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15 Fonts for Social Media that Are Often Used in Many Posts

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Are you active on social media? You might feel bored just looking at the same basic fonts that are the same as everyone else. Do you know that you can buy aesthetic fonts for social media? You can edit and post fonts on your social media by purchasing fonts on specific website.

In addition, there are many fonts out there with various styles. Starting from cute, classic until the cool one. You might be wondering which fonts are recommended for social media usage. Here is a list of the 15 best fonts for social media!

The Top Best 15 Fonts for Social Media

If you don’t know the best fonts for social media posts, here are some font recommendations that catch your interest. 

1. Bentley


This font is a vintage font that brings a sense of nostalgia with its style. Bentley promotes boldness and a strong aura, so this font suits logos, wedding designs, invitations, social media posts, and advertisements.

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2. Bethlehem


Bethlehem is a trendy font with a distinctive style that sets it apart from any other font. By looking at this font, you will know it is perfect for advertisements, posters, and social media posts. Everyone who sees your post will remember how solid and fascinating the font is.

3. Eloora


Combining bold and elegant styles, Eloora is the perfect font for a magazine or book cover. With its gracefulness and boldness, one quickly notices what words are written. Aside from that, Eloora is one of the perfect fonts for social media.

4. Stockhoolm


Who says that wavy and sharp styles cannot be mixed? Stockhoolm brings something new to the table by combining those two styles. People who see this font will stare in awe as the font is unique and eye-catching. Just for that, Stockhoolm is the best to use for branding projects and invitations.

5. Savannah 


Different from the previous fonts, Savannah has an elegant and classy style. This font is easily read and better used for wedding invitations, advertisements, and branding projects. 

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6. Marline


Need a modern but unique font? Marline is the answer to that. This font will highlight your logos and branding projects with its distinctive style, especially if you want a modern style. 

7. Vulture


This font might seem simple, but it is the selling point of Vulture. Not just simple, this font is sophisticated and aesthetic. Therefore, it would be perfect for labels, magazines, and advertisements.

8. Quadrangle


Quadrangle is a classic font with a fresh touch to it. You can choose this font for magazine covers, merchandise, and advertisements because it will make your product stand out.

9. Emanule


Emanule is a creative font with an urban vibe to it. Since the font is bold, it will look good in posters, advertisements, and branding projects. The product name you want to sell will be highlighted for everyone to see.

10. Mangroove


Minimalist yet unique, Mangrove stands out more than other fonts. This font is calming and elegant, perfect for magazines, posts, and books, making people want to read more and more.

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11. Greenos


Strong but modern, Greenos is flexible to use in any design. Be it for logos, branding projects, magazines, and even advertisements. You can pull out your creativity with Greenos.

12. Gracelynn


Just as the name suggests, Gracelynn is a graceful and fascinating font. The curves only make this font even more flawless and beautiful. Imagine how pretty your wedding invitations and social media posts will be by using Gracelynn. 

13. Graphire


Sophisticated and beautiful are the best words to define Graphire. If you want to make an elegant brand, this font is the best way to use it for a logo or advertisement. Thus, you can attract people’s attention while promoting your brand through social media. 

14. Hausser


Hausser has a dreamlike style that makes you feel like you are going to a wonderland just by reading the words. Because of this reason, it is most suitable for social media posts, product packaging, and product designs.

15. Warlock


Strong and bold are the best definition of Warlock. Since this font is impactful, it is best for logos, branding projects, and product designs. 

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Be Creative With Creatype Studio’s Best Fonts for Social Media

Now you already know lots of variations of fonts for social media. Are there some that caught your interest? Well, you can get them just for $23 at Creatype Studio. By paying that amount, you can choose a font that suits your style the most. 

In addition to that, you get free license usage for 5 commercial projects and limitless personal projects. So, what are you waiting for? Quickly purchase your desired font at Creatype Studio!

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