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Halimun Font: Best Handwritten Style Font that You Should Know 


What is your favorite font style? If you are a fan of script-style typefaces, you will love this new typeface from Creatype Studio, Halimun font. Halimun is taken from Sundanese, a light mist caused by tiny water droplets suspended in the air.

But this “halimun” is also the name of a mountain in Indonesia. No wonder some letters in this font are similar to mountain shapes. Let’s learn more about the Halimun typeface and see how to apply it to your design.

What is Halimun Font


The Halimun font is a new font that was introduced and designed by Creatype Studio. This font also uniquely combines handwriting and signature styles, creating a modern, sophisticated, and stylish look. 

In addition, this font type provides a modern yet natural feel, giving you an ideal choice for a project that needs an elegance and sophistication touch.

Halimun Font Features

The Halimun font provides various features and capabilities that make it versatile and functional. Here are some parts of the Halimun typeface. 

  • This font offers ligature and style alternatives and further customization options for users.
  • Compatible with multiple languages and comes with many glyphs, including numbers, punctuation, uppercase, and lowercase letters. This is because this font has multi-language support. 
  • This flowing script font is full of character, featuring bouncing letters with just the right bounce and minimal resizing to keep the text alive. 
  • The large-cap sits below the baseline, giving the text an eye-catching look.

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What is Halimun Best For? 

The Halimun font is ideal for a variety of applications and projects. Halimun’s script style is perfect for projects that need a modern but informal feel. 

This font has a natural handwritten flow, making it perfect for projects like: 

  • signatures
  • logo design
  • photography
  • social media posts
  • watermarks
  • advertisements
  • branding
  • product design
  • invitations
  • posters
  • wedding designs
  • product packaging
  • stationery
  • special events. 

Any design that requires a handwritten touch will fit this type of font. With naturally flowing lines, this design is an excellent choice for any project that requires a personal touch.

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5 Examples of Using Halimun Font 

This article will show you some design examples with this font. The model will help you guide whether the Halimun font is the best for your vintage style design. Let’s check it below. 

1. Announcement 

halimun font for announcement

Here is an example of using the font Halimun for an announcement, especially an event announcement. This font fits vintage style design with monochrome colors. It’s also fit for social media announcements which are very good for gaining engagement. 

2. Coffee Product Logo 

Halimun Font for Coffee Product Logo

If you have a coffee or coffee shop brand that targets people around 25-35, this font will pop up very well with your brand. It gives you a classy and aesthetic vibe. You also can use it as your logo. It’s simple but gives you a charming prince vibe for your cafe. 

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3. Restaurant Name 

Halimun Font for Restaurant Name

Halimun font is typically a handwriting style that can make you feel like the restaurant is using it as the restaurant name and logo, and you should use this font. It will be best to pair it with a French restaurant brand with a romantic dinner vibe. 

4. Skincare Product  Halimun Font for Skincare Product 

A skincare product that targets women with 25-35’s will be good with this font. The font makes your skincare product look luxurious and elegant, which women find well. You can always use this font with a good combination of the box. 

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5. Parfum Product 

Halimun Font for Parfum Product 

A brand that calls itself a luxury product should read this article. The font also makes the perfume product feel more luxurious. Therefore, you can utilize this beautiful font to enhance more perfume enthusiasts. 

Do You Want to Try Halimun Font on Your Project? 

Halimun is a beautiful and elegant script-style typeface that you can use in comprehensive design projects. The handwritten and script-style fonts bring a touch of naturalness and style to any project. 

The glyphs and multi-language support make it accessible and easy for many people to use. Halimun font is an excellent choice for creating stunning and eye-catching designs, whether a professional designer, a beginner, or a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) lover.

If you want to have the font Halimun, you will need this script or handwritten font from Creatype Studio. Let’s visit the website and download Halimun font now!

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