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6 Best Tablet For Graphic Design Choices You Must Buy in 2024

6 Best Tablet For Graphic Design Choices You Must Buy in 2024

Using the best tablet for graphic design is a game-changer for your creativity and productivity. Since there are many tablets to choose from, it’s important to look at their features and details to find the one that fits your specific requirements. 

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best tablets and explain what makes them stand out. Hence, you can decide which one is best for you based on what you like and what fits your budget.

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6 Best Tablet For Graphic Design Choices in 2024

Take a look at the following choices for the best drawing tablet for graphic design to help you create amazing artwork!

1. Wacom Cintiq 22 (5 stars)

Wacom Cintiq 22

Wacom is well-known in digital art for a good reason. This tablet provides excellent pressure sensitivity, good value, and features designed with artists in mind. Check out the specification details below!

Drawing area size19.5 x 11.5 inches


1920 x 1080 (HD)

Not powered by a battery

Pen sensitivity8,192 levels
ConnectionsHDMI, USB 2.0
Price US$1.249,95
Link to buy Amazon 


  • Fantastic drawing experience;
  • impressive stylus performance; and
  • robust and stylish design.


  • Lack of shortcut buttons.

2. iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4.5 stars)

iPad Pro 12.9-inch

Certainly, the iPad Pro is undeniably the best tablet for graphic design. The latest 12.9-inch M1 model is particularly delightful for artists since it offers a vibrant display and an impressive canvas size. Check out the specifications on the following table!

Drawing area size10.32 x 7.74 inches
Resolution2,732 x 2,048 (XDR)
BatteryPowered by a battery
Pen sensitivityNot confirmed (needs Apple Pencil, optional)
ConnectionsThunderbolt 4, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Price US$1,394.00
Link to buy Amazon 


  • Extremely powerful for creative work;
  • portable; and
  • gorgeous OLED display.


  • Higher price compared to pen displays; and
  • no specified drawback was provided.

3. Microsoft Surface Pro 8 (4.5 stars)

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 One of the Best Tablets for Graphic Design

You can utilize the Surface Pro 8 to work on designs as either a tablet or the best laptop for graphic design. This one provides both the functional side of the laptop and the versatility of the tablet, notably with its Windows operating system. Take a look at the specifications below!

Drawing area size11.25 x 7.5 inches
Resolution3000 x 2000
BatteryPowered by a battery
Pen sensitivity4,096 (with Surface Pen)
ConnectionsBluetooth, USB, USB-C, and Wi-Fi
Price US$724,17
Link to buyAmazon 


  • Operates on Windows 11;
  • bright and responsive display; and
  • faster than the previous Microsoft Surface model.


  • Stylus not provided; and
  • pricing is less competitive than the other options mentioned.

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4. iPad Air 5th Gen (4 stars)

iPad Air 5th Gen

While it may not be as advanced as the iPad Pro, the iPad Air is a solid pick for digital creatives. With a significantly lower price, it’s an excellent choice for hobbyists. Get an idea of how secure its specifications are through the details below. 

Drawing area size9.7 x 7 inches
Resolution 2,350 x 1,640
Battery Powered by a battery
Pen sensitivity Not confirmed (needs Apple Pencil, optional)
ConnectionsUSB-C, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Price US$507,19
Link to buyAmazon 


  • Impressive power with the M1 chip;
  • excellent screen quality; and
  • portable and easy to carry.


  • Lack of Thunderbolt 4 support; and
  • relatively small drawing area.

5. XPPen Artist 15.6 Pro (4 stars)

Best table for graphic design XPPen Artist 15.6 Pro

Another best tablet for graphic design is XPPen which is a major rival of the industry leader tablet that we mentioned before—Wacom. Moreover, it provides budget-friendly tablets that deliver strong performance and quality design. Take a look at the specifications below!

Drawing area size13.4 x 7.6 inches
Resolution1920 x 1080 (HD)
BatteryNot powered by a battery
Pen sensitivity8,192 levels
Price US$359,99
Link to buyAmazon 


  • Quality stylus pen;
  • includes accessories; and
  • highly affordable.


  • The stand is sold separately and feels of low quality.

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6. Wacom One (3.5 stars)

Wacom One

The Wacom One (different from the One by Wacom) is a budget-friendly pen display from the leading industry giant. It’s a good option for students or youngsters interested in graphic design. Take a glimpse at its specifications in the following table!

Drawing area size11.6 x 6.5-inches
Resolution1920 x 1080
BatteryNot powered by a battery 
Pen sensitivity4,096
ConnectionsUSB-C, HDMI
Price US$206,03
Link to buyAmazon 


  • Portable and travel-friendly; and
  • less expensive compared to other Wacom devices.


  • Limited sensitivity levels; and
  • smaller drawing area.

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In simple terms, selecting the best tablet for graphic design is important for achieving stunning design results. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced pro or just starting out—the tablet you use significantly affects your creative potential.

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We offer tons of font varieties to choose from to make your design stand out with awesome and aligned typography. So, combine both the best tablets and the best fonts to create a masterpiece!

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