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Blush, Cute Illustration Source for Designers


Using customized illustrations for design projects is no longer limited to stock images. Blush offers cute, stylish, and colorful pre-made illustrations you can match with any design style. A great web-based resource for designers, Blush makes your design project more attractive with illustrations that display strong personalities.

How Blush Works

blush design

Blush is a web-based design resource offering illustration packs, which you can use in various digital design projects. The packs are designed by illustrators from around the world, using their unique styles to create diverse image sets.

Designers who need illustrations can download illustration packs that fit their styles. Each pack can be used as it is or modified. Designers can also choose between SVG and PNG files to download the images they need. Blush offers free and paid versions, giving designers options based on their level of expertise and budgets.

Features of Blush

Blush is a convenient design resource that offers several helpful main features, such as:

1. Illustration Categories

Screen Shot 2021 08 07 at 9.32.29 PM e1628346782176

Need specific images for your design themes? Browse the collections based on their categories. The menu above the website offers various topic categories such as Transportation, Food, Animals, Finance, Healthcare, Work, and even decorative images.

2. Style Options

Screen Shot 2021 08 07 at 9.34.09 PM e1628346896186

Even with pre-made illustrations, you still need distinctive styles that match the designs’ goals, aesthetics, and themes. Blush offers illustrations in various styles, such as doodle arts, minimalist, patterns, modern illustrations, and many more.

3. Unique Illustration Packs


Get creative with your design by choosing the right illustration packs. Each pack offers unique drawing styles from different artists, preventing your designs from looking repetitive. You can also contribute your own packs, showcasing your unique styles.

4. Customizing Options

Screen Shot 2021 08 07 at 9.36.21 PM e1628347015541

Afraid of being creatively restricted by pre-made images? Blush also has options for customizing images. You can adjust the images to match your color schemes and design themes. The toggle button and sections make it easier to change specific parts, like head, torso, limbs, and facial expressions.

5. Design Tool Plugin

Screen Shot 2021 08 07 at 9.37.53 PM e1628347115496

Blush is available for all your design needs. Connect it with your chosen design tool, such as Figma and Sketch. Create modified images to fit your design goals easily. Forget troublesome extra steps like dragging and dropping the files from your device folders: Blush allows you to see the previews right there before applying them to your designs.

Benefits of Using Blush

Pre-made illustration packs are lifesavers for designers. You can save time in finding the right images to complement your projects and focus on other tasks. Illustration packs from Blush are suitable for all types of digital projects: presentation, web or app designing, art projects, and even creating physical products using digital images.

Every image featured in Blush is a vector image, and it does not lose quality even when you change the size. The free version still offers high-quality PNG formats, giving more freedom even for basic designers. What’s more, all the images are free, allowing you to use them in personal and commercial projects without attributions.

Using pre-made illustrations makes designing easier, especially when you are facing a lot of projects. Blush is a great resource for colorful, stylish illustrations with free licenses. Download your packs from Blush and make your designs more attractive.

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