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13 Elegant Fonts for Logos and Looks Luxurious for Your Brand

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Logo plays a pivotal role in presenting a brand’s identity. When it comes to crafting the perfect logo, every element matters. One of the most critical elements is the font. If you want to make a luxurious and elegant logo, here are some elegant fonts for logos. 

A Curated Selection of Luxurious and Elegant Fonts for Logos

Luxurious and elegant fonts are best with serif, san serif, script, and brush-type fonts. Here are recommendations for elegant fonts for logos.

1. Bulgatti


Bulgatti is a luxury script font. It has a strong and masculine feel in every stroke. Bulgatti excels at displaying the letter T or double letter in your brand. In addition, it is comfortable to read. It is also suitable for a signature-type logo.

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2. Kattalyna


It is a hand-crafted brush signature font. Kattalyna radiates a young feel whilst keeping its elegance. Complete it with pastel colors; you have the perfect lovely and soft logo design.

3. Kingstyle


Kingstyle is an elegant typeface serif font. The font has very distinguishable dots for the letters i and j. With an artistic touch, Kingstyle uses a creative serif that makes this font elegant. 

4. Westlynn


If you look at it at a glance, Westlynn is just beautiful. It’s a brush calligraphy font with a script writing style. Westlynn has the charm of asymmetrical letters. Perfectly fit for a unique typography of your logo design.

5. Graphire


For a more modern look on your elegant logo, you can take a look at Graphire. Graphire is a serif-type font. It is an elegant font for logos with a clear, thick, and thin stroke contrast. In addition, the alternatives (the curves) allow you to personalize your logo further. 

6. Kallisoka


Kallisoka is a unique serif font. It is a very versatile font and you can use it for an elegant vibe or a natural look. Kallisoka is easy to read, which further highlights your logo. Its many alternatives make it a perfect font for your logo design. 

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7. Quadrangle


Quadrangle is a stylish serif font. The uniqueness of this font lies in its characteristics. It fits both luxurious and vintage logos, depending on how you pair it with colors. The sharp edges and that harmonious twist made Quadrangle unique and elegant.

8. Wastogi


Another serif font with remarkable beauty. Wastogi certainly fits as an elegant font for logos. Every stroke in the letter is simple and light, but with the prominent style of the artist, the font becomes luxurious and sleek. 

9. Jeteveux


For those of you who want a little more irregular fonts, Jeteveux is perfect for you. Jeteveux is a serif font with a wide range of alternatives, but of course, it’s still a luxurious and elegant font for your logo design. It has a noticeable quirk for some upper case letters, like: e,f,j, and t. 

10. Bestari


Bestari is wavy. This modern serif typeface is different compared to the others. It is aesthetic, bubbly, and bold. In addition, this good-looking font makes the elegant fonts for logo design. With all the curves, Bestari makes a distinguishable logo typography.

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11. Stockist


Stockist is different than the other elegant fonts because it is also playful. This display font has a character to fit your beauty brands, such as cosmetics, magazines, or fashion brands. Stockist also provide multilingual letters to add variety to your brand name. 

12. Gothicha


For those who desire more periodical elegance, Gothicha is the font you need. This sans font is inspired by the medieval era. You can use this font type for your medieval products or maybe a gothic vibe. 

13. Nakytta


This classy and elegant font is going to make your logo stand out. Nakytta incorporates the typical lowercase letters into the uppercase. Not only that, this monoline script font is handwritten to fit any occasion. 

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Try These Elegant Fonts for Logos!

The best thing about these fonts is they’re easily recognizable. If you use these elegant fonts for your logo design, the typography, and the style can make your brand stand out.

Furthermore, you can visit Creatype Studio for more collections of fonts. More elegant fonts are waiting to be discovered, and don’t forget to grab the $1 deals.  Start your elegant brand logo with creative typography from Creatype Studio now! 

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