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Bar Font: 12+ Impeccable Fonts for Hypnotic Bar Designs

Bar Font 12 Impeccable Fonts for Hypnotic Bar Designs

To complement your bar’s vibe, a proper font collection will add so much to your niche. Some of you might stir up some traditional feel in your bar or even some coffee touch, don’t worry about it because we got you covered. Check out our bar font collections and a little bit of something more in the following list!

10 Top-shelf Bar Font

There are generally three styles of bar fonts: vintage, modern, and luxurious. You’ll find these typefaces representing each font. So, let’s get to it!

1. Mattador

Mattador Retro Typeface Beer Packaging Design by Mattador Font

Mattador is straight-up a vintage or retro typeface. This display font knows its position and proudly offers uppercase-only letters and the lowercase serves a different design of the font. Matador is surely your typical bar font!

2. Jabottabeck

Jabottabeck Vintage Monoline Typeface Coffee Packaging Design by Jabottabeck Font

Another vintage selection for you is Jabottabeck, and this one has a more flowy character. It is a monoline font, so less blocky with creative swashes. Jabottabeck can also be your option for a coffee brand font, a totally versatile font.

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3. Lamorry

Lamorry Monoline Font Traditional Drink Packaging Design by Lamorry Font

Similar to Jabottabeck, Lamorry is a versatile font. The font’s swashes imitate your bartender’s flair, a warm feel for your coffee brand, and vintage enough for your traditional drink. Thus, it is your choice to put it in your preferences.

4. Western Wildler

Western Wildler Vintage Font Coffee Packaging Design by Western Wildler

If you’re looking for a vintage Wild West font, then Western Wildler is the font for you. The vintage slab typeface is your typical American bar font or coffee brand. Serve up your six-shooter and a giddy-up juice with a style.

5. Enternal

Enternal Vintage Stamp Font Traditional Drink Packaging Design by Enternal Font

This vintage stamp typeface has a sense of authority embedded in it. Introducing, the Enternal font, muddled some fresh patterns with a mix of bold and firm characteristics hence, fits perfectly if you aim for an assertive aesthetic.

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6. Rontrelan

Rontrelan Monoline Font Coffee Packaging Design by Rontrelan Font

Rontrelan presents an adventurous typeface. The non-firm edge and the style in this monoline font create a warm and sort of wooded cabin-type bar vibe. Rontrelan is filled with ligatures and alternates to channel your creative design.

7. Zawturee

Zawturee Monoline Typeface Beer Packaging Design by Zawturee Font

In the context of bar font, Zawturee is exceptionally fitting. This vintage monoline font is perfect for your brewski design. The natural and flowy alternates create a relaxed and lowkey feel.

8. Antipathy

Antipathy Retro Script Font Coffee Packaging Design by Antipathy Font

If you want a neat design, try Antipathy! The rough texture mixed with vintage script style can be your “chaser”. It is an elegant font to complete various kinds of design.

9. Shutterland

Shutterland Handbrush Bar Font Coffe Packaging Design by Shutterland Font

Moving on from the rugged typefaces, Shutterland presents a hand-brush script typeface for your coffee designs. The natural handwritten look makes your design more warm personal and appealing, just like a cup of a warm coffee. 

10. Ganttlets

Ganttlets Brush Typeface Coffe Packaging Design by Ganttlets Font

This is a modern script font with a profound brush style. These brush-style fonts are perfect to complement your blocky font selections, but Ganttlets is bold enough to stand out by itself. You can use this font on a tamer, non-alcoholic section of your bar.

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11. Molland

Molland Retro Display Font Fresh Drink Packaging Design by Molland Font

One fresh font for you is Molland. This retro font is unique, just like the drink, it’s topped off with a literal garnish on it. Moreover, the style depicts that you have one too many.  

12. Whisholder

Whisholder Vintage Typeface Traditional Drink Packaging by Whisholder Font

A luxurious one for your collection, namely Whisholder. Arguably, Whisolder is the font bar, and the vintage typeface is perfect for your brewski brand. When people see this font, they’ll be like “We gotta try this one”. So, put it everywhere, they’ll try everything.

13. Hypebeast

Hypebeast Vintage Font Beer Packaging Design by Hypebeast Font

We have to end this list with Hypebeast. The font is totally uppercase pack with vintage typeface. The style is perfect for your bar font, coffee brand, or traditional drink you might serve. With its layer, you can use the font in different styles.

Yes, this is a layered font and you’ll get four layers from it, namely the outline, inline, shadow, and shadow strip. These layers can be mixed and matched to accommodate your overflowing creative needs.

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Which Bar Font Peaked Your Interest?

We’ve compiled our top bar fonts for any bar style, you can click the link of each of them and find out how they’ll interact with multiple designs. A font is part of your design choice that contributes to the overall visual identity and atmosphere of the bar. Try finding a bold and easily readable font and put a touch of your identity in it.

Finding the perfect one for your bar is often difficult, but you can visit Creatype Studio and find the perfect font for different kinds of design themes and needs. 

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