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30+ Opts of Photography Font for Irresistible Brand Image

30 Opts of Photography Font for Irresistible Brand Image

Craft the most compelling portfolio by choosing the proper photography font. But don’t feel too burdened, as we will discuss the 31 best photography fonts below. Stay tuned!

Best Photography Font for Appealing Portfolio

Remember that in photography, you should consider several categories of themes. For instance, the fashion photography typography should differ from FnB or travel themes. Look at the five categories and recommended fonts below.


The best font for photography in fashion brands may be varied, depending on the look you’d want to show. 

1. Baginks Birkin Serif

Baginks Birkin Serif Typeface


Make your brand look fun yet elegant with this bold and playful Baginks Birkin Serif typeface. Your advertising will be more convincing by using this typeface.

2. Bethlehem Modern Display

Bethlehem Modern Display Typeface


When combined with the Bethlehem Modern Display typeface, your sparkling design will be more amusing, as it looks powerful yet funky.

3. Alesandra Handbrush Script

Alesandra Handbrush Script Typeface


The flowing strokes that Alesandra Handbrush Script has to offer the elegant touch that makes your brand attractive. It will look amazing for wedding invitations too.

4. Savannah Signature Script

Savannah Signature Script Typeface


Pick Savannah, the typeface that will remind you of grassy woodland. Each stroke looks flowy and natural, making it best combined with a plain, white background.

5. Bentley Monoline Vintage

Bentley Monoline Vintage Typeface as Best Photography Font


Old but gold. Your brand should be as radiant as this typeface since Bentley Monoline’s characters look bold and strong.

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When picking font photography for the FnB brand, think about how it will make your mouthwatering.

6. Marline Beautiful Sans

Marline Beautiful Sans Typeface


The twist-filled forms of Marline Beautiful Sans make this typeface stand out for branding purposes. Mix it with your retro design to create a sophisticated look.

7. Quadrangle Stylish Serif

Quadrangle Stylish Serif Typeface


Other than for photography purposes, Quadrangle Stylish Serif has a unique ligature ready for combination and improved branding elements.

8. Warlock Display Vintage

Warlock Display Vintage Typeface


Warlock Display Vintage crafts a strong visual impact with its high-contrast weight lines. No wonder it became a favorite typeface for logos as well.

9. Greenos Display Modern Sans

Greenos Display Modern Sans as Great Photography Font


Awaken the nostalgic tone of your FnB brand by applying the Greenos Display Modern typeface. You can even create incredible wedding invitations with this typeface!

10. Bottanical Brush Script

Bottanical Brush Script Typeface


Bottanical Brush Script offers a natural handwriting style, making it a versatile font choice, great pair for coffee brand logos or product packaging design.  

Product and Ads

Other than the Food and Beverage industries, of course, cosmetic brands also need the proper photography font. Get the alluring choice of fonts for that.

11. Stockhoolm Medieval Serif

Stockhoolm Medieval Serif Typeface


The combination of sharp and wavy looks on the Stockhoolm Medieval Serif makes an impeccable logo design. Its stylish look also makes it suitable for wedding invitation designs.

12. Vulture Beautiful Serif

Vulture Beautiful Serif Typeface


Vulture Beautiful Serif typeface has modern aesthetic letterforms to furnish your classic logo and packaging design even better.

13. Stockist Elegant Display

Stockist Elegant Display Typeface


The eccentric vibe from Stockist Elegant Display typeface is a match for a clean, minimalist yet luxurious product logo or ad design.

14. Wastogi Beautiful Serif

Wastogi Beautiful Serif Typeface


Each alphabet in this Wastogi Beautiful Serif typeface looks like a refined result from a fountain pen. Wonderfully works with monochromatic design themes. 

15. Angela Unique Display

Angela Unique Display Typeface as the Amazing Photography Font


Angela Unique Display elegant and wavy lines leave a unique impression for your brand, making an eccentrically lavish visual branding. 

