, this font appears friendly once applied in either print or digital design work. It can still promote legibility if used for short body text. Give it a try and see how it works in your project!

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The Quest

1 Cover 1

The Quest is the answer to your quest for a font incorporating classic and contemporary ambiance in a design project. Unlike the other conventional options, it’s a perfect retro font for making your projects have a character. From corporates to small business needs, every old-school-inspired project can be tackled with The Quest.

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Mr Dafoe

mr dafoe font 1 big

If you desire the authentic look of hand lettering in today’s font, Mr Dafoe is what you’re looking for. Inspired by the handwriting of the 30s, this brush font offers bold characters with several features that can easily help you convey your intended message to the target audience.

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960x350 Whisholder

Up for something different? Whisholder is a retro, vintage font equipped with exquisite decorative elements. All these were heavily inspired by works of art popular in the Victorian era. It looks bold and solid, making it exceptional for all sorts of projects. Also, it comes in a ready-to-use vector design.

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Rampage Preview 1

Can’t get enough of the retro font in monoline style? This Rampage typeface can be an addition to your go-to vintage script fonts. It’s designed to show off the sweet character of your design. Suppose you aspire to have a final design with a stunning and elegant look. In that case, this font is more than sufficient to visualize it.

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grenadier font 1 big

Let’s end this recommendation list with Grenadier. This vintage font will be a unique fit for any design project at your disposal. The font features straight lines, subtle curves, medium height, and various detailed elements. It’s a font that is worth a shot.

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So, which retro font fits your design project requirements? While you won’t be running out of vintage font options, we greatly hope the list above assisted you in narrowing down the overwhelming typeface choices. 

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