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15 Best Fonts for Business Cards That Look Impressive

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A business card typically promotes 3 things: display your name, your contact information, and your company name. But, a great business card does more than that. It should also radiate your work persona. With the best fonts for business cards, you can show more of yourself and look impressive. Take a look closer! 

15 Best Fonts for Business Cards

An impressive business card should have a combination of creativity and readability. So, common fonts such as Times New Roman, Helvetica, and Futura can be included for additional information, but the following fonts are going to be the star. Let’s take a look at them!

1. Rosalina


A serif font is a no-brainer for business cards. However, Rosalina is the stylish one. The font has a sophisticated and alluring look, as well as a magical touch. It’s perfect for you who work in a clothing brand, cosmetics, or other classy job.

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2. Corleone


This one is another serif font. Corleone brings subtle elegances in every letter. This graceful typeface is timeless and classy. Corleone’s character speaks softly yet makes an impression. 

3. Koolegi


If you want a bolder elegant serif, try Koolegi. The sleek characters are perfect for those who work in a modern and minimalist environment. Koolegi is an elegant but cool font. Therefore, you can show yourself more. 

4. Quickly Sustain

Quickly Sustain

Quickly Sustain is another serif font. The difference is that it is bolder and wilder. It’s one of the best fonts for business cards if you want to make an impression right away. Besides elegance, the font is fun to work with. 

5. Vegawanty


If you’re looking for a serif font with numerous alternates, Vegawanty is perfect for you. This font claims to be elegant and classy, but it’s more glamorous to me. Imagine your name written in this font. Thus, it’ll bring out your inner elegance right away.

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6. Porcelain


If you have an interest in nature and want to highlight that side, try Porcelain. It’s a sans-serif font with a natural vibe. The font has a subtle hand-lettered dip-pen texture to show more natural writing.

7. Montero


Montero is unique, it is a beautiful sans-serif font. Depending on the design you created, Montero can look classy or retro. Montero has unusually thick-thin placement in every letter, and that makes it stand out.

8. Sugeng Rawuh

Sugeng Rawuh

Sugeng Rawuh is one of the best fonts for business cards if you aim to deliver your retro personality. The font is a hand-crafted monoline retro typeface. It has similarities to script font as each letter is connected. Also, the font is naturally italic.

9. Enostlim


Just in case you need a business card to match your street-related business, here’s Enostlim. The font is a street brush font. It’s also completed with drip marks as usually seen in graffiti. The difference is, that Enostlim is easier to read than graffiti tags. So, it’s perfect for your so-called “business card”.

10. Harllem


Harllem is a display font. When you see it, you’ll feel familiar with it. It is one of the best fonts for business cards if you’re related to music or automotive work. Aside from your personal information, the font is also perfect for your brand logo.

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11. Massyabhan


Here’s a unique one for you, Massyabhan. The font has an elegant Arabic typeface and gradation color. It’s suitable for both masculine and feminine applications. You can use this in your business card to convey that your business is Arab-related. 

12. Jamillah


Jamilah in Arabic means beauty, and so does this Jamillah typeface. This choice is another elegant Arabic-inspired font. Jamillah has unique colors, conveying a 3D look. It’ll be cool if your business card is actually 3D too. 

13. Alesandra


Among script fonts, Alesandra is one of the best fonts for business cards. The font has a handbrush touch to look more natural. Your name in this font will automatically become pretty and elegant. 

14. Brittany Signature

Brittany Signature

Brittany Signature will magically make your name into a signature. This way, your business card will also look professional. The font is a monoline script, so it’s natural in movement yet assertive. Hence, this will be one of the good fonts for business cards

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15. White Angelica

White Angelica

If you want a more feminine signature font, White Angelica is perfect for you. The font is thinner than other script fonts. White Angelica is the master of flow movement, every letter is written elegantly and looks natural. Remember to decide the correct font size for business cards, and make yours now! 

That’s Our Recommendation for the Best Fonts for Business Cards

We give you our selection of fonts considering readability and the mood of the font itself. If none of those fonts radiates to your style, at least now you know what type of font is your style. You can always visit Creatype Studio for more options. Then, let’s grab the $1 deal for every font and look impressive on your next business card now!

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