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Graphic Design Work from Home: Be a Professional by Yourself

young graphic designer working office

So you want to pursue a career as a remote graphic designer? The good news is that the opportunity for graphic design work from home is open nowadays. Yet, you do have to prepare and suit yourself with this new behavior. This article will help you to gain insight into making your mark with remote working.

How to Handle Graphic Design Work from Home?

Even though graphic design seems a promising job, there is more effort than you think. You should be ready to put in your time and effort and know how to connect with people. Therefore, you need to know how to handle this remote job properly. That way, you can be ready to be a professional designer.

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1. Learn the Fundamental Design

Although you do not need formal education to be a graphic designer, you still need proper knowledge about the fundamentals. In this case, you must learn design principles like color, hierarchy, contrast, balance, and proportion. Besides, you must know how to apply those principles to your work.

Various tutorials and online courses could help you improve your knowledge. You can also invest more knowledge with books. Moreover, working on personal projects not only boost your skill but also your portfolio. 

Design practicing

2. Get the Right Tools and Equipment

Graphic design work from home requires proper tools and equipment. Since you are working individually, you are the one who prepares everything for work. For example, you need a laptop with suitable specifications and a good pen tablet for designing. You may need a printer to check the sizing.

Furthermore, you might also need working facilitation that makes you comfortable to work, such as a chair, desk, and even Spotify for tunes. 

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3. Invest in the Right Software

Although many designers broadly use software like Photoshop and Illustrator, they are most likely expensive. Suppose you are just starting your career as a designer. You can invest in alternative software, like CorelDraw, Veectezy, and Inkscape.

Once you are ready for the next level of design, buying robust software can be sufficient. 

4. Make Your Personal Project and Portfolio

A portfolio can be essential to your career, especially for graphic design work from home. An engaging portfolio can convict the potential client to purchase your service. You may include any design you’ve created as your portfolio, such as sample logos, web designs, video content, and any side project. 

Consider creating a website or social media to boost your online presence. You can include your portfolio on your website. Besides, the website will help you market your service with engaging content.

As a result, your audience could see and interact with your content. Thus, it may also attract potential clients.

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5. Set Up Your Home Office

Freelance graphic design work can take a lot of time, hard work, and motivation. Therefore, setting up a comfortable environment is essential to make you focus on working. There is no rule about setting up your home office. Thus, you can build your room as you desire. 

Moreover, you can add some personal things to keep you motivated, such as inspiring books. Also, keep your room clean and uncluttered so you can stay focused. The point is to make you comfortable and relaxed.

Designer with a comfortable workplace

6. Be Disciplined and Organised

When you work at home, it means there’s no one holding your shoulder. The one who can control your workflow is you. Be thoughtful when doing your job because no one will keep you on track, but yourself. 

Consider making a schedule to keep everything organized. With a schedule, you can manage your work efficiently. However, don’t push yourself too hard! Take regular breaks to replenish your stamina.

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Where to Find Opportunity to Kick Start Graphic Design Work from Home?

jooble logo

If you prefer a remote job, a freelancing website is a good place to find the job. There are several websites where you can apply as a remote graphic designer,  like Jooble. This web will provide you with the best freelance graphic design work. Jooble gives detailed information about the job, including the requirements and payment.

You just need to search for the specific job you want to apply. Then, the website will show the result. When you find the job you want to apply for, click on it to see the detailed information. 

However, since Jooble doesn’t support applying for a remote job, you need another way to apply for the job. The website will redirect you to another website where the job is posted. 

Through that website, you can check the qualifications, price, and validity of the job. But, don’t hesitate to use the website to find vast opportunity and kickstart you freelance projects as graphic design work from home immediately!

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