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2024 Marketing Trends: Top 5 Advanced Marketing Style

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Dare to change for the sake of your business? Learn about the five 2024 marketing trends to help you connect with your current and potential customers. Scroll down and discover each trend and its details in the following discussion!

5 Leading 2024 Marketing Trends

Along with the new generation, you need new marketing strategies to adapt to the new audience and behavior through various channels and tools. The following five trends in marketing will help you amplify your business if you implement them properly. 

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI as one of 2024 Marketing Trends

An effective marketing trend you can use is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Based on SalesForce, about 76% of marketers have used AI to write engaging copy and create fundamental content. This percentage shows that AI can give marketers an excellent solution for promoting a brand effectively and quickly.

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2. Personalization

Customized Content for Marketing 2024

Personalization is one of the 2024 marketing trends that can be a top choice for promoting brands. This trend can stand out among other marketing trends, contributing almost 90% to marketers’ profitability. Your customers might be fond of your customized content and offer as if the message is tailored for them only.

3. Extended Reality (XR)

Extended Reality in 2024 Marketing Trends

Furthermore, marketers can also use one of the digital marketing trends 2024, Extended Reality (XR). Extended Reality covers Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR). The most popular one, AR, can even combine digital images with factual backgrounds for home decor purposes. 

This proves that you can generate genuine yet artsy visuals for digital marketing content to attract your audience or community. 

4. User-Generated Content (UGC)

2024 Marketing Trends of UGC

According to Forbes, user-generated content (UGC) is an excellent marketing trend in 2024, involving customers promoting a particular brand. For instance, Prada creates a challenge with specific themes, and anyone who can make the most creative one will be rewarded.

This way, a business can promote its brand effectively to its potential customers and leverage a sense of community among them.

5. Influencer Marketing

2024 Marketing Trends of Influencer Marketing

Last, you may be intrigued to create an engaging marketing campaign associated with famous influencers. However, ensure you work with influencers who build authentic relationships with their followers so that you’ll get loyal customers in the end, too.

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How Font Choices Impact Marketing Trends 2024?

Besides those five 2024 marketing trends, ensure your brand uses a distinctive font to be the center of attention among competitors. Fonts that represent your brand surprisingly resulted in a significant impact, creating a unique and exclusive brand personality. Adhere to the principles below when choosing fonts for your brand. 

1. Deliver Your Brand Message

Using the right typography, you can implicitly bring your brand voice to show your business’ values. If your company sells something elegant, ensure you choose the refined typography to build that personality. For instance, you can select Bandage Kroasty display font to create an intense and elegant brand persona.

2. Study the Use of Typography

Remember to study the use of typography, too. If you can’t easily understand what font will suit your brand personality, you can always work with other designers to find the right typography. They can also teach you the psychology of fonts to show how people react after seeing your brand’s font.

3. Compare Typefaces Side-by-Side

It’s natural if you’re confused about what to choose among great fonts. You need to position your chosen fonts side-by-side, and there you can pick the right one. Remember to position your chosen fonts on the black background so you can focus on picking the perfect ones.

Excellent Typefaces from Each Font For 2024 Marketing Trends

For a better understanding of the right fonts for your brand, let’s see the example of unique typefaces from each font below.

1. Serif

Vulture Beautiful Serif

This font has unique characteristics, as the edge of each letter typed will have a small line tailing. You can use this font to emphasize your formal and delicate brand. Some examples of Serif fonts are Vulture Beautiful Serif, Eloora Bold Serif, and Wastogi Beautiful Serif.

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2. Sans-Serif

Kalistra Sans Serif Typeface

Unlike Serif, Sans-Serif has no line tailing on the letters’ edge. This characteristic will suit the brand that wants to show its modern, cool, and young look. You may be fond of some Sans-Serif typefaces, such as Kalistra, Montrelo Elegant, and Porcelain.

3. Script

Savannah Signature Script

Last, you can pick the Script font to emphasize the beauty of your brand. It looks feminine, soft, and delicate, so anyone who sees your brand can guess your refined products by looking at the font alone. The typefaces suitable for this font are Alesandra Handbrush and Savannah Signature.

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Ready to Elevate Your Brand with 2024 Marketing Trends?

The five trends of marketing in 2024 are such game changers. You may try one and find the most suitable for different marketing goals. Or else, combine them all together for a greater marketing business goal of the year. Therefore, Keep yourself updated about 2024 marketing trends to boost your business even more.

In accordance, remember to use consistent branding elements, including the fonts to create an effective brand identity that captures your audience fondly. You can choose one of the custom-made fonts crafted by Creatype Studio to establish a better brand persona.

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