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Lucrative Good UX and UI Design Tips for Your App or Web Project

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Do you realize that UI/UX are integral elements of websites or mobile applications? Certainly, the fundamental thing about UX and UI is how the apps and websites affect the user through those elements. Thus, it’s only inevitable to learn about good UX and UI design tips. Let’s pick them throughout the following points! 

What Makes a Good UX and UI Design?

First thing first, let’s break down what UX and UI are since the two are inseparable but focus on different structures concerning users of a website or mobile application. 

The UX stands for User Experience. Accordingly, the highlight is on the interaction experience between websites or application users with products, mobile applications, and/or the website itself. 

Meanwhile, UI which comes from User Interface, describes the methodology and technique that creates style and aesthetic aspects for users to enjoy in an electronic device or software. Shortly, UX is the process of the user’s demands and needs, and UI is the result you develop based on it. 

Now, while it’s somewhat subjective, there are certain UI UX design tips that shape a good UX and UI. 

To have a nice UX design means that the design should be able to address and tackle the user’s problem in the best and most seamless way possible. As for UI, it should provide consistency, digestibility for users, and also design versatility that aligns with the brand. 

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Keep These Generic Good UX and UI Design Tips in Mind!

Even though you might find the following things as cliche, they are proven ones. Moreover, it requires a lot of energy and effort before being fluent in executing each of the tips. Then, take a look closer!

1. Know Your Users by Research

Start your UX and UI design plan with user research. After all, you’re making the design and product to serve your users. Therefore, delving into their behaviors, demands, interests, needs, and pains will facilitate you to take the journey off better. 

2. Peeking at Your Competitors

The second step seems so-so. However, by analyzing your competitors and their users, you’ll gain insights about what is good and enjoyable for users. Or else, which kind of optimization you can add to make the experience more comfortable for users? 

3. Think from the User’s POV Journey

To adapt your designs to the user’s demands and need, you need to step in from their point of view. Understanding and utilizing their journey is a great method to create a sleek flow for your UI/UX design. 

4. Benefit from Proper Tools

Help yourself to make excellent quality UX/UI Designs by using tools that allow you to use them with convenience, ease, speed, and accuracy. Why do you need? Because you also need to be efficient in time and effort. 

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5. Consider the Display on Various Types of Devices

This UI UX design tip speaks further than just being mobile-friendly. Rather it’s about speed and functions in the overall element when users access them through different kinds of devices. 

Specific UX Design Tips and Tricks

In addition to the generic tips, you may approach better UX design with the tricks down below. 

1. Painless and Practice Design

Often, samples and references overwhelm you to decide which kind of design you should go for. In this case, remember that most users would prefer a seamless, easy-to-navigate, and responsive one. 

2. Implement What Has Been Proven, Optimize Over the Time

At some point down the road, you would want to pin your masterpiece. But, presenting what users may already be familiar with allows the users to engage better throughout the interaction with your web or apps. So, don’t waste your time creating fussy layouts. Instead, prepare a proven design pattern led by the insights from users. 

3. Create Elements More Noticeable Visually

Related to the previous point, make sure you put essential elements like action buttons, navigation tools, search bar, and also useful content in a clear, identifiable, and accessible location. Accordingly, the description and color should also be readable and functional. 

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Key of Good UX and UI Design Tips: What is Most Necessary?

User is the first and foremost aspect in creating effective UI UX design that you should pay attention to. Thus, doing profound and adequate user research is an indispensable step you should attempt in the first place. 

You can start with the most basic things such as: which kind of key visual elements like layout, colors, and fonts create an effective and efficient user experience for your app or website. In accordance with those factors, deliberate how they will appear through various devices. 

Weighing all the aspects of their interest from A to Z might be complicated tasks to do. Yet, it’s the most lucrative and proven approach to creating a win-win user experience. Then if you’re searching for sophisticated yet readable font for your users, look no further than visiting Creatype Studio. Take the chance to get the $1 deals now!

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