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Quickstart Guide on How to Make Cosmetic Packaging Design

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Since the competition in the cosmetic and skincare industries has become more fierce, the products need to have a stand-out appearance in addition to their high-quality ingredients.  Hence, the manufacturers should pay particular attention in deciding cosmetic packaging design before stealing consumers’ attention. 

If you are working on a cosmetic design project, you must know the secret weapon to take your designs to the next level. Arm yourself by reading the following article!

5 Ultimate Recipes on How to Design Cosmetic Packaging

Follow the step-by-step guide below to create a head-turning cosmetics packaging design that provokes consumers’ curiosity and invites them to buy the brand!

1. Determine the Target Audience

Fixing Target Audience Before Designing Cosmetic Packaging

Since cosmetics have a broad market segment, the first step in creating a design is determining the target audience so you can create relevant packaging designs.

For example, the target of cosmetic products is middle-class adult women. Since adult women can make money, the suitable cosmetic products for them are those that contain premium ingredients. Hence, a luxury theme is the most fitting ground to capture this segment. 

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2. Choosing Cosmetic Containers

Apart from considering an attention-grabbing cosmetic packaging design, another essential point is choosing a functional cosmetic container. For example, choosing a glass bottle packaging for a luxury foundation product. The following are the types of containers that you can customize with cosmetic products.

  • Lip gloss container   : lips oil, lips tint, or lips balm;
  • Pump bottles             : foundation, lotion, and creams;
  • Droppers                    : serum or oil;
  • Closures                     : micellar water, toner, and make-up remover;
  • Jar                               : loose powder, thick creams, or lotion;
  • Collapsible tube       : facial wash and lotion;
  • Compacts                  : balm and powder; and
  • Sprayers                    : perfume, hair spray, or water-based products.

3. Deciding on Cosmetic Container Design

cosmetic container design

After determining the type of cosmetic container, the next step is to determine the design for the cosmetic container embellishment. If cosmetic products target to emphasize luxury, ensure the container design is straightforward yet holistically represents the product or brand persona; from the font to the color pallets. 

4. Creating the Outer Packaging

You have to pay close attention to the cosmetic outer packaging since it absolutely leads customers’ interest in buying the product. You can choose cardboard packaging with a glossy finish if you are determined to consistently give an elegant and deluxe touch to the cosmetic packaging design.

Next, add highlights as additional information about the product. For example, the cosmetic product uses organic ingredients, you can add ornaments related to plants or nature.

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5. Picking Color Scheme

The color scheme for Cosmetic Packaging Design

Choosing the right color scheme for cosmetic packaging design may also affect consumers’ decision to buy the products. The following are the most frequently used color combinations in the cosmetics business.

  • Black and White: the black and white color collaboration never gets old because it is effective in giving an elegant and minimalist touch.
  • Purple and Pink: a color combination that is always present to beautify cosmetic packaging is purple and pink. This is because purple represents the grandeur of beauty. Meanwhile, pink is closely associated with a feminine feel.
  • Pastels: a mixture of primary and secondary colors will produce calm colors or pastels. Pastel also gives a soft and elegant feel, making it suitable for cosmetic packaging design.

6. Implementing Fonts

Almost all brands will consistently use the same font type for their products to give an exclusive touch. This is because fonts are an inseparable part of their product branding image.

Hence, designers must have extensive knowledge of font types. You can use the following recommendations for the best fonts to create a luxury cosmetic packaging design.

a. Gistesy Font

Gistesy Signature Font for Cosmetic Packaging Design


Gistesy Font for Cosmetic


Download Font

Since the flow of the stroke lines in the Gistesy font letters looks like neat and elegant handwriting, it is suitable for logos or typography on cosmetic packaging.

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b. Jelytta Font

Helytta The Handwritten Font for Cosmetic Packaging Design


Jelytta Font for Cosmetic


Download Font

To represent an elegant packaging design in a minimalist taste, the Jelytta font is worth giving a shot.

c. Besties Font

Besties Matthew Handwritten Signature Collection Font for Cosmetic Packaging Design


Besties Font for Cosmetic


Download Font

Presenting effortlessly classy touch will be possible if you use the Besties font for your typography for your cosmetic packaging design.

d. Brighnesy Font

Brighnesy Handbrush Typeface for Cosmetic Packaging Design


Brighnesy Font for Cosmetic Packaging


Download Font

You can choose the hand brush font as typography for logos or cosmetic packaging because it gives an artsy touch that is elegant and classy. Let’s put Brightnessy font on your list.

e. Brittany Font

Brittany Monoline Stylish Script Font for Cosmetic Packaging Design


Brittany Font for Cosmetic Packaging Design


Download Font

Another best font choice is the Brittany font with a fashionable and stylish inky flow. This will give a singular taste to cosmetic packaging.

f. Moores

Moores Modern Serif Typeface for Cosmetic Packaging Design


Moores Font for Cosmetic Packaging Design


Download Font

Do you want to present quirky typography with excellent readability? Moores’s font is an excellent choice.

g. Mackyloo Font



Mackyloo Font for Cosmetic Packaging Design


Download Font

Since the Mackyloo font has a remarkable letter design and comes with perfect loops, you can use it to give a sweet and adorable touch to your designs.

h. Monstera Font

Monstera Signature Monoline Font for Cosmetic Packaging Design


Monstera Font for Cosmetic Packaging Design


Download Font

Another type of monoline typeface that you can choose to present an elegant and classy taste is the Monetera Font.

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Let’s Apply the Ultimate Guide to Make Cosmetic Packaging Design to Brush Up Your Work!

In essence, the prominent point for creating cosmetic packaging design is determining the target audience, and choosing cosmetic containers, colors, and fonts. 

The Creatype Studio is the best platform to get various types of fonts for commercial use. Visit the website and find a font that truly makes your cosmetic brand!

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