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30 Best Canva Font: An Ultimate Resource for Every Graphic Designer

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Fonts are more than simply letters. They tell a lot about you or your brand and aid in transmitting particular messages and emotions. Fonts can help you get the appearance and feel you want, whether you’re developing a logo, a business card, a website, or a birthday card. Luckily, you’ve got a great place where you can access fonts for free, like Canva. Not only graphics and colors, but Canva also provides Canva font that will surely boost your design.

Why we need good fonts in our design

Typography is the art of organizing type fonts to make written material legible and visually appealing by choosing typefaces, font sizes, and space between letters and lines of text.

Fonts are an essential aspect of a brand’s visual identity. Choosing the appropriate typeface for a design may make or break the message you’re attempting to convey.

On the other hand, using a distinct yet consistent collection of typefaces across all of your marketing pieces distinguishes you from competitors. In a market filled with visual stimuli, you must ensure that customers notice your brand right away.

Last but not least, legibility is as important as aesthetics. Using a clear typeface and adequate space may make reading a complex paragraph way easier. More powerful typefaces, on the other hand, can draw attention to a piece of material.

Fonts, like the colors of the rainbow, have a plethora of possibilities. So, how do you pick the best fonts? And why is this significant? All of these questions will be addressed in the next essay. We’ve compiled a list of 30 Canva fonts to try in 2021, as well as suggestions on how to utilize them in your creations.

1. Themysion

canva font

This is a handwritten calligraphy font with really lovely letter strokes designed by Creatype studio. Themysion is incredibly attractive and suitable for wedding invites because of the curled terminal lines in the capital letters.

2. Alegreya Sans HT

alegreya sans SyhSj9

Don’t be hesitant to employ a single typeface throughout your whole brand. Finding fonts with style variants, such as Alegreya Sans Ht, is a brilliant approach to add subtlety to your designs without overcomplicating them. Offering 28 fonts within one typeface, this design is a serif that looks like a heading and easy-to-read body material.

3. Gistesy

canva font

Gistesy Signature is a highly elegant and refined typeface with brushed curves. The combination of italic and normal fonts creates a lovely and feminine impression. The typeface is trendy, but not so much so that it is difficult to read. It’s sophisticated and modest.

4. Stilu Open Source Typeface


Gistesy Signature is a sans serif typeface ideal for body text. The typeface performs nicely as a header when used in bold. The typeface’s enlarged x-height enhances the font’s already well-condensed look.

To make it look perfect, use smart spacing between your ascenders and descenders to put text to provide subtlety.

5. Twister

canva font

Twister is a fantastic typeface for a wedding or invitation design. The design produces a harmonic hierarchy worthy of a spectacle.

Color can have a big impact on how your fonts look—for example, the gentle tones from the sky in the background image above have been employed wonderfully to soften the text.

6. Aileron

aileron 01 e1624336825785

Aileron is a classic typeface with powerful arches and curves that may be used to distinguish your headings, subheadings, and body material. The text should be placed in geometric, contrasting areas of your backdrop image for this Canva font to look perfect on design.

7. Brittany

Brittany Signature_Cover 1 1

Brittany is a contemporary cursive typeface that is delicate and feminine. It features clean and fine lines, making it ideal for wedding cards. This is a handwritten typeface with a delicate cursive style. It has no slant and would look fantastic in logos or invites.

8. BONN Free Type 3 Weights

Screen Shot 2021 06 22 at 11.42.07 AM

Villa created BONN, but it was never utilized. So they’re offering this Canva font to you in the hopes that you’ll make something wonderful out of it. BONN includes capital and small letters, numbers, and punctuation. The kerning is rather tight, but you can raise the letterspacing. BONN is now available in three different weights. This typeface is great for logotypes, headers, and posters, as well as general use.

9. Halimun

canva font

This Canva font has a new modern and fresh script with a handwritten and script style that makes it seem elegant, natural, trendy, and suitable for any fantastic project.

Halimun is ideal for photography, watermarking, social media posts, ads, logos & branding, invitations, product designs, labels, stationery, special events, and anything else that requires a handwritten touch.

10. Sansita

c471e826734373.5ccdf54524ce4 e1624337072159

Sansita is a diverse typeface family with six weight variants and corresponding italics. As Sansita explores the boundaries between typography, calligraphy, and lettering, each stroke weight has its own fascination. It’s great for any brief text that’s bound to catch someone’s attention. Because of its strong uppercases, it is an ideal option for branding.

Pablo Cosgaya created it with the help of Ana Sanfelippo and the Omnibus-Type Team.

11. Mistrully

canva font

Mistrully is a fashion-forward brush script created from natural handwriting and enhanced with distinctive swashes to help your project stand out.

Mistrully is ideal for branding projects, logos, wedding designs, social media posts, commercials, product packaging, product designs, labels, photography, watermarks, invitations, stationery, and any other projects that require a handwritten touch.

12. Archivo Narrow

4b3ddf26368789.5aed3cb0acb37 e1624337163317

Héctor Gatti created Archivo Narrow to be utilized in both print and digital formats. The font’s technical and visual properties are both designed for high-performance typography. Omnibus-Archivo Type’s is a grotesque sans serif typeface family. This Canva typeface was created to be used for highlights and headlines.

13. Porcelain

canva font

Porcelain is a hand-lettered sans serif font with a modest dip-pen texture that adds a personal touch.

With sharp and clean lines, this Canva font has a very minimalistic, elegant tone. The splash of color adds to the excitement and allows the typeface to take center stage in any design. Porcelain is ideal for titles and little text.

14. Reef Free Font

reefo font 1 e1624337311431

Reef is a large brush script font featuring a variety of linking letterforms. It contrasts wonderfully with the strong and more simple Canva fonts, both sans serif and serif.

