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Best Fonts For T-Shirts: 20+ Expressive Fonts For Catchy Designs

Gambar Utama

Different fonts speak for different objectives. For t-shirt design, you not only need a readable font but also an intriguing one to capture your customers’ attention. Take a look at our creative font collection of the best fonts for t-shirts that you can choose from!

20+ Best Fonts for T-Shirts

Regardless of the theme, fonts in t-shirts should be engaging, energetic, fun, and most importantly can deliver the message. There is one for everybody, from youth, teens, kids, adults, and even vintage style. Ready to see our best fonts? Here we go!

1. Humbolt

Humbolt Brush Typeface

Let’s begin the list with Humbolt, the font is a brush typeface. Inside the pack, you’ll get an interesting choice of capital letters.

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2. Barthony

Barthony Script Font

Barthony is a handwritten script font—one of the good fonts for t-shirts. The font exudes a wholesome feel, rather than the regular distro fonts.

3. Junkies Style

Junkies Style Bold Script Font

If you’re looking for the best fonts for t-shirts, Junkies Style is up there. It has bold letters and a retro-script style to produce stand-out text on t-shirts.

4. Samanthy

Samanthy Bold Brush Script Typeface

Samanthy is perfect for your feminine t-shirts. The girly vibe from this bold brush font is casual yet pretty.

5. Modest

Modest Stencil Sans Font

Contrary to the name, Modest is not low-key at all. Its stencil style bounds to capture readers’ eyes. If you’re wearing this on your t-shirt, be ready to get more attention.

6. Hamston

Hamston Bold Display Font

Hamston is one of the best fonts for t-shirts in a vintage theme to serve your classic designs. The bold-stamp style will naturally dominate your t-shirts with a vintage mood.

7. Raysha

Raysha Signature Script Typeface

Add Raysha to your designs! The high-contrast signature font style makes your designs look more friendly and feminine

8. Glitcher

Glitcher Sans Display Font

If you want cool fonts for t-shirts, try something extraordinary like Glitcher. This sans-serif font embodied the obstructed display, ideal for t-shirt design with adventurous style. 

9. Jhaqlyn

Jhaqlyn Modern Calligraphy Font

Jhaqlyn brings a modern look to calligraphy designs. This script font looks good on vintage, adventurous, or masculine t-shirt designs. 

10. Kayooh

Kayooh Japanese Display Typeface

Even at a glance, you already know about this font. Kayooh has a Japanese style in the typeface, perfect for your Japanese-themed t-shirts.

11. Anthony

Anthony Signature Font

If you’re looking for a mature and manly font, try Anthony. This handwritten font complete with a signature writing style will bring a masculine tone to your t-shirt designs. 

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12. Roshfox

Roshfox Playful Typeface

The best fonts for t-shirts are the ones that can represent the product. Roshfox’s playful typeface can match perfectly with the teenage girls’ t-shirt’s charm. 

13. Dalmaspot

Dalmaspot Dalmatian Spot Typeface

Inspired by the Dalmatian pattern, Dalmaspot makes a unique font for your t-shirt! Suitable for family-themed designs, even cuter for baby’s clothing. 

14. Skulrock

Skulrock Display Typeface

Let’s get into some youth and wild font styles, like Skulrock. This hard-display typeface is perfect for urban clothing designs.

15. Grunge!

Grunge! Bold Brush Font for T-shirt Design

Similar to the last one, Grunge! is also a cool font for t-shirts. As a bold brush font, you can use this font to make bold statemen in other men’s fashion articles too, like hoodies or jackets.

16. Balinysh

Balinysh Handwritten Brush Font

The fact that there are three fonts with similar styles shows that this type of writing style is in demand for t-shirt design. However, Balinysh takes it to another level with extreme dry-brush looks.

17. Lamorry

Lamorry Monoline Font

It isn’t easy to find the best fonts for t-shirts, but for a vintage style, just look at Lamorry. Different from Hamston, Lamorry is more flowy with its capital letters and decorative swashes. 

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18. Quicksliver

Quicksliver Handdrawn Brush Typeface for T-shirt Design

If you aim for teenagers as your market, try using Quicksliver in your t-shirt designs! The brush look adds uniqueness to the hand-drawn calligraphy style.

19. Decoode

Decoode Futuristic Font for Modern T-shirt Design

Decoode has a futuristic typeface. You should consider this font for your t-shirt designs since it conveys a quirky tone and mode to the design, particularly in this tech era. 

20. Obituary

Obituary Decorative Gothic Typeface

If you’re looking for something gothic, try Obituary! This font has a lot of decorative letters, combining elegance and viciousness which represent authenticity and striking impressions. 

21. Kingvoon

Kingvoon Medieval Typeface

The Medieval typeface, Kingvoon makes any other font just good fonts for t-shirts. This timeless font combines classic and modern typefaces with elegance for t-shirt design with a dense Victorian theme. 

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What Do You Think About Our Best Fonts for t-shirts?

Complete your t-shirt design only with the best fonts for t-shirts from Creatype Studio. While most of the font options tend to represent more adventurous and bold tones, you still have choices in the list that are suitable for other design themes. 

See the dummy illustration of the font application on the t-shirt except for the last three options, and dig for more choices through our official website. Take advantage of the $1 offering for a trial option!

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