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Top 10 Freelance Website for Graphic Designers, Check Them Out!

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Wonder which one is the most suitable freelance website for graphic designer? Don’t overthink, just scroll through the curated list for your consideration! 

10 Leading Websites for Graphic Designers

Without further ado, here is the top 10 list you must know. Take a closer look! 

1. Toptal

  • Advantages: connecting vetted and approved clients with the best graphic designer talents. Offers extensive tools for efficient and smooth project management from collaboration, progress, task monitoring, and tracking to the payment gateway in the platform. Job boards are open so that clients can reach out to potential candidates according to their requirements. 
  • How to join: freelance graphic designers should apply and demonstrate their skill sets (via an online screening test or portfolio), a live session on problem-solving, and a test through a project assignment. Transparency guaranteed. 
  • Pricing: totally free for accepted freelance graphic designers. 

2. Fiverr

  • Advantages: customizable project and gigs specification, package and also starting price according to the concerned freelancer, up to $995. Provides integrated payments, and numerous kinds of graphic design projects from brochure and logo designs to website designing as well. 
  • How to join: graphic designers do not have to apply and undergo a ‘recruitment’ process. 
  • Pricing: flat fee for each transaction is 20%.

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3. Dribble

  • Advantages: daily and up-to-date project board with filters based on keywords, skill sets, and project budget, provide opportunities for freelancers, part-timers, or full-timers in various levels. One of the top-notch graphic designer’s websites
  • How to join: freelance graphic designers do not need to apply to join the platform. However, it is essential to create an excellent Dribble profile account with a proven portfolio to get the best potential project.
  • Pricing: limited features within the free plan. Paid plan starts from $5 to $15 monthly. Hence, it grants graphic designers access to a private Project Board, a “Hire Me” button feature, and sells your products and services.  

4. Freelancer.com 

  • Advantages: great choice for beginner freelance graphic designers with limited portfolios in hands. Offering abundant ways to organize and disseminate their portfolio. In addition, they provide a smooth procedure to solve disagreements between freelance graphic designers with their clients. 
  • How to join: Newbies can join this platform without going through the approval process. 
  • Pricing: free plan is accessible to get 15 bids monthly, paid plans cost between $4.95 to $69.95 monthly. Additional monthly allowance on bids, eligibility, and skills for Preferred Freelancer. Besides, Service Providers share their profit for 20% on each project they finish. 

5. Behance

  • Advantages: the opportunity to expand your networking (not only with clients) with other graphic design fellows. This website allows you to find job opportunities around the globe based on expertise and talents. Moreover, you can share your work, and manage the project from the initial phase to payment all by yourself. 
  • How to join: To join this freelance website for graphic designer, you only need to create a Behance account at no cost at all. Otherwise, you need to display your impactful portfolio on your profile to establish better credibility and get broader exposure to potential clients.
  • Pricing: Totally FREE.

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6. Designhill

  • Advantages: job opportunities based on graphic design contests are their focal point, and you’ll be guided by professionals. An in-house team will review the graphic designer’s profiles and portfolios to join the team and work on an accepted project. Furthermore, designers can sell their productized items along with their designs.
  • How to join: An application is required if you want to sell products alongside your service. Otherwise, no approval is needed in the beginning. 
  • Pricing: The website service is free for freelancers. Commissions are on the clients. 

7. Upwork

  • Advantages: dedicated payment system, built-in time tracking to track the working time, collaborative communication tools, and other handy features to market your services, get fitted clients, and manage the project. 
  • How to join: No approval is required to join this one of the best freelance websites. Still, you need to complete a certification program to get the “Expert-Vetted talent” to build better credibility. 
  • Pricing: The platform charges you a service-based fee with a different percentage range. 20% for the first $500, 10% for billings between $500.01 – $10,000, and 5% for billing > $10,000. 

8. 99Design 

  • Advantages: the platform does the matching clinic between you and a potential client using your portfolio. You can also choose to participate in a graphic design contest or work 1-on-1 with clients, and you can bring your existing client. Hence, 99Desigb handles invoicing and project management for freelance graphic designers. 
  • How to join: Application required, freelance graphic designers will be ranked from Entry, Mid, and Top level. 
  • Pricing: Introduction fee at $100 when you start a project with a new client (spread out over the first $500 charges), platform fee for every project ranges between $5 to %15. 

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9. The Design Crowd

  • Advantages: as one of the dedicated websites for graphic designers, this platform allows freelance graphic designers to choose 1-on-1 projects, mini-contest, and contests to get their projects. Freelance graphic designers can expand their exposure by connecting with clients across the world. 
  • How to join: Only registration is needed. 
  • Pricing: Sign up at no cost. The commission fee based on the payment the freelance graphic designers get is 15%. 

10. People per Hour

  • Advantages: great place to find ‘generous’ clients from around the world.  Benefits from AI to do the matching clinic, while freelancers can expose their portfolios, posting their rates, and service types.
  • How to join: Application and approval are required. 
  • Pricing: free for 15 proposals monthly. Paid additional credit available. 3.5% – 20% service-based fee according to lifetime billing/client.

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Earn Money through Freelance Website for Graphic Designer

All and all, each freelance graphic designer’s website has its own advantages and downsides. Thus, you need to weigh up your budget, the support they provide, and the approach they offer to get you a job before choosing. Or else, you can try to apply to as many as possible. 

Once you get the grip, you can build your own website to market your product and services, just like Creatype Studio. Check out the extensive range of versatile fonts here!

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