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Designing Using A Vector Graphics Editor: Figma Reviewed

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With the tagline of, “Minds meeting minds is how great ideas meet the world,” Figma strives to usher your teams together from start to finish to design finer creations.


With extra offline components equipped by desktop applications for Windows and macOS, this vector graphics editor and prototyping tool are refreshingly web-based. Users can also integrate their Figma prototypes in real-time on iOS and Android using the Figma Mirror companion apps. Being entirely web-based, Figma provides features focusing on versatile user experience design and interface, along with an emphasis on real-time collaboration.


Figma emphasizes a design process without silos, which shouldn’t be hard to do since it’s collaborative by nature even when built for the web. Not only that, but Figma also contains many user-friendly and unique design features like the arc tool, vector networks, and auto layout.


The powerful and efficient workflow presented by the Figma platform allows users to design freely and effortlessly on their terms. Their made-easy web design was built for the future of the web. Some of the features you won’t find anywhere else include the:

  • OpenType: Figma’s advanced font features create a completely expressive brand creation process,
  • Arc tool: Figma’s special tool to create instant arc designs, such as pie charts, watch screens, and clocks,
  • Vector Networks: Figma’s modern pen tool for users to sketch in any direction, requiring no more melding or connecting to the path’s original point.

The Auto Layout in Figma enables less time moving things around and more time to spend on iterating. What this means is that users can have less manual resizing, thanks to the lists that can rearrange themselves when items are moved around and buttons that can resize with their text.

Meanwhile, there’s also Stretch to fill as a component that can now stretch right and left (or top and bottom) for seamless responsive design. Auto Layout also has the Design Speaks Development features that include padding, direction, and spacing settings that translate immediately into code, hence disentangling developer handoffs.

Figma is constructed with every advantage of any remarkable cloud software. Figma allows you to:

  • edit and collaborate real-time with version history, hence creating a worry-free editing process,
  • rely on the auto-save, which will be a lifesaver in case something happens in the middle of your design process,
  • bid farewell to outdated exports and PDFs; instead, a live link is available for users to share files, and
  • gain easy access to your files anywhere with Internet access

Figma is also home to FigJam, an online whiteboard for users to brainstorm and workshop ideas together.

Not only that, but Figma also shows interactions and collects feedback with dynamic overlays and clever animations that bring users’ designs to life.

Main Features of Figma

  • Comprehensive designing features and amenities
  • Membership account option
  • Desktop and mobile-friendly
  • Real-time progress changes

We hope the Figma review above helps you with your design platform research! We can’t wait to see your creation on Figma.

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