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Unlock Endearing 21 Kids Fonts to Polish Up Your Design

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Working on design projects for children seems easy but not as easy as you imagine. You don’t just combine adorable design elements, but make sure you choose the right font to enhance readability. Try to choose a kids fonts that doesn’t use a lot of ornaments but is still lovely and fun to look at!

You can find the best font recommendations for children’s project designs by reading this article.

21 Fonts for Kids to Embellish Your Fun Desain

Adorable typography with excellent legibility is a significant point that you must apply when creating designs for children. Let’s give the following recommendations a shot!

1. Brownies

Brownies Fun Children Font

Liven up your design for a birthday party or other children’s occasion by applying the Brownies font. This font with a soft brush stroke display is quite simple but gives a cheerful and joyful feel.

2. Lazzy Dog

Lazzy Dog Display Font

Consider using the Lazzy Dog font to create poster designs for fun events or merchandise for kids. The quirky letter design can present a lively and ecstatic ambiance.

3. Kidstation

Kidstation Children Font

The perfect kids font for kindergarten design projects is Kidstation since the letters with hand brush stroke display are easy for children to read. Simple ligatures and swashes make the typography look more cheerful and perky.

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4. Searghy

Searghy Fun Kids Font

Font inspiration that is suitable for children’s clothing lines or other children’s projects is Searghy. Children can read text effortlessly since this font has loose kerning and minimally ornamental letters.

5. Hailyland

Hailyland Fun Children Font

You can try applying the Hailyland font to create children’s menu designs, birthday party invitations, or book covers. Also, its supple lines and strokes give a dynamic vibe. 

6. Kinderland

Kinderland Fun Children Font

Another best kids font choice for creating various children’s designs is Kinderland. Since Kinderland does not use swashes and ligatures, the display looks tidy and clean, adorable for any kind of design project with fun or children theme. 

7. Manoline

Manoline Fun Children Font

The relatively smaller size of the letter O in the lowercase will make the design look amusing and singular. You can utilize the Manoline font for kids’ occasions and branding design projects.

8. Beattle

Beattle Fun Children Font

The Beattle font can be an engaging option with its chunky letter design. Moreover, Beattle also comes with comprehensive features.

9. Little Jack

Little Jack Playful Display Font

Bringing a personal touch to the kids event design will be more exciting if you use the Little Jack font. This kids font letter design gives the vibe of taking notes using child-style handwriting.

10. Hellobay

Hellobay Fun Children Font

Bring excitement and a lively ambiance by applying the Hellobay font! This typeface design that is bulging at the top and slim at the bottom looks adorable for display design.

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11. Kidsjone

Kidsjone Fun For Kids Font

Are you looking for font ideas for children’s flyers, posters, and brochures? The Kidsjone font fits the need because it has comprehensive features and a winsome font design.

12. Bedtime Story

Bedtime Story Display Fun Font

Let’s give the Bedtime Story font a whirl to create a professional and appealing commercial design for children’s projects! Alternate characters and 32 ligatures will pep up your typographic display.

13. Kiddo Park

Kidos ParkFun Children Font

Are you wondering how to present adorable and playful designs for children? Well, Kiddos Park font would be a great choice. This hand-drawn kids font has a lovely descender swash.

14. Yearbook

Yearbook Joyful Brush Font

It is possible to create joyful but also artistic children’s designs using the Yearbook font. This display of letters that look like brushstrokes is suitable for book covers, clothing lines, or even posters.

15. Wiggley

Wigglye Joy and Fun Font

You can present a personal hand-drawn taste by applying the Wiggley font. The sweeping lines on the outside of the letters also give a mischievous, kinda fun and childlike feel.

16. Crully Cute

Crully Cute Kids Font

If your design project is specifically for little girls or babies, try using the Crully Cute font. Its curly and wavy letters will make your design irresistible!

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17. Back to School

Back to School a Handwritten Font

Back to School is a kids handwriting font that is suitable for worksheets, book covers, or posters since it has excellent readability.

18. Banana

Banana Fun Display Font

If you are looking for a simple yet adorable font, then the Banana font is a good option. This font is suitable for flashcards, workbooks, or book covers since it’s designed without swashes and ornaments, less letter strokes contrast, and harmonious weight. 

19. Simple Handmade

Simple Handmade a Minimalis Handwritten Font

The Simple Handmade font is worth trying for kids’ projects. This lovely and simple design collaboration has perfect readability for various children’s themes and fun designs, both as heading or body text. 

20. Kiddies

Kiddiess Funny Brush Font

Another funny font that will enliven your design is Kiddiess. Along with that, brush strokes will provide a unique artistic taste.

21. Chillyk

Chillyk Display Fun Font

Your craft project will stand out if you apply the Chillyk font. For a more adorable design, combine the regular letterforms with its ligatures and alternative characters.

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How to Use the Recommended Kids Fonts?

Ultimately, you can use all the recommended kids font above for free for personal use. However, for commercial designs, you need to buy a license by visiting the official Creatypestudio website. You can get lots of font inspiration and interest at an affordable yet worthwhile price!

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