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10 Luxury Brand Fonts for Your Luxury Brands Identity

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Brand logos play a significant role because they are the identity of a product and a company. For those of you who are looking for luxury font inspiration for a luxury brand logo design project, make sure to choose a simple yet elegant font type. Luxury brand fonts usually have few ornaments, so they support good readability.

List Of The Best Fonts for Luxury Brands

The following are font types ranging from sans serif, handwritten, calligraphy, and brush style which will give a touch of luxury to the brand logo.

1. Classical Diary

Classical Diary



Choosing the Classical Diary font lets you bring a luxurious touch to the brand logo. Moreover, this serif-type font has a medium thickness, while the kerning between the letters is not too sparse. To make it more mesmerizing, use a capital letter at the beginning and the rest in lowercase.

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2. Gonzalles




You can also consider a calligraphy font type to give a lavish feel to the brand logo project you are working on. The Gonzalles font would be a smart choice for brands with a vintage feel.

This font produces a semi-curved writing display because each gap and letter are connected to each other. The lowercase letters (b), (d), (h), (j), (k), (l), (y), and (z) have a horizontal accent line that curves like a hat.

3. Halymoon




One of the luxury brand fonts that highlight the cute and elegant side you can try for your projects is the Halymoon font. This font design is like continuous cursive handwriting with pretty wide gaps. In detail, the wide gap comes from each lowercase letter ending in a slightly elongated stroke.

4. Scarletty




Spice up the brand logo design using the Scartletty font. Furthermore, this font not only makes the brand logo look luxurious, but also artistic with its brush stroke touch. Using capital letters initially will add even more luxury to the brand logo design.

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5. Quickly Sustain Modern Serif

Quickly Sustain Modern Serif



If you want fonts for luxury brands with a modern retro feel you can use for luxury logos, you may opt for Quickly Sustain Modern Serif. This bold font has a simple design, so it maximizes readability. Additional accents that are only found on alternate letters actually make it look more elegant and neat.

6. Fondre




In order to produce a logo design that is far from mediocre, you should consider using the Fondre font. This bold style typeface gives a luxury twist and a unique and stunning look. However, it has good readability. 

Even though the letter design doesn’t have many details, the Fondre font can present an artistic side with its simplicity.

7. Middle Earth

Middle Earth



You can create a brand logo with a firm but flexible feel by choosing the Middle Earth font. Middle Earth font only provides lowercase for (a) and (i) letters; the rest is in uppercase. The characteristic of this font’s letter design is that it uses puffy lines with rounded corners.

8. Diamond




Another choice of luxury brand fonts collections you should also consider is Diamond font. Diamond is a handwritten font with a sweet and enchanting display. In detail, some lines bridge from one letter to another with strokes of the same thickness.

The lowercase design also looks perfect with its simple curved line accents. Furthermore, the love ornaments on the letters (I) and (j) also give a sweet touch to the logo design.

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9. Cherly Blossom

Cherly Blossom



The Cherly Blossom font gives a firm and sweet feel at the same time to the logo design. In detail, some alternate letters have curly lines like plant tendrils. Combine uppercase letters with alternate lowercase letters to give a unique and artsy vibe.

The medium thickness of the letters and less dense spacing makes the design look magnificent.

10. Attena




Bring an elegant and dramatic twist to your brand logo design with Attena font. In fact, your logo will look luxurious even though it uses all lowercase letters.

The sweet and elegant feel comes from the detailed curly lines that form a heart icon on each lowercase alternate letter. In detail, thick and thin line strokes also enhance the luxury of the text.

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Which Luxury Brand Fonts Suit Your Project?

Those are 10 recommendations for the best luxury brand fonts to elevate your design. For further inspiration, please visit Creatype Studio. Find a variety of fonts with attractive price offers. Let’s be more creative with Creatype Studio!

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