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20+ Options of Billboard Font to Pep Up Ads Design

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Billboards are meant to inform the content, so the wise thing is to convey the message with a legible font like Helvetica or Arial. But, designers gotta design, right? Choosing your billboard font to match your aesthetic design is a plus. 

Unique Billboard Fonts for Any Occasion

Bear in mind that the fonts you use for a billboard ad design should be legible from a distance in a limited time.  Additionally, the message should also be easily palpable, yet striking. 

1. Forqend

Forqend Brush Typeface



Sans serif is the best typeface option for billboard designs since it has a minimalist design with high legibility.  Forqend, which is a sans serif brush typeface, offers that basic requirement and portrays the excitement and an outdoor vibe of your campaigns.

2. Banshee

Banshee Brush Script Font



For more urban-themed campaigns, you can use Banshee. This one is versatile since it’s a brush script font. So, it’s a fascinating choice to stand alone, but you can pair it with other fonts too.

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3. The Quest

The Quest Retro Font



As a retro typeface, The Quest is the best font for billboards you can ask for if you need a vintage or retro mood. It has eccentric yet legible designs with palpable weight. Not only suitable for retro-themed campaigns, the font can also paired with modern, fun, and youthful designs. 

4. Komikaze

Komikaze Comic Font



Add Komikaze to your designs and see the difference it makes. This font should be your go-to if you want to highlight a sense of urgency in your campaigns.

5. Punchline

Punchline Poster Display Typeface



If you want a wilder alternative for Komikaze, use Punchline. This one has a similar shape with added tails and “hats” to the alternate letters, making it much more vibrant.

6. Coutline

Coutline Stencil Typeface



Coutline is a stencil typeface, the font has the typical urban vibe. The font is a perfect match for your active campaigns or sports products.

7. Giantthy

Giantthy Brush Font



Choosing Ghiantthy as your billboard font can be a major improvement to your designs. This hand-drawn brush font can fit a wide range of products, including sportswear, culinary, and outdoor apparel. 

8. Jacklyn Blands

Jacklyn Blands Stylish Marker Font



As a billboard font, Jacklyn Blands can assert your messages. With its stylish marker typeface, it portrays the assertiveness of your campaigns in every stroke.

9. Humbolt

Humbolt Brush Font



The humble Humbolt projects so many movements with its brush strokes. The font has sleek lines nature that can be wholesome and screaming depending on your design.

10. Gasthyon

Gasthyon Vintage Font



Among the vintage fonts, Gasthyon is the charming one. It combines brush and marker typeface and carries a vintage theme. The font has both a laidback and active vibe, not to mention its unique appearance.

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11. Enternal

Enternal Vintage Stamp Typeface



Claims to have a vintage stamp typeface, Enternal certainly serves the point. This font even mimics the lasso movements as its tails and swashes which make it more captivating. 

12. Sunblock

Sunblock Bold Display Font



If you want a dominant font, definitely use Sunblock as your billboard font. It’s a display font with bold typeface. Your campaign certainly will captivate more people.

13. Salatiga

Salatiga Fun Display Font



If you need a fun and unique font, try Salatiga. This display font is perfect for dynamic and refreshing ads design. The bold character makes it stand out on your billboard.

14. Merylan

Merlyan Brush Calligraphy Font



Be careful when you choose script fonts for your billboard ads! Opt for a script typeface with a dense weight rather than a thin one. You can try Merlyan Brush Callighraphy which has elegant forms of script typeface while providing decent legibility. 

15. Hello Sunny 

Hello Sunny Fun and Bold Typeface



The Hello Sunny speaks vividly for ads with a peppy and fun theme. The characters’ weights are quite bold with more rounded shapes which recommend strong legibility from a far distance. 

16. Kingstyle

Kingstyle Elegant Serif Typeface



A serif typeface is always good for billboard font, plus an elegant one like Kingstyle. The font has many alternate letters with swashes to add persona to your campaigns.

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17. Rowytta

Rowytta Handlettering Font



Rowytta has many capabilities on your billboard designs. You can pair it with beauty products, family-themed campaigns, or even as a dedicated quotes font. This sans serif font is perfect for a minimalist and simple font billboard.

18. Little Queen

Little Queen Display Font



For your child-themed billboard necessities, Little Queen is the font you need. The fun children’s typeface will match your exciting designs.

19. Megaloman

Megaloman Brush Marker Font



Unlike any other brush marker typeface, Megaloman includes lots of subtle details. Each time people read your sign, there will be a little surprise every time. 

20. Kreature

Kreature Brush Script Horror Font



Always be ready for seasonal projects with Kreature font. This brush script font highlights its horror nature which is suitable for Halloween designs. 

21. Starshy Street

Starshy Street Brush Font



This one has that street, graffiti-kind-of style with the dripping and scratch effect. The lower and uppercase letterforms of Starshy Street Font are similar, only size is the difference. You’ll get a striking and bold text when applying this font to your billboard ads with proper kerning. 

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What to Consider when Choosing Billboard Fonts?

Obviously, you should avoid typeface design which is impractical, meaning having too many visual details. While sans-serif typography is the best option, you still can explore and apply other categories in the reference. Still, when weighing out for options billboard ads typography, keep in mind the less-is-more concept. 

Creatype Studio still has many other collections font you can pick for your design needs. Just hit our official website and browse the font by category or explore them by bit!

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