Script fonts offer attractive, enriched short headers. Too many words are difficult to read. Therefore, restrict your script application to a minimum amount of words.

15. Brandsquest

canva font

Brandsquest Canva font can make your text look as natural as possible with strong ligatures and a comprehensive range of lowercase alternatives. It may be used for headlines, signatures, product packaging, greeting cards, branding, wedding and cards, and a variety of other things.

16. Sinkin Sans

sinkinsans_box e1624337412597

Sinkin Sans is a simple, easy-to-read sans-serif that comes in all nine standard web weights, 100 to 900, including italics. Sinkin Sans has small, unobtrusive notches that descend into verticals at stroke intersections, providing highlights to crowded corners. Sinkin Sans was designed to be the web font for the K-Type site revamp, and it is freely available under the Apache 2.0 license.

17. Sabertooth

canva font

Sabertooth is a delicate new handwritten script typeface that is intended to appeal to modern shoppers. It has a relaxed, contemporary look with dry brush strokes and a distinct style. It may be used for element designs, weddings, events, t-shirts, logos, badges, stickers, and other purposes.

18. League Spartan

Screen Shot 2021 06 22 at 11.51.41 AM e1624337539998

This is a new classic Canva font: a bold, contemporary, sans serif that has no qualms about kicking its opponents in the chest. Loud and proud.

It began with a single heavyweight, drawing heavily on ATF’s legendary Spartan family. After that, the developer added a few unique touches to a gorgeous, historical typeface and included a large character set – now comprising over 300 glyphs.

19. Wintter

canva font

The Wintter typeface provides a touch of elegance and rhythm. It is ideal for logotypes, garment design, letterheads, and many other applications. This Canva font also includes a variety of variant ligature styles, discretionary ligatures, and an extra swash font. These abilities will help you quickly create unique design projects such as lettering or handcrafted typography.

20. Rakesakesly

rakesly_fp 950x475 1

Rakesly is a typeface family that includes both sans serif and display sans styles. Typodermic Fonts Inc. released this typeface in twelve variations. It was created to provide hand-drawn logos and branding ideas with a personal touch. This typeface is ideal for branding, wedding designs, cards, and messages.

21. Gaston

canva font

Creatype Studio’s Gaston & Jacklyn Canva font typeface incorporates geometric elements with a vintage style. Several alternate glyphs for many letters, multilingual support, ligatures, and standard numerals are all included in contextual and stylistic alternatives, starting and final forms. Furthermore, its lowercase letters will make you fall back in love with cursive handwriting.

22. Atzur Free Type Family

Screen Shot 2021 06 22 at 11.55.48 AM e1624337782358

Atzur Pro is a Canva font with a little contrast. Initially, it represents typography traditionally influenced but with a drop and ends that make it more contemporary and unique. Atzur Pro boasts large, strong fonts that will catch anyone’s attention in an instant. It is ideal for headers and cover pages.

23. Rattiar

canva font

Rattiar is the Canva font of your dreams. This high-quality typeface is both adaptable and tastefully attractive. Use for headlines, logotype, branding, packaging, and short text runs. This handcrafted typeface is simple and elegant, with clean lines. Rattiar will pair wonderfully with many typefaces and function well with any project you’re working on, making it ideal for attractive logos and titles.

24. Aicubierre Typeface


Arial, Helvetica, and Franklin Gothic are some well-known sans serif fonts. However, employing standard sans serif fonts might result in bland, unoriginal, and uninspiring outcomes.

Alcubierre is a great typeface to keep on hand if you need to renew or expand your font library. This Canva font features a sleek look that matches well with any of your design project.

25. Judthing

canva font

Judthing is a natural hand brush Canva font that looks current and elegant and will be ideal for any project.

Judthing is ideal for photos, watermarking, social media posts, ads, logos & branding, invitations, product designs, special events, stationery, wedding, packaging, and anything else that requires a handwritten touch.

26. Choplin


Choplin font is a new Canva font for Instagram that is suitable for your branding and promotional materials needs. It will be your next creative partner-in-crime for the task.

With an amazing traditional style and edgy curves, the style blends nicely with any type of design, from automotive to luxury cafés to mural arts, you can have it all!

27. Barcelona 2

canva font

Barcelona is a playful and spontaneous hand-lettered typeface that is informal and trendy.

Barcelona typeface contains all you need to create a unique personal identity. Prepare to be praised by your clientele for this jewel, which is designed to accentuate your company’s distinct statements.

Do you want to try something new? Combine it with vibrant hues and let yourself be swooned by the end product.

28. Medio

medio 01 e1624338109562

A super-smooth typeface with a confident trademark style and a pen effect that provides a strong first impression. Medio provides a modern range of font styles and sizes, making it ideal for any business or personal project that requires a bit of edginess. Designed by Sora Sagano, use Media for your branding, label, packaging, or any creative project in store.

29. Edward

canva font

“I’m only going to download one more font,” no one ever says!

If you’re looking for a Canva font for your project, Edward could be the right person for the job. Edward is a daring and adventurous designer who excels in designing eye-catching headlines that catch people off guard. If you’re feeling daring, you may even use it for branding or social networking.

30. Fenix

fenix 01 e1624338191285

When you have a customer with a particularly difficult taste, why not show them the Fenix typeface and see how they react?

This Canva font, which combines a traditional brush stroke with an edgy edge, will turn any boring social media design into a share-worthy trend. Interested in giving it a shot? Fenix is also appropriate for headlines, posters, or messages to be printed on t-shirts.


Never let anything stand in the way of expressing your most creative side. This Canva font selection can assist you in reaching your full artistic potential while also catching the attention of one or two potential clients!

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