16. Graphire Modern Elegant Serif

Graphire Modern Elegant Serif Typeface


The thin strokes with high-contrast lines of Graphire Modern Elegant Serif represent a youthful tone, matching with modern minimalist ad designs, especially for skincare or cosmetic products. 

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Wedding and Graduation

Photography in different fonts can express various vibes that lie in some particular occasions, such as weddings and graduations. Ensure you pick the gorgeous ones for these occasions to build a beautiful aura.

17. Eloora Bold Serif 

Eloora Bold Serif Typeface


The bold letters that Eloora Bold Serif has will make your wedding invitation look as refined as ever. Its versatile design will suit your brand as well.

18. Alexandra Monoline Script

Alexandra Monoline Script Typeface


Pick a calligraphy typeface such as Alexandra Monoline Script, as it radiates the modern style from your chic design. It works best for magazines as well.

19. Hallimun Signature Casual Script

Hallimun Signature Casual Script Typeface


The combination of uppercase and lowercase letters from Hallimun Signature Casual Script will warm up your graduation congratulatory message. 

20. Obituary Decorative Gothic

Obituary Decorative Gothic Typeface


Use this Obituary Decorative Gothic as the unique typeface for greeting cards. This black letter has a distinctive shape on each letter, leaving a trendy and clean vibe to your design.

21. Fruiti Juicy Cut-Out Typeface

Fruiti Juicy Cut-Out Typeface


Fruiti Juicy Cut-Out font is also a pick-me font for graduation design themes. It looks playfully warm with a lively tone. 

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Use a photography font that suits the travel atmosphere, such as the typefaces listed below.

22. Emanule Display Casual

Emanule Display Casual Typeface


Emanule Display Casual typeface cool swashes will fill your travel or outdoor product logo with a casual yet engaging atmosphere. 

23. Mangroove Modern Serif

Mangroove Modern Serif Typeface as a Stylish Photography Font


Choose Mangroove Modern Serif to create a minimalist design. Blend it well with your simple yet cool brand design for advertising purposes.

24. Retrock Vintage Curly

Retrock Vintage Curly Typeface


The bold curves and spread tails on the Retrock Vintage Curly typeface wouldn’t only be suitable for travel ads purposes, but also for clothing ads material.

25. Molland Retro Display

Molland Retro Display Typeface


Summer is for traveling! Complete your branding design with compelling wave-like letters on this Molland Retro Display font!

26. Rockfull Capital Brush

Rockfull Capital Brush Typeface


This photography font uses capital letters to underline the bold vibes of your design. Show the challenging vibes of your adventure site portfolio by using Rockfull Capital Brush font.

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Take some attractive typefaces to accompany your artwork project!

27. Gothicha Medieval Sans

Gothica Medieval Sans Typeface


Gothica Medieval Sans typeface extraordinary shapes will amplify the Victorian style in your artwork photography projects. 

28. Tenbaum Elegance Display

Tenbaum Elegance Display Typeface


Tenbaum Elegance Display as a photography font can perfectly blend with various types of photography and artwork theme design. 

29. Montero Beautiful Sans

Montero Beautiful Sans Typeface


Montero Beautiful Sans typeface also pairs well with the Doodle art photography project.  Its curvy contours also underline the retro look of your brand’s design.

30. Margheritte Modern Script

Margheritte Modern Script Typefaceas a Dazzling Photography Font


The swashes and unique ligatures on the Margheritte Modern Script typeface will turn your black-and-white photography art into a dazzling one.

31. Sebastian Fashion Modern Serif

Sebastian Fashion Modern Serif Typeface


Working on a quote art design project? You certainly need Sebastian Fashion Modern font. Its exquisite swashes are a stunning complement to your minimalist background image. 

Have You Found the Best Photography Font for Your Works?

The choice of typeface for any kind of photography project indeed plays a pivotal role in its impact. You need to weigh the photography theme and objective before finding a representative photography font for each project. 

The Creatype Studio has an array of font collections for photography artwork, branding up to a logo that matches your photography business’ necessity. Find them at the best deal for commercial use on our website!

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