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30 Creative Kids Font to Liven Up Children-Themed Design


With children in mind, designing a project should be inclined to their nature: cute, creative, and more importantly, done in a lot of fun. Combining colors and adding illustrations here and there are great ways to start, but choosing the best font to go with the whole design is when you steal the attention.

Kids font plays a role as a whimsical element in every children-themed design. That’s why you need to select the best one that conveys an expressive message to their playful world. Stash away any font with a ‘serious’ look and choose the fun, creative fonts instead. Luckily, this list is here to help you. Various wonderful fonts are available; they are ready to make your design projects for children more fun than ever.


1. Hailyland


kids font

The first on the list is Hailyland. Advertised as a fun children typeface, this font comes with a subtle color while combining thin lines and a bold and shady accent in one letter. At first sight, it looks like the font you’ll see on the boards of a theme park. Hailyland is perfect for any design targeting kindergartners, including invitations and posters with its natural and playful vibe.


2. Grinched



Remember the classic font on the cover of How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss? With Grinched, you can bring the spirit of the children’s author into your own design. Shape up different letters using this font to immediately attract children’s attention to a digital or printed design.


3. Grayson


kids font

Grayson is a versatile font that can meet any need of your design projects. Fill it with a white shade like snow for a beautiful holiday card. Combine it with a blackboard background to welcome the kids to school. Make it shine with two different colors for an eye-catching book cover. You can do practically anything with this font, and it won’t go wrong.


4. Mister Vampire



Scary in a fun way is a great phrase to describe Mister Vampire font. The design is actually inspired by a horror-comedy series from Hong Kong about—you guessed it: vampire with a Kungfu storyline in store. Such an unexpected combination for an unexpectedly fun font with a realistic texture of wood stake.


5. Little Jack


kids font

Say hello to Little Jack, a hand-drawn font with a personal touch that will easily reach the children’s innocent hearts. The letters of this font look like they are written quickly on a notebook for kids. It is a perfect option to design book covers or printed t-shirts.


6. Frosty



Bring the wonder of winter into your kid design with a Frosty font. As the name suggests, you can expect a bold white font representing the icy frost. What makes this font more interesting is the accent of the snowflake at some points along with the letters. It is not only good for holiday-themed designs but also for a fantastic kid-friendly project in general.


7. Doodleland


kids font

Doodleland will take your design into the whimsical land of doodle. Let the imagination unleash as you use this font on posters, book covers, or digital media specifically designed for children. It gives you a bold yet playful vibe that makes your design project stand out with a full of fun.


8. Princess Sofia


princess sofia

A real princess in the recent century, Princess Sofia from Disney Junior’s Sofia the First have successfully attracted lots of little girls worldwide. Her witty and graceful personality is represented in the font of the show title. Use this fancy, italic font on an announcement, invitation, or written form for children. Whoever it is on the receiving end will feel like they are a part of Sofia’s royal realm.


9. Hancoke


kids font

Hancoke is a complementary font for nature-based designs. Fun and adventurous is the focal impressions this font wants to express. The writing style and color combination will remind you of the wildlife setting in the Amazon or Africa. You can use it on projects about nature while sending a message about environmental issues to children.


10. Two Turtle Doves


two turtle doves

When designing a kid-themed project, a good way to dive in is using a font that looks like a child’s handwriting. Two Turtle Doves will come in handy in this case. This unique font provides children with a writing style with uneven letters, different basepoints, and varied sizes. However, they are still readable in both small and large options.


11. Little Queen


kids font

If you are looking for a kid’s font with a bold statement, try Little Queen. The letters in this font are nicely stacked with a large baseline. Yet, you can customize them to look cuter by adding borders in different colors or combining two related shades—for instance, pink and orange. It is highly suitable for advertising products targeting children.


12. Smartie Caps


smartie caps

Feeling nostalgic? Let’s add Smartie Caps to the list of fonts for your kid-friendly design projects. Its thick strokes, as well as harmonious blends of small and capital letters, will make your design look like the front cover of comic books from the 90s. However, you might need to improvise with this font because it doesn’t work really well with some punctuations, such as hyphens.


13. Hattrick


kids font

Hattrick is a popular kiddy font that looks as fun as it sounds. This font will look great on a design that requires standout letters. Use Hattrick as the main font on a poster or transform it into popular products for kids, including books, t-shirts, or character lunch boxes. You can also customize the ligature letters, swash lines, and some selected international characters while using it.


14. Wicked Mouse


wicked mouse

Transferring the ancient cartoon vibe into today’s world is what Wicked Mouse tries to achieve with its font combination. It’s classic, exciting, and childlike—just like you are looking for in a kid-friendly design. The full version even includes some additional features such as advanced punctuations, diacritics, and basic and extended Latin.


15. Creamy


kids font

Fill the kid products you are designing with a font full of cream. Creamy is a sweet and fun font to work with as it provides an elegant stroke for the uppercase and lowercase letters with additional features for punctuations and numeral characters. In addition to children-themed products, you can use them to create logos, watermarks, or product labels.


