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Spice up Your Design Projects with Iconscout


If you have a design project with a strict deadline, making the illustration from scratch can be time-consuming. What if you need to create a quick design for branding or printed materials? Iconscout is a great resource for icons, illustrations, and even simple animations!

Forget the default clip arts or icons from your device system. Iconscout provides a rich resource of images to improve your project. Find out more here!

What is Iconscout?


Iconscout is a web-based design resource that offers stick icons, illustrations, and animated clips. With more than three million “assets” and 3,000 new additions to its catalogue every day, it is not surprising that Iconscout becomes a great friend for designers.

With Iconscout, you can download the packages you need. Forget installing apps that will bog down your phone memory. You can even access pre-made simple animations to spice up your projects.

Main Features of Iconscout


Iconscout offers several great features for designers to use, such as:

1. Illustration Packs

Screen Shot 2021 06 22 at 7.53.58 PM

Illustration packs are useful if you need ready-made images.  They come in various styles, from the fresh Social Media theme to a unique but bold Startup. You can use them for projects that require quick, modern illustrations, such as branding.

2. Icon Packs

Screen Shot 2021 06 22 at 7.54.58 PM

Iconscout offers tons of icon packs with various styles. You can use featured icons to create designs with specific themes, such as occupations, wedding, travel, medical, environment, and e-commerce. Need free icons to create apps or your first websites? Use free packs with options like famous brand icons, Office, iOS icons, standard emojis, design tools, and many more.

3. Lottie Animations


Spice up your web and app designs with Lottie Animations, a series of animated illustration packs. They come in various themes, so you can match the animations with the content. Choose between themes like Rest at Home, Social Network, Healthcare and Medical, Sports, and even the most current themes such as Remote Working.

4. 3D Assets

Screen Shot 2021 06 22 at 7.56.44 PM

3D images make your designs more eye-catching and modern, especially if you choose thematic images to match your content. The 3D Assets offer 3D illustration packs with specific themes. Each pack offers around 10 to 60 illustrations, with themes such as Businessperson, Pets, Food, Grocery, E-Commerce, Financial, and many more.

5. Easy Editing Tools

Screen Shot 2021 06 22 at 7.58.34 PM

Editors help you tweak the icons, illustrations, and animations to suit your design goals. You can use Lottie Editor to edit texts and layers, Color Editor to tweak colors and shapes, and SVG Editor to convert images into a single file. Make your design more relevant to your project with an editing tool!

6. Integrated Plugins


As a design resource, Iconscout provides plugins to connect with various design tools. You can use this with Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma, MS Office, Photoshop, and many more. Even with thousands of resources, you can still add personal and professional elements to your designs.

Reliable and diverse, Iconscout partners with designers from around the world to create a wide range of illustration and animation packs. Iconscout is also trusted by big brands like Disney, Netflix, Sony, Uber, and Spotify.

Iconscout makes your design projects more interesting, modern, and relevant with 3D images, animations, and stylish icons. Use Iconscout to tweak your projects and create designs that are stylish, modern, and meaningful!

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