How to set a price for freelance design work?

October 11, 2022
Here’s an advice that people often gives: you need to know your worth. As a freelance designer, you have to... Read More

9 Tips for Professional Designers to Work from Home

September 03, 2021
As a notion still considered unfamiliar in society until the COVID-19 occurrence, studying or working from home has been one... Read More

InVision – Taking Design from Ideas to Development in One-Stop Platform

August 26, 2021
Every company around the world is increasingly becoming a digital-product organization due to the accelerating digital transformation. InVisionApp.Inc, with its... Read More

Remix Icon – Free Source for Neutral-Style yet Delightful System Icons

August 24, 2021
Visiting the Remix Icon website, you will see 2200+ icons in black and white colors on the first page. At... Read More

Control – A Jumbo Set of 108 Stylish and Customizable Illustrations

August 22, 2021
We can say that Control is like a big library containing countless packs of illustrations. They are available in customizable... Read More

Iconfinder: The Google for Millions of High-Quality Icons to Easily Use

August 18, 2021
Are you looking for icons to spice up websites, commercial projects, or educational presentations? Iconfinder website is the right place... Read More

Need Stylish People Drawings for Design? Use Humaans

August 16, 2021
Using people drawings for your designs will make them look lively and dynamic. However, drawing human figures from scratch can... Read More

Mix and Match Colors Easily with Happy Hues

August 14, 2021
Choosing the right color combination for the perfect design can be hard. Luckily, Happy Hues is available to help designers... Read More

Blush, Cute Illustration Source for Designers

August 10, 2021
Using customized illustrations for design projects is no longer limited to stock images. Blush offers cute, stylish, and colorful pre-made... Read More

Spice up Your Design Projects with Iconscout

July 16, 2021
If you have a design project with a strict deadline, making the illustration from scratch can be time-consuming. What if... Read More
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