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9 Best Banner Fonts that Make Your Design Look Engaging

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Whether talking about sans serif, display, or even script typefaces, choosing the most appropriate font can determine how people perceive your brand. This also applies to those searching for the best banner fonts to portray your brand’s slogan or promote your products on advertising banners.

It is common knowledge that hundreds of thousands of fonts have different styles. Each of these fonts has its design and purpose. Then, among the hundreds of thousands of fonts, this article has summarized the 9 best font for banner design that you can pick based on your needs. So, read on!

9 Best Banner Fonts to Choose From

Below are the 9 best banner fonts we collected from Creatype Studio. You’ll see several recommendations to furnish your banner with a more fascinating look. In addition, the option varies from sans serif, display, or script, please decide the best font for banner to elevate your banner design.

1. Porcelain


Porcelain is a thick, handwritten sans serif font with a subtle dip pen texture for a personal touch. On the pride of this fine tactile impression, Porcelain can enhance any banner design you create. Use Porcelain, and create beautiful lettering to introduce your brand to the world.

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2. Fondre 


The next best font for banners is Fondre. If you are searching for a banner font with a retro-style display, Fondre is not to be missed. Bringing a combination of vintage charm with a contemporary touch, this font can create a timeless and unique look. So, has Fondre won your heart?

3. Grassroot 


Moving on to the third on the list is Grassroot. This is not “I am Groot,” but this is Grassroot! This is one of the best fonts for a banner design that brings a trendy and cool style thanks to its bold strokes in each letter. On top of that, this font is handcrafted by skilled hands, creating a great sense of quality.

4. Vallery Qylmor

Vallery Qylmor

There’s nothing more exciting than getting the ideal font to elegantly spice up your banner design. That’s what Valler Qylmor will give to your banner design. It is an elegant modern serif typeface with a simple and clean style, making it applicable to your various design projects.

5. Gading Retro

Gading Retro

As the name implies, Gading Retro is a bold script font with a retro and vintage style, perfect for pairing with various banner designs you are working on. You’ll see that Gading Retro features unique ornaments that curve around each letter in a connected style.

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6. Vinttadge 


If you’re looking for an option other than Gading Retro, then Vinttadge is interesting. This bold script font brings a retro and vintage style to each letter. Unlike Gading Retro, which has a boxy impression in its letters, Vinttadge brings a smooth impression at the end of each letter.

7. Kalamaya 


Is the “Wes Anderson” trend still valid today? Do you want to bring this trend to your banner design? If so, Kalamaya is the best font for you to choose. It has a retro funk style but still brings a modern impression in every curve, making it look amazing for your banner design project.

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8. Emanule 


Are you working on a banner design project with an urban or man-related theme? If so, then we recommend you choose Emanule. The display font brings a bold style to each letter with elegance and boldness. Thus, select Emanule and dare your design to be different from other banner designs.

9. Kulldesak


Ninth or last on the list is Kulldesak. This is a fun-loving font thanks to its brush-writing style in each letter. Best of all, Kulldesak features a font style that looks elegantly modern yet natural, making it suitable for various banner design projects you are working on.

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Which Best Banner Fonts That Suit Your Taste?

You can choose the nine best banner fonts from Creatype Studio according to your requirements. In general, selecting the ideal banner fonts can help convey what you want to say in your banner and embellish the design. 

If the fonts from Creatype Studio suit your taste, don’t hesitate to visit their website, as they offer a variety of awesome fonts with $1 deals. Your design deserves a great typeface. Period.

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