16. Creepster



Ghastly and gleeful simultaneously, the Creepster font will complete your design in a not-so-scary project for children. This font package also comes with various alternative styles with enhanced and expanded characters in the pro version. It is a perfect choice to add some grisly features to your graphic needs.


17. Playgrowth


kids font

Playgrowth offers bubbly display characters in a fun and modern style. It creates a bold and joyful ambience in any kid-friendly product, from advertisements to social media posts. The font will also look good when you use it on book covers, product labels, or the main title on posters. Be sure to make use of its alternate letters with a variation in ligature and international characters.


18. Gwibble



Gwibble is another great comical font to spice up your projects, especially if playful children are your main target. Its unique and eye-catching characters represent a creative design for various purposes, whether it is a fun cartoon on books or a product logo on websites. Gwibble font is available for uppercase, numerals, and some selected special characters.


19. Brownies



Children are sweet in nature, and there’s nothing better to represent them than a sweet font like Brownies. Featuring smooth fonts with a fun theme for children, Brownies is the answer to your cute design needs. Use it on the top of the kid menu, in the front of a children’s book, or on the printed t-shirt of your choice—anything will look great with its versatile characters.


20. 5yearsold



As the name suggests, this font exactly looks like the handwriting of a 5-year-old kid. It’s rough, but on the other side, it suggests a natural feature that will grab people’s attention at once. Fun fact: all characters for letters, numerals, and punctuations are actually written by a 5-year-old little boy. It is honest proof that children are creative creatures from an early age.


21. Kidstation


kids font

Offering a typography package in different languages, Kidstation is a kid font with any design, from floral to a modern arrangement. Along with basic and alternate versions of letters and numerals, this font supports several multilingual characters, including Italian, Dutch, Spanish, and German. Its simple and compact instalment makes your design project doesn’t feel like hard work.


22. Butterfly Kids


butterfly kids

Flirty and girly, Butterfly Kids is one of the best fonts to express a cheerful message from the world of youngsters. The font also comes with dynamic ligatures, making it more suitable for almost any design in need. You can make use of its cute, curly characters to write an advertisement, birthday invitation, or written note for children.


23. Ghostily


kids font

Ghostily presents another ghost-based font. At first glance, the characters of this font look like they were made from a bunch of ghost cartoons. Such style makes Ghostily a perfect option for Halloween-themed designs. With the addition of swash variations and international characters, this font is available to support your kid design that looks scary in a cute way.


24. Chock a Block


chock a block nf

Inspired by a children’s classic toy—the wooden blocks, Chock a Block is an awesome display font for a kid-friendly project. The concept is closely similar to the design of the Cartoon Networks logo. It makes you instantly think about the classic black and white combination inside the squared blocks. Instead of size differences, the uppercase and lowercase of this font come in reversed colors, making it more fun to mix and match.


25. Babyque


kids font

Babyque is fun and sweet like a baby. It’s mostly used as the focal fonts of children’s book covers, but there’s no limitation to use it in other creative projects, such as posters, t-shirts, or customized tote bags for baby showers. The font supports international characters and can be complemented by various lines or pops of colors.


26. Henny Penny


henny penny

Named after a fairytale character from a distance, Henny Penny is a decorative font that boasts the ambience of a children’s storybook. Its simple slope, classic style, and elegant baseline create a joyful combination to complete your kid-friendly project. Take Henny Penny on a design adventure and blend it with the right illustration to build up a powerful book, websites, or magazines for children.


27. Rowytta


kids font

Classy and elegant, Rowytta looks like something that comes out from a storybook island. It offers natural handwriting that will go in hand with your taste in classic cursive. Besides books and websites, Rowytta will serve as a perfect option to design products intended for little girls. There is even some alternate lowercase to be used on posters or celebrational cards.


28. Playtime



The neutral font Playtime offers a hassle-free option whenever you need simple kiddy characters. Using black and white as the main shade, Playtime gives you a classic style that works well with any design. You can use this font on websites, comics, or printed and digital posters with children in mind.


29. Hello Sunny


kids font

Hello Sunny is a cheerful kid font that features a bright tropical theme. It is fun and bold at the same time, making it a suitable match for children’s products related to summertime. This font can be used to complement an invitation for a pool party, posters in baby showers, or simply typography of product packaging in any kind.


30. Organique



Last but not least, the font suitable for children is this handwriting style called Organique. Blending organic and unique fonts, the characters feature rough and textured writing with shades on one side and thin lines on the other. Just like the real handwriting, each letter and numeral of Organique comes in several different versions. You’ll definitely get plenty of options with this one.

For now, the list comes to an end—but with so many options up there, hopefully, you’ve found what you are looking for and already made your choice. If you are working on a design project for children, take those fonts into account. That way, you can create a kid-friendly design for any occasion with no actual hassle.

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