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Top 11 Graphic Design Trends 2024 for an Unmatched Portfolio

nordwood themes ubIWo074QlU unsplash

The upcoming graphic design trends 2024 will give you fresh and inspiring ideas for design. Take this chance to explore your art style more deeply. You can also boost the publicity by adapting the current trends to your design project. So, let’s dig further into design trends in 2024!

11 Inspiring Graphic Design Trends 2024

Check the following eleven graphic design trends to upgrade your art design collection in 2024! 

1. Minimalism

Minimalist Billboard Design Trend for 2024

Minimalism design is well-known for highlighting simplicity. It could convey strong imagery, like clean lines, readable typography, and limited color palettes. As a result, the design brings clarity and straightforwardness that could rise among many flashy designs.  

Minimalism intends to seek an impact through minimal graphic element use. That’s why establishing harmony between all elements like shapes, colors, and negative spaces is the vital point of minimalist design. 

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2. Maximalism

Maximalism Poster Design

While the minimalistic design remains popular, the designers would also look for alternatives aside from the mainstream one. Therefore, maximalism make its way to the list of graphic design trends 2024

As a counterpoint to minimalism, maximalism ignores every aspect of simplicity and boundaries. Consequently, it tends to be more loud and expressive in its design. The design is recognizable for its quirky illustrations, oversaturation colors, and overfilling spaces.

3. Surrealism

The Surreliast Photo Concept

Surrealism art is known for its dreamlike composition that blurs the line between reality and imagination. Projecting your strangest dream into beautiful art is what surrealism does. Sometimes, the design can be absurd and creepy. 

Surrealistic design allows artists to explore their imagination deeply and liberate themselves from rational thinking. On top of that, it encourages the audience to interpret the emotion and meaning of the design. 

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4. Hand-Drawn Illustration

Hand-drawn Logo Design by So Nice Design

The hand-drawn illustrations could be one of the prominent design trends 2024 graphic. With its quirky style, you could make a design that stands out. Additionally, this style will let you define your art style and trademark for people to recognize you.

5. Brutalism

The Brutalism illustration by Thomas Hardwick

Brutalism is almost similar to minimalism. Both of them use a minimal approach to create designs. However, brutalism tends to be more “adventurous” and practical rather than aesthetic. 

Since the style conveys a utilitarian feel, most design has a simple and blocky appearance. It also lacks ornament and decorations with a monochrome design, yet the result is beautiful.

6. Dynamic Typography

Typography design by Dingbat Co.

Few credible references mentioned that typography has a big chance to be hit by graphic design trends 2024 since it is an essential aspect of design. Playing around with words can be fun yet also challenging. 

In fact, you must be considerate of the size, color, layout, and style of fonts to create innovative and unique typography designs. There are various types of fonts you can try to create awesome designs. In addition, if you need fonts, you can always check on Creatype Studio.

7. Anti-Design

Anti-design poster by Joe Fang

Asymmetry, overlaid and crowded texts, clashing colors, and mismatched elements are something you will see in anti-design. Anti-design rejects traditional aesthetics to challenge something more fresh and innovative layouts. 

8. Diversity and Inclusivity

Diversity illustration

As a tool for visual communication, graphic design can present the diversity of various cultures and communities. Moreover, this trend would be a good starting point to share inclusivity and peaceful messages for people. 

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9. Y2K

Y2K illustration by Yuliya Pauliukevich

The “Year 2000” or Y2K portrays the phenomenon, style, and atmosphere in the 2000s. The popularity of Y2K has been rising for the last five years. As a result, this style is also an arguably great graphic design trends 2024

Y2K is related to the millennial era. The style is distinctive for its glittering, futuristic, cyber-obsessed, and angsty teenager. Consequently, Y2K is so popular, especially for millennials who like to feel nostalgia. 

The popularity of Y2K for the last five years

The popularity of Y2K for the last five years

10. Eco-Friendly 

Eco-friendly illustration

An eco-friendly design could have a massive impact on 2024 graphic design trends. This trend is not only for aesthetics but also to raise awareness of environmental issues. 

Furthermore, the design would also affect your audiences, especially for purchasing product design. In fact, the customer would likely change their purchasing habit to contribute to helping the environment.

11. AI Technology

AI-generated illustration

The current concern in the art and design community is AI technology. Many designers show their disapproval of AI by proving that they are irreplaceable with their art. Meanwhile, others embrace it and use it to boost their design. 

What do you think? Will you refuse AI or cooperate with it? 

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Boost Your Art with Graphic Design Trends 2024!

The graphic design trends 2024 can be your milestones to improve your skills. Think of this as a challenge to understand various themes and styles you might encounter in designing. 

As with many design styles you might encounter, you’ll need a proper design element as well, for example, font. Fonts are crucial to aid your design. Peek at the Creatype Studio font collection to spice up your trendy graphic designs!

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